Journey of Misty Rain 1-5


(5) Secret passage

Liu Yicun was chased by the woman, he had no time for Qianqian.
During this period, Duan hunling counted to seven. Qianqian simply closed her eyes. She doesn’t want to look at him.
She is thinking Liu Yicun, my nicest uncle, who else if you don’t come to save me? Will Lv Jiannan exchange The little prince for me? I teased him in The moon hill. He must be angry at me. How could he save me? So, Duan hunling has counted to eight.
Qianqian set her mind and decided. Remember the teaching of their father, whatever live or dead, don’t scream, never beg for mercy. If I beg him, I will ruin the reputation of Songhu Island for two hundred years.
When Duan came to the ninth, he especially raised his voice, and looked at Qianqian. Her eyes was closed, her mouth was stuffed, her upper lip pressed against the lower. obviously she was very scared, but not a sign of begging for mercy. He appeared to like her that way, but he is the daughter of Ren Wanli, damn it! Humph! He has nine daughters. Why not kill one for me?
Slightly  take a deep breath and be counting the tenth.
Lv Jiannan hid behind the door, he had already pulled out the sword. He was ready to act at the moment of tenth. The act could not be fast, and it could not be slow either. It has to be just right, first the sword, then the arrows, and then cut the rope, this girl is good at light power, once her body is free, she can fly and flee, as long as I can jump on the roof at the moment, I can also escape. However, this time there are so many enemies. whether the two can escape safely, there is no certainty.
When it was said that it was late, it was fast. When Duan opened his mouth, the archers immediately bend their arms and pull the bow. The arrows was already on the string, to be released.
Lv Jiannan has just pushed the door, a figure descended from the sky, his blue robe, a Confucian dress, a long sword like a sleeve,  fluttering sideway, then ten arrows fell on the floor. The rope that tied up Qianqian were cut off at the moment, exactly the same as what Lv Jiannan had thought. The man shouted: “go!” Then he jumped out the inner garden.
Who is that man? The acts were so clean, not too fast, not too slow. This sudden change, everyone stunned, even Qianqian, stood still, forget to move, thinking that man has never met, why did he save me?
Duan Hunling recognized that man was the one stopped him from assassinating Wang Anshi in Jinling. Now he came to interrupt his business again. He was angry but calm. Seeing Qianqian didn’t escape, but still stands in a daze, he immediately reached out his hand to caught her. When Qianqian found his five fingers right in front, there was also one person behind her. It was Lv Jiannan, who hold a long sword and swayed, Duan stepped back, waved his left hand again, the archers load the arrows and pull the bow, prepared to shoot. Lv Jiannan realized that was too late to fly over the eaves. At that time, he was still in front of the little prince’s room, he knew that the archers would never shoot the room of The little prince. So, he grabbed Qianqian’s arm, returned to the room.

When the two fled back to the room, Lv Jiannan immediately looked back to see the outside situation. Seeing that Duan was in rage, he swung the machete,  about to  flush to the little prince’s room, but he was stopped by the Prince, said: ” It is necessary to take the safety of The little prince as a priority.” Duan hunling has to put down his machete. Although still resentful, but if really hurted the precious body of this little Prince, it is not worth to do that. He must not easily ruin his future.  Lv Jiannan and Ren Zhenyi are trapped in the house. they can’t go anywhere temporary. It is better to redeploy for next action.
Lv Jiannan saw that they really hesitated, finally felt released. Looking back Qianqian, he was angry, scolded like a father. “Why didn’t you just escape? You know it was very dangerous!”
Qianqian was still trembling with fear, and all the arrogance is gone. Like a child,  smiled embrassingly and said: “I… Who would have thought of escaping at that time? And…”
Raising her eyebrows and laughed: “So fun here, I won’t leave!”
Lv Jiannan was stunned and speechless. Retrieved his sword and said seriously: “This is the King of Yanan” Qianqian found deep inside of the room, sitting a short figure with two scroll portraits behind, male and female. They wear very formally. the female has beaded crown, the male has black silk crown, red brocade robe, embroidered with nine dragons. They look solemn, can be said no expression. Qianqian looked at the two portraits for a while, then turned her eyes back to the little prince, seeing him even though wrapped with brocade robe, headed in the silver crown, but the tiny body seems less than ten years old. This is really is a little prince!
Qianqian stepped forward, smiled and said: “Little prince, are you sitting here all day? Don’t you be bored?”
Qianqian has been grown in the jungles of the mountains, make friends with the apes and birds. She doesn’t know anything about the courtesy of the palace.
The little prince was also watching Qianqian. Although she looked like a young woman, but her face like a child, speak like a child. Thought that girl should not be much older than himself. To her odd questions, he answered with a serious tone: ” I don’t sit here all day, I just sit here when I meet the guests. Usually, I also go out to play, sometimes swinging, sometimes flying kites, but most of time are taking classes with Tai Fu.”
Qianqian heard flying kite and immediately remembered the bustling excitement of the first day when she stepped into the capital. She sat down next to the little prince, smiled and said: “Have you ever been to the East Street of Kaifung? Not to mention about kite, There are so many odd things. Have you seen  walking on the thread or swallowing iron sword? Ha! That was so amazing! You should have seen it at least once.”
Lv Jiannan looked at Qianqian talking about nonsense. It seems that the matter of life and death has been forgotten. He can’t help but shake his head. It’s really innocent youthful teenager. When she was talking about the drinks and the foods and the games in the capital, The little prince seems listen to it with great interest. While outside the door he is guarding  still full of enemy.
Suddenly Qianqian turn around and looked at the two portraits, asked, “Who are these two people?”
The little prince looked up right away and smiled slightly, he replied respectfully: “This is my father.” He stood up and bowed in front of the male portrait, then turned to the female portrait bowed again, and said, “This is my mother.”
Qianqian were touched by his cautiousness towards his parents, and asked attentively: “Where are they now?”
The little prince repeatedly bowed to the portraits and said: “The father is now seriously ill, and the mother has already passed away.”
Qianqian responded with a long sigh, silent for a moment, then said to herself: “The little prince is same as me, both of our mothers has passed away. Although my father is not ill, but he is mad and lonely, isn’t it the same as being ill?”
The little prince heard that, looked at Qianqian with a sense of  sympathy. Inside the palace, who will talked to him with heart. The mother who gave birth to him, is lady Zhu, not the one in the portrait, was missing mysteriously, no one in the palace dares to ask. But the secrets of the palace, she will not understand.
“In the infinity of time, you are alone.”
The little prince recited the last two sentences of the poem by Chen Ziang, the first song of the ancient state.
Lv Jiannan was also infected with this melanchory. Looking at these two young teens, although they are so fresh and green, they seem more lonely than their appearances .

When the time passed, there was another hustling outside. Someone called out: “my grandson, the two with you are imperial court thieves, they are the enemies of the country and the people, you have to hold back, you must not let them escape.”
When The little prince heard this, he immediately jumped up and said in a panic: ” No, the Empress is coming.”
It is the Empress, Shenzong’s mother, she often intervenes in the political affairs. She opposed Wang Anshi. She hated the new party. She certainly has more power than the Emperor now since he is dying, the little Prince is most afraid this grandmother.
Lv Jiannan didn’t want to make The little prince embarrassed again. He said to Qianqian: “It is not right to keep us here forever. Let’s go out!”
Qianqian nodded and said good, but the little prince rejected: “No! does it not mean to die?” Then he lower his voice and said, “You come with me.” he lead them into the inner bedroom quickly.  Crossing a small door and passing a silk screen, it is the inner bedroom. The  agarwood cabinet, the Persian carpet, and precious porcelain, but no one is in the mood to enjoy. The little prince walked near to the bed, the bed was framed by ancient agarwood wood. The upper edge was carved with hundred birds. Qianqian and Lv Jiannan only had a glance at it. The little prince said: “I stumbled upon this room a secret.” Then he picked up the bed, pushed the splint, surprisingly some steps were hidden under the splint. Lv Jiannan and Qianqian shouted at the same time: “The secret passage?”
The little prince said: “I guess so.”
Lv Jiannan asked: “Where is there?”
“I don’t know.” The prince replied truthfully, he really doesn’t know.
While Lv Jiannan was wondering, Qianqian asked directly: “Have you ever gone down?” The little prince replied naturally: “Of course not? I am a prince of heaven kingdom, how could I do such a unrighteous thing?” ”
Qianqian was speechless, felt that he was not curious about the secrets under the bed is unbelievable.
Suddenly, another shower of footsteps seemed to be matching in. Lv Jiannan rushed into decision, said. “ Seems like this is the only way out. Let’s go then! ”
Qianqian nodded instantly, simply farewell to the little Prince, then two of them jumped into the black hole underbed, leave the little prince sat alone on the bed. Outside of the room, the footsteps were getting closer and closer, seemed like to break in any time. Soon enough, hundred of warriors armed smashed in, but only saw The little prince sitting in front of the bed. The prince’s heart was jumping when he saw the Empress, standing outside the broken window, her face was as black as the bottom of wok.


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