The Sword Returned 1-1

Chapter one: The sword returned


On the outskirts of Jinling City, the old man stood on the tower of the north. He was very worried. In the darkness, there was a sky of indifference. Whoever managed to be a man of time, was arrogant. In the night, the cold light flashed, and the blade passed over the old man, almost cut his throat. Two spears were suddenly inserted in front of the blade, and the knifeman turned over, knocked down the railing and fell to the front of the tower. There were seven or eight men standing. The knifeman sneered and said: “Imperial guard not guard the imperial city. What are you doing here?”

One of the men in the group stood up and said to the partner: “Come quick escort the Jingguogong into the capital.”
The Jingguogong, the old man was taken to the carriage by four men and left immediately.
The knifeman hurriedly waved the machete, smashed the dusty road and jumped onto the carriage. He was about to break the top. Suddenly, a sword broke through the air. The two men immediately engaged in a fight. The machete with nine bells, appeared not as good as a straight sword. They fell together to the ground. When the knifeman looked up, the man in blue robe stood right in front was actually a Confucian scholar. Then he angered: “Who are you? Why is it bad for me?”
The scholar put the sword behind his arm and smiled casually: “You don’t have to know who I am. help the one in danger, everyone is the same. There is only one name, just a man!” After that he jumped, and disappeared into the night sky. The knifeman chased behind, but only the tree shadow  floating on the marks of wheels.
At the time of the Northern Song Dynasty, the new law failed, and the emperor, Shenzong became devastating ill. In order to implement the new law, Shenzong was subjected to opposition and pressure inside and outside the court. Only in his thirties, he has been running out of time.



(1) Excalibur
Big hidden in the city, Lv Jiannan was invisible to  swordmen in the King’s house for almost ten years,  but no matter where he was invisible, someone always find him desperately, not to have a bloody revenge with him, just for his name. The sword, in fact, is not for the fame but for the legend.

Lv Jiannan came to the Moon Hill alone. He was hidden in the mist. There were lonely graves of 48 unknown dead man. They were neatly arranged under the moonlight, when the grass was in the breeze.

In the early spring of February, the morning fog gradually dispersed. The sun rose from the mountain, hit on the face of Lv Jiannan. The cold wind was scornful. Without a trace of expression, he muttered to himself: “Add one more make up to forty nine, then I can really retreat from the rivers and lakes.”
No one in the wild. Only the whistling wind responded to his heart. There was a little excitement in loneliness, because he knew that he will no longer be subject to the secret. Suddenly, a voice came out behind a grave: “Weird! There are such rules in the world, have to kill forty-nine people to seal the sword? Who made such a rule? Is this harmful to others? ”
Lv Jiannan was surprised, his face was still. He sighed: “Who is this shameless person eavesdropping behind me?”
The voice replied: “It’s not that I want to listen to, but you are talking to yourself. I don’t want to listen at all! I’ve just having a good dream and your noise woke me up!”
while the person walked leisurely from the grave, Lv Jiannan showed a hint of surprise, but relaxed later. The person in yellow short coat, sheepskin boots, with shinny black hair rolled up into two horns, decorating with a jade flower, shone in the morning light, walking towards him was just a young girl. Lv Jiannan couldn’t help from smiling: This girl is not simple, hid behind the grave to sleep, and I did not notice at all, said: ” Do you know what is the result of eavesdropping?”
The girl yawned and said: “I don’t know what is the result of eavesdropping, but I know your secret, you will not let me go, right?”
Lv Jiannan showed a smile and said: “You are quite smart, knowing that I will not let you go, how come you don’t seem to be afraid at all?”
The girl laughed innocently: “In fact, I don’t think you are a bad person. It is better for me to tell you some secrets. Then we should be even, okay?”
Although she seemed innocent, Lv still locked his eyebrow, said. “That depends on what kind of secret.”
The girl clapped her hands and said happily: “That is a big secret! But maybe it is not such a great secret to you, you better not listen.”
Lv Jiannan came closed her face and looked carefully, said: “Sure enough, it’s just a young girl. Who taught you talk like that , do you have a mother?”

The girl instantly changed her face and said with indignation: “No I don’t have a mother. Nobody asked you to talk to me?”
Then she turned around and walked away. Lv Jiannan would not let her go easily. He grabbed her shoulder with one hand, but she swayed her head, jumped away without a word. She only wanted to leave now. She was really angry.
Lv Jiannan saw her fast, light and sturdy movement, could not help to be surprised. She was far away, too late to think. He pulled the sword out of the sheath. Abruptly, a cold sword under the sun shone against his eye. At the moment, forty-eight lonely graves, forty-eight dead souls, once again felt the shock of the sword.
Although the girl stood a dozen steps away, she also felt the coldness of the sword. A cold mourning, inexplicable sadness enveloped the entire hill. The girl gave birth to a taste of ignorance, but also raised a sense of sadness in life. She turned around silently, as if she was waiting for the sword to settle down, said: “Sure enough, the name is not lost, the sword in the pool, is it the one?”
Lv Jiannan slowly returned the sword to the sheath and said: “That’s right.”

The girl grinned and said: “It is said that in the Five Dynasties, there was a swordcaster, very famous. The generals of the Ten Kingdoms and Five Dynasties also asked him to cast swords, used to against enemy in the battlefield, often with countless beheads, blood flowing into the river. The swordcaster regretted in his later years. Although I did not kill people, but they died for me, so he wanted to create a life saving  object before he died, but this person only knew how to cast sword in his life. So he devoted his life to casting a sharp sword. The old swordcaster looked at the cold-blooded weapon, said : ” I will call this sword stop-killing! I hope that people who use it can calm down and bring peace to the world. The sword-caster gave the sword to his apprentice and died.”
The girl stopped and looked at Lv Jiannan. He showed a cold face, said: “Who does not know the legend of this sword, that is not a secret?” The girl immediately followed: “Yes! I haven’t talked about the interesting part yet!”Suddenly, she turned impatiently, “Do you want to listen? If you don’t, then I won’t say any more!” Lv Jiannan thought she might not know any secrets. But  thought of her peculiar style of martial art, he couldn’t help to find out what it was. As a swordsman he was not good at fists, but he doesn’t want to hurt her with the sword. He just wanted to see how she would be receiving. However, the girl flashed  her body right and left, then fell to the ground. Cried, “Big bully.”

Lv Jiannan crossed his arm in front of chest and said: “Why don’t you received my attack?”
The girl stood up and knew that Lv Jiannan was not worth to irritate. She patted her butt and smiled: “I use the trick, I don’t want to play with you, I can leave at any time.”
Lv Jiannan thought that this girl had only two flashes to avoid attack. But she dared to walk alone in the rivers and lakes. There must be a big backing behind her. False angerily, said: “Don’t make clear what you know, don’t ever think about to leave..”
The girl snorted and said, “You have to listen, so I say…..then the swordcaster died, the little apprentice holding the sword frightenedly because the famous swordcaster’s last sword, of course, provoked a lot of martial art lovers competed for it. Poorly, this little apprentice, In one night, the whole family was killed. He took this sword escaped to the shore of Dongting Lake. He screamed, held this sword and sank himself. Later, after many years, the sword was picked up. There was no rust stain on it. Everyone on the rivers and lakes was amazed. It became a world-famous sword. It was renamed from stop-killing to the sword in the pool. No one ever remembered that it was originally a sword for peace. In the same way, the sword in the pool provoked countless disputes on the rivers and lakes. The killings continued, and for centuries, the sword of peace has become an ominous thing. ” Speaking of this, the girl and Lv Jiannan were silent at the same time. Whether if they were mourning the people who died for more than a hundred years in the fight for the famous sword or sighing for the old swordcaster who intended to save people but as the result to hurt more.
In the Moon Hill, the spring was melting, the breeze swept the face of Lv Jiannan, silently watching the forty-eight lonely graves in front of him. The girl asked temptedly: “Why must you kill forty-nine people before you can stop?”
The girl thought this question will provoke him, but he was not angry at all, he smiled and said: “I thought this is the so-called secret you want to tell me.”
The girl swang her head, said:“Ha! How can you trust a child say?”
Lv Jiannan looked at her again, couldn’t figure out if she really didn’t understand it, but she was right. The child say how could be taken seriously. In addition, this girl must have a big head, and it is better not to offend her and the people behind her. Then he changed the topic: “You sneaked into the King Mansion, for what?”
The girl said word by word: “I came to take the sword in your hand.”
In this case, Lv Jiannan was really unexpected. Looking at her serious look, he only felt ridiculous.
Sneeringly said: “With you?” He couldn’t help laughing.
The girl didn’t wait until he finished laughing, she rushed to make a move. This time, she didn’t keep her hands at all. It was completely different. She hooked her hand to the left and swept her foot to the right. It was very fast, but still not a famous move. Lv Jiannan retired a few steps and said: “Don’t force me to pull the sword. You know that this sword is an ominous thing. Once the sword is reappeared, I am afraid to take your life.”
The girl paused for a while,  then quickly attacked three strokes, while talking and fighting, said: “Small life, insignificant.”
This move hastily revealed the family’s kung fu, a well-known one named moon shine in the pine forest.  This move was quite famous in the rivers and lakes. Lv Jiannan only heard of it but never seen it. This move shocked him, but the opponent’s skill was not good enough, did not hurt him.
However, the girl was not discouraged. She pushed her body faster to draw another attack. Lv Jiannan could not pick it up at once, but he still didn’t want to pull the sword to hurt her. He would only pull the sword at the very moment. The girl exclaimed, she turned out to be hit by something else and fell to the ground. Lv Jiannan knew that it was only a stone. He held back his sword, just stood and watched the next.

The girl quickly stood up and shouted: “It’s you, dead willow, sick willow!”
Now, Lv Jiannan has finally determined who was in front of him. He couldn’t help but laughed. He has never encountered such an interesting thing, interesting person for more than a decade.
Said: “The body is so light, the shot is so fast, it really is the peerless martial arts of Songhu Island.”
The girl looked awkward and stamped her foot: “What fun is that to say clearly?”
Liu Yicun, the dead and sick willow in the girl’s mouth, slowly walked over from the grass and said, “This girl is not good at learning, just trouble making everywhere. Even dare think of  the sword in the pool. You really don’t know how high the sky is.” The last two sentences were told to Ren Zhenyi.
It turned out that this eccentric young girl Ren Zhenyi, was the ninth daughter of  Ren Wanli, who was the leader of the martial art world. Lv Jiannan knew that this girl had a profound source of study, but her temperament was so absurd. It was not like a decent school. Anyway, now her identity was proofed, Lv Jiannan finally sighed of relief.
Ren Wanli, the director of Songhu Island, was a famous master in the rivers and lakes. He was a lofty maverick and unfathomable. He invented a set of pugilism of thirteen-style, combined with the wonderful light-weight body movement, which can be attacked and defended, and it was so fast like invisible. The moves were changing, flowing, unpredictably. At that time, it was regarded as a martial arts wizard, and now it has become the everlasting masterpiece. After the master married, he had been extincted for decades, the martial arts of Songhu Island gradually became legendary, because there were not many people who witnessed it. Lv Jiannan thought that this girl was the daughter of Ren Wanli. Even if she was arrogant, she would not be guilty of misconduct. She said that she knew the secrets. It turned out to be a lie. He could not help but secretly laughed. When Lv Jiannan was thinking about that, Ren Zhenyi just started a quarrel with Liu Yicun. Liu Yicun said: “If you are in trouble, how can I explain to your eight sisters!”
Ren Zhenyi said: “Are you afraid of my sisters, but not afraid of me?”
Liu Yicun responsed: “I am afraid, of course, I am afraid of nine women, I am only a thief at the most three hands, not enough to pick up nine of you…”
Totally forgot the existence of Lv Jiannan.

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