Journey of Misty Rain 1-4



(4) Zhao Xu

Ruixiang Pavilion is the residence of  prince, princess and wives of the King . It is separated from the main hall by a large courtyard. The courtyard is deep for keeping away the male guests. Lu Jiannan has been in the Prince Mansion for ten years, he has only came here a several times. He did not want to break into the Ruixiang Pavilion, however, he has to.
All the exits of the mansion was full of guards. In front of the little prince habitation were full of archers. Lv Jiannan was hiding inside with the little Prince, Zhao Xu, the sixth son of Shenzong, the Emperor. His mother died early, and the others five sons of the Emperors of have all died young. Therefore, the Empress is afraid that he will not be blessed in the deep palace, so he sent him here raised by The Prince. The little Prince is ten years old, and his literary talent is outstanding, and he is most loved by the Empress.
After a while, someone  raised his voice from the garden, said: Xu , my nephew, are you alright?

Xu said, “my uncle, I am playing chess with Master Lu. Can I greet you another time, please?”

Although talking like a child, but the words are powerful, the voice is gentle and elegant.
The little Prince, Zhao Xu stretched out his tougue a bit, looking at Lu Jiannan and smiled, without losing the child’s innocent nature. Lu Jiannan also gave a smile, and then gently returned the sword to the sheath, for fear of scaring him. Sit down and talked for a while.
The little Prince looked at Lu Jiannan, with a little playful smile: “don’t be afraid, nobody would dare to hurt you while I am here.”

Lv Jiannan looked up at him. He had seen several times of this child. He remembered that he was only five or six years old when he came to the mansion. Although he was sick, he was very curious. After a few years, he was only ten years old. He indeeds think like a little adult. Imagine: Now that the Emperor is in jeopardy, if he die tonight. This child is most likely to become the next Emperor. Since he is so young, the dynasty must be held in the hands of the old woman…

Zhao Xu sitting next to Lu Jiannan, seems to see through his heart, said: “Now the father is seriously ill, once…” He was about to say that once the father has died, but he changed to: ” father, the Emperor devoted himselve to reform, to protect the Song Dynasty. But he has faced strong opposition.  Liao, is a country  always eager to move into the central plains, if we only cares about self-defense, do not manage to open source and reduce expenditure. I am afraid that when I stepped into the palace, it has been difficult to return.”
Lu Jiannan was shocked by the ten-year-old child who had such a insight. But seemed  it was a bit too pessimistic, asked: “What is the most feared in your heart?”
The little Prince did not think at all, answered: “The most fear is what blocks me.”
Lu Jiannan asked again: “What is stopping you?”
The little Prince raised his chest and said the words he wanted to say for a long time: “I am afraid… First, the sky is changed, the second is the men words, and the third is the law of the ancestors.”
Lv Jiannan smiled and said: “I am afraid that I am right, I am afraid that I am wrong. The Master said: “The gentleman has three fears, fears of destiny, fear of adults, fear of saints, and the villain does not know the fate of the gods, but also the words of the saints. “”
The little Prince listened to Lu Jiannan’s quote from the saints. He did not expect that a swordsman would have such education. He listened more carefully. Lv Jiannan said: “But what is the destiny? Is it a destiny for the heavenly vision? The river is flooded, it is a destiny! But if in the ordinary days, people can prepare and repair the dam, it is not necessarily a destiny. Saint, it is even harder to say. If it is true that the words of the saints are worth fearful, if it is only a villain, what is it for him? Jing Guogong’s said: ” When you are in the righteousness, what are you afraid of?”
When Zhao Xu heard this, he couldn’t help but clapped his hands and said, “Well it is right? What Master  Lv said is very correct.”

Lu Jiannan’s face changed: “I am not a gentleman, a master, nor a guardian of the palace.” Then he sighed deeply and said to himself: “I am just a man..”
The little Prince smiled : “I am just a boy.”
The two of them smiled to each other and felt relief.

Suddenly, there was a burst of people outside the door, and someone shouted: “The inside of the name Lv listened, immediately released the little prince, if not, I killed the dead girl first.”
It is Duan hunling speaking. Lu Jiannan heard clearly. Lu Jiannan thought that this dead girl must be Ren Zhenyi. He is surprised  she is caught. Moved to the gate and peeked at the outside, but saw dozens of archers opened their bows surrounding the inner courtyard. The Prince and other guards  stood behind. Duan hunling stood in the middle of the courtyard, commanding ten archers walk to the front of the little prince house, arrowsheads facing to the poor girl.  Now, Lu Jiannan saw the zhenyi was tied up under a blooming red plum tree. Her mouth was stuffed, her look was horrified, she kept shaking the trunk, fell many red plum petals. The girl surely was the one in the Moon Hill. Lu Jiannan was a little shocked. “It’s really her. But why Duan hunling use her to threat me. He thought: Although Ren Zhenyi and I are not relatives, I can’t let her die because of me. . Lu Jiannan pressed the sword lightly.
The little Prince saw everything alongside and said: “Although I don’t know what the girl has to do with Mr. Lu, but as long as Mr. Lu walks out with me,  I guarantee that no one will dare to hurt this girl.”
Lv Jiannan knows that he is right, but he only smiles: “Since you have called me master three times, can I put your life in danger?” He said: “You are young, with such a vision,  you will have a brilliant future. Will you definitely be a good emperor.”
The little Prince nodded, and Duan hunling shouted: “The name of Lu,  listens, I count dozens. If you don’t leave the little lord, and surrender, she will die immediately. ” while he said that he walked to the side of the girl, laughing despicably.
Qianqian  can not speak, but a pair of eyes staring at him, as if to say: “I will come back to find you after I am dead, and I will haunt you around the nights, so that you will not have a damn good day.”
She hated, felt sad, miss home but now she is in the hands of this traitor. Think: I am going to die with arrows in my heart, so it may be very happy way to die!  I should not be born in this world at all. My mother died because of giving birth to me, my father hated  me, never pay attention to me, why I am still  in this world. It’s better to die. In the moment, she was not afraid  anymore, but when she think of her  sisters, and Liu Yicun,  she can’t help but curse him. Sick willow, where are you? Didn’t you show up every time when I was in trouble? Now I am dying, why don’t you come?
While she was thinking, Duan hunling has been counted up to five.

Where is Liu Yicun going? When Qianqian Secretly sneaked into the Prince mansion, Liu Yicun did follow behind, but  when Qianqian was concentrated listening to the dialogue between the Empress and Lu Jiannan, Liu Yicun discovered two other black shadows. He recognized they are the woman and the teen boy who followed the Empress  carriage at the back of  the Daxiangguo Temple. Liu Yicun secretly said: “The woman in black and the youngster are foreigners from the Western Regions. How do they related to the  royal family? And the two are very skilled in martial art…”
Liu Yicun expected the fact is getting more intriguing. At this time, the woman and the young man seemed to be acting separately. She went behind the studyroom, and the young man left her to other direction. Liu Yicun saw him leaping on the roof and  lay himself down.  Appears to watching the stars enjoyablely. Liu Yicun smiled lightly, guess that he wouldn’t do anything bad, so he  went down and followed the woman. Perhaps his professional sense, he felt that the woman is more worth of paying attention.
He saw the woman quietly leaning against the door and peer inside, Liu Yicun followed a few feet, waiting to see her next move.
In a second,  Liu Yicun heard someone screaming, he looked up, saw Qianqian and the young man were fighting on the roof top. At the same time, the woman broke through the window and sneaked into the room. Liu Yicun knew that  the purpose they acted separately was trying to lead the people out of the room. What was her attempt to break into the room? Liu Yicun was curious and couldn’t manage to find out. In the room, there was no action at the moment. From the light behind the window. He saw only two  golden lacquered doors. The doors were closed. Liu Yicun gently pushed one of the door and then saw a large screen behind . Silk embroidery, a phoenix leaps onto the splendid flowers, the form is realistic, lifelike, because it is double-sided embroidery, Liu Yicun standing at the back still can  see it clearly. Behind the screen, the candle shadow swayed. Through the screen, he saw a few ladies standing still, but the gesture suddenly stopped in the movement. They must have been pointed in the fight. Liu Yicun was shocked by this woman who  is also proficient in acupuncture points.
Liu Yicun curiosity saw  a figure flashed slightly  and disappeared from his view, so he jumped onto the roof immediately. His light power was learned from Songhu Island. He spent some years with his sister in Songhu Island when he was a teenager. Although the rules were not passed to outsider. The brother-in-law never taught him any, but he was clever. He learned only by watching. However, he does not love martial arts. He only loves to steal. He made his name of stealing in the rivers and lakes. People added a god of thief in front of his name, but he doesn’t bother at all. He calls himself a thief plainly . He never cares about these false names. Hoewever, the ability to steal is getting bigger and bigger.
Under the candlelight, saw a laurel wreath woman sitting, presumably it is the Empress, about 50 years old, should be the mother of the Emperor. The woman standing by the side of her,  held a dagger pointed at her waist.

“How dare you! Is it an assassin sent by the Liao Kingdom?”
This thought just passed, the woman said: “I am not coming to assassinate you, I just want to ask the Empress to see something.”
See something? In the mind of Liu Yicun, there was a flash of something also. His eyes were shining. He stared at the hands of the woman. She slowly took out a small brocade box, casted in pure silver, elliptical, flat, covered with gems, bright and transparent. When Liu Yicun saw it, he was dizzy. The heart started pounding.
As soon as the brocade box was opened, Liu Yicun’s heartbeat was stopped. he was shocked and delighted. “Here is the seven colors glass cup.”
Seven colors glass cup? What is it? However, it is just a wine cup. Why is it so amazing, so fascinating? When the Empress saw  this seven colors glass cup,  looked equally strange, but compared to Liu Yicun, she is more reserved, not as lustful as Liu Yicun. Liu Yicun thinking: now all the guards have gone outside, it is the best time to do it, this is the one life time opportunity, if I missed it, I don’t want to live anymore. Think of this, he took out the silk string from his sleeve, then no longer listen to the conversation.
He saw the woman walking to the back of the Empress, pulling down the veil, showing her face, high nose, thin lips, bright as spring flowers, cold as autumn frost, such a standard big beauty, but the beauty may not be good, Liu is in his forties, never married, only loves stealing, searching for the world’s rare treasures all day long. The sevencolors glass cup in front of him now,  which he coveted for a longtime. Liu Yicun secretly pulled out the silk, bite one end with his mouth, then made a few turns with his left hand, tightening the silk, tie a few small hooks on the other end. All these processes quickly done, then throw the silk immediately. The woman in front of the empress, just kneeled down to present the seven colors glass cup, that being hooked of the ears and be pulled to the rooftop in front of her eyes. The woman and the Empress were shocked at the same time. The woman said nothing, threw the brocade box on the floor, broke the tile and jump up to chase, leaving the Empress alone, she bent over to pick up the brocade box, put it on her palm, seems to be a sense of incomprehensibility.


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