Journey of Misty Rain 1-3



(3) Juvenile
The Moon Hill is cold.
The two black shadows slammed and stopped on the grave.
Qianqian turned around and smiled: “There are no other people here, you don’t need to cover your face? I already knew who you are?”
The man smiled and pulled down the mask. It was the youngster at the bridgehead. Tonight, under the moonlight, he seemed to be much softer than that day. He said playfully: “I knew that you recognize me. It was an unforgettable encounter, isn’t it?”
Qianqian’s eyebrows flew, said: “don’try to fool me, I am not innocent!” After saying that she slammed her feet, jumped on the tombstone towards the youngster. Her legs swept away like a gust of wind, tried to press against the head of the youngster. Unfortunately, the youngater was also a master of light power. He jumps up to the tree behind him immediately. In the rush, Qianqian  fell her legs  between two pieces of stone. That made her so embarrassed.
The youngster laughed loudly, leaning against the tree, and said : “In fact, Songhu Island is not an island, it is a mountain with a huge cliff on the riverside plain. Two hundred years ago, Songhu Island opened by your ancestor with peerless effort. He floated up to the top of the cliff, looking at the mountains around. The mountains are full of strangeness. As well there are silver foxes, called the soul fox. And daily the sun rises, with the sea of clouds, so magnificent, that is why it named the Songhu Island.”
Qianqian was shocked first, then happy, but she hide it, said : “You are quite versed about our ancestors.” Asked : “If you know that there are several peaks in Songhu Island, then how many bridges?”
The youngster jumped from one tree to another happily, then sat on the grave. The moon shadow was shinning on his face. It looked a bit fuzzy. “I don’t know, but there is one thing you also don’t know.”
Qianqian laughed and said: “There is something I don’t know about Songhu Island? It is impossible.”
The youngster asked seriously: “Then you must have seen the soul fox of Songhu Island?”
” The soul fox?” Qianqian didn’t expect him to ask about the soul fox. She has been living in Songhu Island for fifteen years. only heard about the soul fox, but never has seen the soul fox. So she tried to lie: “That…the fox has certainly seen it.”
The youngster stood up and questioned: “You have seen it? Then you must know that the soul fox are only female!”
“What?” Qianqian has never heard such ridiculous things, muttering: “How can it be, only the female, then how can they have baby fox…”
Speaking of this, her cheeks were flushed, said to herself: “Is that true? that is whyI have never seen a soul fox?”
“Ha! You just said that you have seen one. You are literally a little lying fox.”
The youngster jumped up triumphantly, and he seemed very happy to bully Qianqian. He still has not satisfied, said: “The soul fox may not really only female, but the people on the island of Songhu! In addition to the old male fox, it is truely that only females.” Then he laughed. Qianqian now realized that he just used the soul fox to laugh at herself. Her mother had nine daughters, but she died when she gave birth to her. Her father wanted to have a son so much. But it won’t be happened anymore.
Thinking of this, Qianqian was already in tears, shameful and angry. She hated this person very much.
The youngster keep saying: “I know that it is not your fault. Who told your ancestors to set the rules for not passing heritage to girls, If keep on like this, whatever how peerless the martial arts on Songhu Island will be disappeared one day.”
Speaking of this, Qianqian has dropped two lines of tears on cheeks. Now the moon has fallen behind the forest. Qianqian stood between forty-eight graves. She felt so lonely. She suddenly turned her hatred into power to fight back. She poured out her dagger, slammed onto the youngster’ face. But the youngster was prepared, he jumped and avoided. He saw the dagger was light and sharp, which was a good weapon for killing people. He shouted: “A good blood dyed!”
The reason why the blood is dyed and fluttered is because the edge of the blade is extremely thin. when it pulled out from human body,  the blood slides down from the blade and drags a long blood line, like a red ribbon floating in the air. It is a dagger from the southern district. Qianqian’s mother passed the treasure to her.
He is right. There was someone hidden in the bushes. He nodded and said quietly: “The blood has been dyed for more than 30 years.”
Qianqian swinged the dagger again and the youngster blew it away. It  bounced a few feet, just inserted in a poplar tree.  the dagger was trembling by itself.
The youngster said, with a grave look: “You are so easily get angry, so easily that you want to kill!”
After that, he pushed Qianqian down on the ground. Did not look at her again, he jumped onto the treetops and disappeared.
Qianqian dry her tears right away. Hurry to stand up, but see an old man standing under the poplar tree, holding her dagger in his hand, looking at it for a long time, then slowly walked closer. Qianqian see him wearing a satin robes, waist bundled the machete, white hair, thick eyebrows, with a shallowed smile: “This dagger is yours.”
Qianqian took back the dagger, recognized that this person was one of the four guards around the Empress, said coldly: “What do you want? You are not a good person either”
The old man smiled and stared at Qianqian, but didn’t talk for a long time. Qianqian was uncomfortable to be watched like that, said, “What are you looking at? Are you sick?”
The old man smiled and said: “You look like your mother.”
“Crap!” Qianqian shouted: “Unlike my mother, should I look like you?”
After say that, she immediately, quickly changed her words, said: “How can  I be looked like you, I of course looked like my father.”
When the old man listened to the last few words, his eyebrows stood up , changed his tone: ” How dare you! secretly eavesdropped the court secret, I want to catch you back.”
Qianqian sneered: “Okay! You have to come to arrest me? try then?”
The old man was intricate like a snake. He pulled out his machete. There are nine holes on the blade, arranged in a row from big to small. Each hole is hung with a small copper bell. They rang together, while killing, so the souls are taken.
When Qianqian saw this machete . She is very interested, laughed and said, “Well! What is this machete?”
“Nine-bells machete Duan hunling .” Speaking of his name, Qianqian realized that he is the white tiger head of the Jinling gangs. Regarding the Qinglong gang, Liu Yicun had mentioned it. The Qinglong Gang has three heads, named the Green Dragon , the Flying Crested and the White Tiger. The strange thing is how the gang leader has become the close guard of the Empress?
Qianqian now only think of this machete, asked: “How this machete being used? Can you show that to me?”
Duan hunling knows that she is good at light power. If he catchs her now she will fly away like a sparrow. Then he showed a kind look and said. “The sounds of these nine bells are different. You came over here to hear them clearly.”
While he is Saying, shaked the machete a few times, the ringing tone was patchy, crispy and exquisite. Qianqian stood there, listening, but did not move half a step, only muttered to herself: “my father also loves music, whenever he misses my mother, he will play a song to console  his heart.”
Qianqian has just said, Duan hunling suddenly stepped towards her, asked nervously: “What did you say?”
Seeing this sudden change, Qianqian was shocked, said tremblingly: “I said that he misses my mother…”
Duan hunling asked again quickly: “Why should he misses your mother?”
Qianqian was fightened with his dignified look, did not dare to talk nonsense, told the true sadly: “Because my mother is dead.”
Duan hunling bursted into disillusionment, grabbed Qianqian hands tightly, his five fingers almost punched into her flesh, Qianqian yelled: “Are you crazy? Let me go! It hurts!”
Duan hunling’s heart is wriggling, making his face distorted, Qianqian have never seen a man with this painful expression, could not find a word to say anymore.
Duan hunling stared at Qianqian, said  hatefully: “Well, Ren wanli, I will kill your last child.”
After saying that, he pulled Qianqian and ran.
Duan hunling grabbed Qianqian wrists and quickly flew over a bamboo forest. The bamboo leaves rustled. His light-power was not as good as that of Songhu Island. But with the sorrow of this moment, he could ran for a few miles in an instant. He never thought Taibai Mountain was the last time of seeing her.
Qianqian has pain and fear. She didn’t know what happened, only shouted: “What kind of the old man you are?Like an child! if you still don’t let go, be careful, I will tell my father….”
Duan hunling listened to what Qianqian said, it seems that Ren Wanli loves her very much. He felt even more angry. The resentment covered the sorrow, since Yiyi has passed away, there is no need to keep any of these feelings. When he returned to the Prince Manson, spoke coldly to Qianqian: “I will see how your old man now thousands miles away appears  here to save you?”
Dragging Qianqian, striding into the Manson, he saw the other three guards with large groups of people guarding the various exits of the Prince Manson. His eyebrows wrinkled, thinking: I was away for some moment, they have not yet settled that Lu Jiannan? Humph! Lu Jiannan seems like is not easy to defeat!
Duan hunling had just sneered, he heard Qianqian sneered too, she said: “Hey! Lu Jiannan is not easy, I am telling you, better let me go now.”
Duan hunling was surprised. How did she know what I had just thought. He gave her a squint. Qianqian looked back with a doubtful face, thinking that he might be afraid in his heart, then testing him: “You must have never seen Lu Jiannan’s the famous sword in the pool! When the sword is unsheathed, you will be killed in an instant. I think you are better beware of your head….”
Duan hunling glanced at her closely, said coldly: “Are you so familiar with him?”
Qianqian scared: “No… so familiar, just… have met once.” She tried to hold back, but seemed too late now. Duan hunling made up his mind, said in himself: Yiyi, you can’t blame me for hating him. He took you away, but he didn’t make you happy for life. When you died, how can he still be alive? I want him… Thinking about it, tearing off the corner of the innocent girl’s yellow skirt, Qianqian was screaming but her mouth has been stuffed. She could only make a few sounds of  crying, then was already tied up under a red plum tree.





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