Journey of Misty Rain 1-6



(6) Murals

Lv Jiannan and Qianqian went down the stairs. The stairway was steep. They have walked for a long time, still had not reached the end. The  walls were getting wetter. Something cold infiltrated  the fingertips in the darkness. The deeper they go , the more they feel wrong. Qianqian couldn’t help but shouted, “Where is this going?”

The words were exported in the narrow stairway echoed. The echoes were like waves, and continued. Lv Jiannan’s thought: “with this echos, how deep is this stairway can be?”
Qianqian abruptly felt something was squirming between her fingers, then screamed again: “Lv…” but only said one word, stopped.  Lv Jiannan said: “It is not too late to go back.”
“No.” Qianqian quickly replied: “Don’t you want to see what is down there?”
In the total darkness, Lv Jiannan couldn’t see Qianqian. He only knows that she is not far in front. He said: ” underground of the prince mansion, has such a long tunnel of stairway. It is very intriguing.”
Qianqian unexpectedly felt a warm arm pulling her and said: “Now you are better just follow me,  don’t be afraid!”
Qianqian took Lv Jiannan’s arm and walked slowly with him. The two walked step by step. Inadvertently have gone over a couple hundred steps. A gust of wind blow in the air silently. The two adventurer were inspirited. The end of the darkness leaked a line of light. Lv Jiannan said: “There is wind and water, there must be a way out. ”
The two speeded up their pace and gradually reached the end of the stairway. The scenery suddenly became visible. Qianqian saw more and more light ahead. She was so excited to leap out In the dark. She saw a shadow flying with her at the same time. She was shocked, but turned out the shadow was her own reflection in the water.
At this time, Lv Jiannan also went down. He looked up and found himself in a huge cave. The height of the cave was about ten feet, and the width was about ten feet. The rock wall was dark and shiny, with spring water pouring out. Plants, hung between the stone seams, faintly shining. Lv Jiannan talked loudly: “The top of the cave must be connected to the ground, the sunlight is visible from the cracks of the stones, that is why the plants can grow.” look down and see a pool in the shape of a gourd,  like a mirror. The water is sparkling in greenish blue. Occasionally the mountain wind blows, picking up a couple ripples and instantly returned to calm.
Lv Jiannan raised and lowered his head. He was enchanted  for a moment that totally forgot how to get away. Qianqian suddenly yelled: “You see, there seems to be words on the rock wall, looked like paintings.”
Lv Jiannan immediately came to looked at it. The shiny rocks were engraved with  marks. The words were milky white, and the lines were  very thin. They must be carved with extremely sharp and thin object. The part of the mural was text.  The first few sentences are: “I think, I hope, but you don’t want to be grown old with me, long lovesickness, long-term memory, can’t be rewarded. Only the sword can eliminate  the sorrow. The silk bamboo does not tear. The sadness can not  be waved. The rhyme of the sword is generous. My intestines break. The sword dances and flies…”
The font is dignified and beautiful, and the article is euphemistic. Talking about a woman who is both love  idiot and  sword idiot. Although Lv Jiannan is also a sword idiot, he never know what is love. But Qianqian is very young, she felt sad after reading it. Lv Jiannan noticed her eyes shining with tears,  asked: “Do you understand it?”
Qianqian turned her eyes ball, said calmly: “I don’t understand, don’t you understand? Have you ever married someone? Have you ever  loved  someone for a lifetime?”  Lv Jiannan was very embarrassed  questioned by a young woman like this. He has no answer for this, so he only can walked away. Qianqian looked at his back and remembered that so-called secret she had no intention of hearing in the The moon hill, asked with curiosity: “Why don’t you marry? it is because you have to kill forty-nine people to seal the sword?”
Qianqian said that while staring at him, seeing his face changing,  his eyeslid fell shyly.  He tried to hide his emotion by pointing at the pictures on the rock again, said with enthusiasm: “Look! These pictures are actually swordsmanship. .”
“Swordsmanship?” Qianqian immediately was drawn her attention back to the murals. There are dozens of figures in the paintings. They are all holding long swords, some jumping, some running, sometimes like dragons, sometimes like phoenix. Suddenly excited suddenly reposed. Although Qianqian born in an martial arts family, she has never practiced swordsmanship. Ren Wanli only taught daughters to do light power. He believed that women should not use sword. As long as they can escape from danger in times, that is enough. Qianqian light power was taught by her sisters. Ren Wanli never taught  her a half stroke. In addition to light power, she only  knows two or three strokes in his Thirteen style of listening pine wave. what are those peerless martial arts of Songhu Island, she has never seen it. While she was walking in the rivers and lakes, she oftenly heard people admired the martial arts of Songhu Island . She was so fascinated,  proud but shamed. She always imagine how deep his father martial arts  to be? How glorious did the father walked in the rivers and lakes when he was young?

Thinking about it, the swordsmanship in the painting is actually completely incomprehensible. Suddenly, Lv Jiannan has pulled out the sword, fluttering in the air. His right hand is holding the sword, but his left hand is resting at the back. The sword in the pool is light.  More you let go the sword,  more free the sword becomes. The momentum is fierce. After Lv Jiannan studied the mural portraits for a while, he made a dozen strokes. The sword is getting faster and faster. The sword is highly delivered. when it is swayed through the air, created the sound of the whistling, one after another, one wave After one wave, actually mixed into a piece of music. Excited, strong, stunned, the last few strokes were slowed down, although the sword moves slowly, but it is not reduced. Lv Jiannan put his long sword back to sheath with one hand. Another stopped on the Dantian. He was looked sullen but his mind was united. Although the sword was sheathed, the feels was inexhaustible and the afterglow was lingering.
Qianqian was stunned, and speechless. Lv Jiannan didn’t mind at all, just went back to the murals and study again. He couldn’t help but sighed: ” it is actually like music. It is so subtle.”
He was so fascinated, but Qianqian was unhappy being left alone, she put on a disdainful look, said: “Look at you!  so obsessed with these swordsmanship, who said that he wanted to seal the sword and leave the rivers and lakes? ”
Lv Jiannan was not angry by these words at all. He looked calm and said: “you don’t know a thing! This swordsmanship is so exquisite, and is not the common vulgarity can compard…..When I was eighteen-year-old, I left the martial arts of Qingcheng School,  took the sword and conceited myself. At the age of twenty, I defeated the first sword of the world, Lei Jun, and won the sword in the pool. I became the most famous…”He suddenly stopped. Qianqian was just listening with pleasure, of course, she would not allow him to stop.  Said: ” It is nothing wrong for a young man to be proud? Why are you not happy?”
After studying the strokes on the murals, Lv Jiannan  felt relieved. His heart  was completely melted.  He thought  now being trapped in the cave,  life or dead is already out of concern , what else I should care for more. So, he decided to tell the secret of the years to Qianqian, said: “kid, you don’t really want to know why I must kill  forty-nine men to stop!”
Qianqian opened her mouth widely, just began to say something, but Lv Jiannan didn’t let her talk a word. He lifted his hand, pulled out the sword in the pool and threw it to her. Qianqian were shocked but had to receive the sword because it is on her head.  Looking at  the sword with admiring expression. The sword is very slim. In the obscure cave, it is still shining and dazzling. Qianqian swayed  it, the blade is very light, the angle of the hilt and the wrist is just right, that makes the move very flexible. The more you look at it, the more you obsessed with it.  She sighed: “I don’t know how to use a sword. It is useless to me.”
Lv Jiannan laughed and said: “What are you afraid of? Isn’t here a set of peerless swordsmanship? As long as you learn it, you will definitely get ahead in the future, and you don’t know how much  more you can be better than the martial art of Songhu Island!”
After Qianqian glimpsed the swordsmanship, she looked at Lv Jiannan again, sighed: “Forget it, I will not learn these unique swordsmanships from unknown sources. After I practiced, I don’t know how to tell people who my master is?”
Listening to Qianqian words, Lv Jiannan admired, and conceived: This kid is not so craving for fame, it is so rare. Deliberately tempted her: “Which of the martial arts  trainer does not want to become famous?  Don’t you want to win my sword?”
Qianqian put down the sword and said: “I was not serious. I was just having fun.”
Lv Jiannan yelled: “The sword is a serious matter, how can it be having fun?” Then he slammed  her like a  thunder without a word. Qianqian forced to resist with the sword in her hand. Lv Jiannan knew that the sword was extremely sharp, he would never let the sword touched him. There was no sword in his hand, but there was a sword in his mind. He said, “Well! Let me teach you all my life. You call me a master today, the island master of your father will not be upset!”

It is said that she will be receiving all the swordsmanship from Lv Jiannan. Although she does not know how to use swords, she has been playing with her dagger since a child. Sometimes she has learned by herself.  A dagger may not be as free as the sword,  particular with the sword in the pool which is a god artifact.  She has taken over the fierce attacks of Lv Jiannan for a while. Lv Jiannan abruptly made another move even more fiercely. Qianqian also made a trick, tumbling crossing the head of Lv Jiannan, turning her wrists, waving the sword, and playing dozens of circles in the air. Her tricks are strange, and  are on top of opponent head. No matter which direction he goes, he can’t avoid the sword front. Only his body is dodging, but her strokes seems endless.  Lv Jiannan lost his way totally. His hair bun’s towel was cut off by Qianqian long swords. Lv Jiannan bowed his head ,re-emerged, his long hair scattered on the shoulder, then he fell to the ground. Qianqian shocked, dropped off the sword from her hand, and quickly hold right to Lv Jiannan, screamed: “Not good.”
Lv Jiannan laughed loudly: “Good! Good! Good!”
He stood up with joy even though his hair was cut to shattered. Since Qianqian met him, she never saw him so happy. She thought that she accidentally injured him. Now, he is laughing and screaming, this man is really inexplicable. She thought: I have a strange temper and are famous in Songhuo Island. Even Liu yicun is afraid of me, and now I know, there are mountains over the mountain, seas over the seas.
Lv Jiannan picked up his sword,  said to Qian qian: “Do you know what moves you just made?”
Qianqian touched her little brain and smiled, said: “Hey! Is this trick famous?”
Lv Jiannan walked back to the murals, pointed to one of the picture, said: “There is no such a trick. You have just combined the trick of the Songhu Island with this sword style, but you made it natural and smooth, without traces, if not I flashed fast, I am afraid you have cut off half of my head already.”
After listening to this, Qianqian couldn’t help but stretch her tongue and said, “Is it really that good?”
Qianqian loved to practice martial arts since she was a child. Her sisters learned 60% from the father. They taught her in full. She learned it all , and sometimes she add 10% of her imagination. Therefore, although her martial arts are taught by her sisters, sometimes she is better than the sisters. Everyone thought that the sisters were just easy on her, but now it seems like not, Qianqian felt herself inevitably a little arrogant.
Lv Jiannan suddenly lowered his head, and sighed: “It’s a pity that the swordsmanship can be passed to you, but this sword can’t be given to you.”
Qianqian look at the sword in the pool, thinking of the power of it, she felt attached to this sword with affection. She couldn’t help but asked, “Why?”
Lv Jiannan said: “aren’t you very versed of the story of this sword? Do you remember why the sword in the pool had been changed into a ominous thing from a sword of peace?”
Qianqian  answered rapidly: “Remember, because the sword lovers fight for this sword, killing countless, and finally the family of the swordcaster’s little apprentice was also killed, the young apprentice had to hold the sword sunk himself in the Dongting Lake.”
Lv Jiannan said: “You only know part of it. The little apprentice has done one thing before he died, do you know?”
Qianqian heard this story from Liu Yicun. It should be the most detailed version. One moment, asked confidently: “Well! What did he do? so that you have to kill  forty-nine people. ”
Qianqian’s mind was  quite fast, quickly joined all the plots together. Lv Jiannan hold the sword with both palms and handed it over to Qianqian: “This is only be known to those who have the sword.”
Qianqian received the sword and her heart is shaken.


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