Journey of Misty Rain 1-8


(8) Fate
Suddenly heard a sound of  running water, look back, in the pool of  the cave, a person was raising up from the water.  This person emerged and  jumped on the land, then walked towards to Lv Jiannan and Qianqian. Although his whole body was wet, but he was smiling gracefully.
Qianqian screamed: “It’s you!”
The man was carrying a long sword, dressed as a Confucian disciple in blue robe, with green hair bun towel. He was the stranger rescued Qianqian in the garden of Prince mansion. Although Lv Jiannan did not see his face, he still remembered his dress. This stranger appeared in this cave unexpectedly like a ghost. Lv Jiannan was relaxed but instantly became alert again, asked, “who are you?”
The Confucian disciple replied with respect :”My surname is Teng, given name is  Kuanrou, from Baling.
Lv Jiannan carefully looked at him. He was only about twenty years old, thin, handsome and polite. He self-proclaimed  that he is from Baling with  surname Teng. Lv Jiannan thought of one person, asked: “Baling officer Teng Zijing is related to you?”
Baling officer Teng Zijing was as famous as Fan Zhongyan, the  officer in Northern Song dynasty, who was worried the world and determined to be happy after the world. Teng Zijing  was the greatest officer for Baling County. He rebuilded Yueyang Tower and brought prosperity to Bailing people in just a year.
When his grandfather named was mentioned, Teng Kuanrou bowed deeply to show more respect, said: “Certainly,  is my grandfather.”
Lv Jiannan listened, grinnd and said: ” Officer Teng was strict and decent . He is surely a respectful man. And here is such a young extraordinary  sword man of his grandson.  He should have no regret underworld.”
Teng Kuanrou smiled with humility, said: “Lv, my senior has won respect in the rivers and lakes.”

Lv Jiannan  sneered: “You called me senior, I dare not, I have to ask you.”

Teng Kuanrou bowed a bit, said: ” I born later, do not dare.”

Although Lv Jiannan is also a martial art master, he do not like the courtesy of these kinds. He asked straight forward: “How can you find us in this hidden cave?”
Teng Kuanrou said, “That is because…” raised his eyebrows first, continued : “I heard that Lv,  my senior suddenly disappeared in the little prince’s bedroom, I think…”
Lv Jiannan  thought that he hesitated to continue was afraid that it would  embarrassed him, said, “You don’t have to worry, just say what you have to say.”
Teng Kuanrou then said: “I heard that Lv,  my senior suddenly disappeared in the bedroom of the little Prince, then I think Lv, my senior must have escaped through secret passage, so I observed the topography of the capital. All the secret passages used to escape must be connected to the water source. The only waterway near the Prince mansion is the Wuzhang River.”
Qianqian stood still and didn’t talk until now, interrupted: “So you were waiting for us at Wuzhang river?”
Teng Kuanrou smiled slightly and politely said: “Exactly, but after waiting for many days, I realized that I have waited nothing.”
Qianqian asked again, “How do you know that you can come in here from this waterway?”
Teng Kuanrou gently raised his voice, answered: “I saw two visions.”
When Lv Jiannan heard that, he smiled: “It was the bats and the water source.”
Teng Kuanrou immediately replied with admiration: “Lv, my senior is absolutely right.”
When the two men looked at each other and smiled, they stopped talking. Qianqian stood by the side,  puzzled,  asked like an idiot, “What bats and water sources?”
She obviously couldn’t figure out what were they talking about. Lv Jiannan teased her: “You are so smart, you will understand it by yourself.”
Qianqian was blushed. But she couldn’t lose temper in front of this young man, so keep quiet. Teng Kuanruo is a gentleman, he couldn’t bear  this lovely young girl to be teased. He respectfully answered: “That’s because I saw bats flying out of the cracks during the day. It’s abnormal. Unless someone or other animals harasses their living habits.”
It is completely understandable now. It is not easy to have such an observation.  As well, it is necessary to know something about nature. Qianqian can’t help but be convinced: “It’s really intelligent!” continued : “About the water source! It’s the scum and  bones we were here plunked from the bats .”
Teng Kuanrou see Qianqian is innocent and pure,  he liked it very much and smirked, said: ” You are absolutely right.”
The two seem quickly became friends, but Lv Jiannan did not think so, coldly interjected: “Mr. Teng,  then may I ask you for what you spend so much effort, diving in here? what is your real purpose?”
Teng Kuanrou was no longer being amiable. Instead, he raised his eyebrows and replied proudly : ” I junior, came here to ask the sword in your hand, Lv,  the senior .”
Lv Jiannan knew that although he has good-natured of being courtesy, he is not an easy man. With a helpless smile said:”Youngster, even you want to win the sword in the pool?” Then he said with a deep voice: “You don’t know what you are doing!”
Teng Kuanrou slightly bowed, reserved, and said: “I the junior do not dare. I  am young but well educated. I knew that a gentleman should  not take the love of the others.” Paused,  continued : ” I the junior has been admired the sword in the pool since a child and has heard of Lv the senior indeed having it.”

Lv Jiannan didn’t make any comment, but Qianqian are attentively listening.  Teng  looked up and said: “When I was six years old , I learned martial art with master Rui in Huashan. Sixteen I learn swordsmanship with master Yu in QingCheng . After I learned something, I  eagerly wanted to try it out in the rivers and lakes. I  helped people when they needed with my sword.  I passed through Kaifung  earlier, and heard that Lv the senior were disappeared in the Prince mansion, I was planned to visit you the master, so…”
Speaking of this,  Lv Jiannan still does not care, even when he talked about  the master Yu  in QingCheng school. He did not even look at him. Teng Kuanrou  does not know how to continue. Qianqian knows that the two of them were in the same Qingcheng School, so happily said: “Well! You are also trained in the Qingcheng School, then you two are not the brothers?”
Once she said, Lv Jiannan couldn’t help to oppose: “Nonsense, what kind of brothers? Yu Qianguang is my younger brother junior.”
Qianqian just dropped out an “oh!”, Teng Kuanrouo quickly said, humblely “Yes! Uncle my senior .”
Lv Jiannan saw this young man, so skillful, so modest. It is rare. He finally  looked  at him with conscious : “I didn’t expect that my younger brother jouior  received an apprentice who is as knowledgeable as you are.”
Teng Kuanrou just grinned. He didn’t say anything. He doesn’t dare to be too humble anymore because he now knows that Lv Jiannan’s temper is different from ordinary people. Lv Jiannan looked up and smiled: “Well, you want to see the sword in the pool, right?” Teng Kuanrou does not answer. Lv Jiannan turned to Qianqian, threw the sword to her and said: “Qianqian, let him see how it is!”
Qianqian helplessly catch the sword, stunned. Lv Jiannan has  already said: “This is my disciple, you guys are the same level, just try your best.”
Listening to that, Qianqian surprised  and angry, thought: This man had promised that in this cave we aren’t master and disciple, but… .
Before she finished  thinking,  Teng Kuanrou has stalked in front  and said: “Then please,  miss Qianqian, show your mercy to me.”
Qianqian have never heard of someone calling her miss Qianqian and tell her to  be merciful. She can’t help but laughed proudly, said: “You don’t worry!  you have saved my life and I will be merciful.”
After that, Teng Kuanrou hang his long robe in his waist and pulled out the sword in the sheath. Lv Jiannan felt instantly  an extraordinary spirit of sword. He turned his face and looked at it carefully. He recognized that this sword was passed by Zhang Daling, the founder of Qingcheng School, called Qing Yang Sword. Qing Yang Sword is a Taoist sword made to ward off the evil spirits, and now fell into the hand of this unknown young man. No wonder he talks humblely, but his eyes are full of pride.
The  two swords confronted each other and wiped out the fire like meteor shower. Lv Jiannan watched attentively. He wanted to test Qianqian. It  is a great step forward to see Qianqian gathering herself to concentrate on the sword. Suddenly, listened  two clanking  sounds. Qianqian first made a move. This is the move from the Qingcheng School. It is very overbearing. When a sword is thrown out, it is necessary to subdue the enemy right away . But  she did not know that the Qingyang sword is just a buster  for this move. But Teng Kuanrou did not make any form of Qingyang sword. There were eight styles of Qingyang demon swords.  All  are invented to put the demon to dead. It is obviously that Teng Kuanrou is being easy on Qianqian. Qianqian changed another  move immediately once she found  it doesn’t work. Called fairy scattered  flowers, is also a Qingcheng style. She may think Qingcheng against Qingcheng , who win who lose, will not be too bad.
But this style is too  feminine and extremely soft. Qianqian are not good at it. She was about to cut through his robe. But Teng softly turns over his waist.  Then the sword is opened to block. This is called grasshopper on the water. Although it is the entry style of Huashan School, but he has done its the best. It seems easy, but it is not simple. Qianqian saw him use the sword of Huashan, then she wanted to use the sad song that Lv Jiannan created. She  thought that he must has never seen it. Lv Jiannan knew that  Qianqian is going to use the sad song. He wanted her to win so much? Unexpectedly, Qianqian smirked while she was approaching without  a touch of homesickness . When he saw this, he already knows the result.

The young man seems doesn’t want to settle down like this. He changed to another  style called flying duck on the plain. Lv Jiannan couldn’t help but scream, this style is the treasure of the  Qingcheng School. He didn’t expect this young man has aleady master it at this young age.

Unless using the  style  on the mural, otherwise,  I am afraid… thinking of this, suddenly Lv Jiannan  jumped up and said: “You are too polite, do you look down on my apprentice?”
Teng Kuanrou immediately took back the sword and said, “Don’t dare.”
Qianqian actually unwilling to fight anymore. Especially with her own savior! Qianqian didn’t understand why Lv Jiannan is being so harsh on this young man.
Lv Jiannan said: “Qianqian,  give me the sword!” When Qianqian passed over the sword, she secretly glanced at Teng, while he was lowering  his head with courtesy. She wondered if he is really afraid of Lv Jiannan? After Seeing his extraordinary swordsmanship, he will not be necessarily lose.
Lv Jiannan holding a long sword and recalled that when he challenged Lei Jun more than 20 years ago, he was never as humble as this young man, think: “I am a famous swordsman after all. I can’t bully the youngster. I can’t use the style on the mural to win. If I did, even this ignorant girl will laugh at me.”
In a second, said: “Receive the move!” The first move is also flying duck in the plain. In the past, this style  had made him fascinated. With many years of practice, his internal strength increased greatly. His sword was swayed and swept like thousands of  army, almost able to fall a country. The momentum of it is ten times better than Teng. Teng is not weak either. He  quickly flicked back. First avoid the fierce sword, and then  immediately  returned him  another flying duck on the plain. Although he does not have a deep internal force, but his softness was just enough to offset the pressure of him. It just happened to be the essence of Taoist swordsmanship. Although he still does not going to win yet, Lv Jiannan was scared.  Listen to what he is reciting: “To the neutrality, the status of heaven is ambiguous, and everything is bred.” Lv Jiannan knows that it was the first chapter of the Golden Mean. He surprised  that this young man, indeed, entered the sword in the sage of poetry, and easily solved his thunder like attack. It is not a nerd who reads the book without knowing. While Lv was thinking, he changed style to the autumn water. The autumn water is Lv Jiannan’s early homemade tricks. Teng Kuanrou sees this trick though it is light and elegant, but it is very daring.  It specializes in the sensitive part of the body. This is Lv Jiannan’s playfulness when he was young. He didn’t expect the young man to be red-faced shyly. He saw that he just flashed  left and right,  looked very embarrassed. There is young girl on the scene watching.  Qianqian didn’t know what is going on, but just watching  these funny moves is quite  entertaining. Qianqian  wondering : “Well! Why did Lv Jiannan  not teach me this trick?”
Lv Jiannan sees the young man  is good at swordsmanship, but his temperament is so pedantic, so cautious about the things of men and women. He think this style is not proper even he can win, then he changed another  move. This move is one of his famous three style, the moon in the rough sea. This trick has long been awesome in the rivers and lakes. Countless swordsmen were killed by this move.
In an instant,  his sleeves like a waterfall, sword like a great  river, squatting, jumping  even smashing the opponent’s chest. Teng Kuanrou  wiped a cold sweat at his forehead, knowing this is not a joke. If he didn’t pay attention, he can die on the spot.
After some dodges, there was still no room for counterattack. Unexpectedly Lv Jiannan slowed down his sword. He did not expect Teng Kuanrou to die in his hand. With this precious chance, Teng Kuanrou backhanded a sword. Then the two swords of the sword are touched together with sparkling  fire. The whole cave is light up as daybreak. Teng Kuanrou has just cracked this trick, immediately returned attack. The momentum is overridden. Seeing his sword continued to assassinate forward, Lv Jiannan was shocked, shouted in his heart : not good, what is this trick, neither the Qingcheng nor the Huashan. Is there any other teacher of this kid? Thinking of that, he was pushed to the edge of the pool. Qianqian are watching with cold sweat. Lv Jiannan immediately made the second move of the Three Swords. Although this trick is not as good as the moon on the rough sea, it is also murderous, not inferior. It is a cold trick to defeat at the last moment. But Teng’s moves are lingering, like the water of the Yellow River, endlessly. Lv Jiannan has never seen such a style.  The softly lingering of this style is just the nemesis of his three swords. Now he is afraid that there is only the moves of the mural has chance to cut it off,  but the moves of the murals are not self-created. Even if he beated the young man, it is shameful. Once he hesitated, his moves slowed down more unconsciously. When he was aware of it. it’s already too late. Only he can do to save this fall is the sad songs cry.  But this move is too slow to start, and too rush to gather the emotion. When he was pushed to the pool side. There is no support point. This counterattack is just sending himself to the opponent’s sword tip. A slight cracky sound is heard only by himself.  Lv Jiannan’s chest has been stabbed by the sword. Teng Kuanrou only knows that Lv Jiannan is very powerful. When he has the opportunity to counterattack, he will do his best. He did not expect that he will really stab him. When  the blood flows like spring, Lv Jiannan fell into the pond, and his sword in the pool fell with him as well.
The cave instantly returned to darkness.
Lv Jiannan was awakened, seeing on his left, is Teng Kuanrou, on his right is Ren Zhenyi. When he was in a coma, he witnessed the scene of killing in this lifetime. He did not expect that he died under a sword now. The swordsman lived for  the sword and died for the sword, isn’t it  supposed to be?
He does not seem to be sad. Instead, this silly girl seems very sad as well as this young man. Lv Jiannan smiled and said: “I am nothing related to you two. For what are you crying?”
Qianqian has already red eyes and red nose. When she heard Lv Jiannan’s words, she couldn’t help but immediately bow formally and said: “Master, please accept my respect.”
Lv Jiannan laughed that  hurted the wound. Although the wound was coated with medicine, the blood continued to flow. He ignored it and grinned: “Your neck is so stiff and your skin is so thin.”
Lv Jiannan was alone all his life. If there were relatives around him before he died, he would be very comforted.
Turning to Teng Kuanrou, said: “You promise me something.”
Teng Kuanrou never thought that he would stab Lv Jiannan, his senior. He felt guilty. Whatever he asks he will promise,  said: “Lv, my senior, just tell me, I will do it .”
Lv Jiannan swallowed his last breath and said, “Take this girl out, she doesn’t…”
He wanted to say that she doesn’t understand the water but couldn’t finish.
Qianqian and Teng Kuanrou placed Lv Jiannan’s body in a good position. After bowing three times, then jumped into the pool. When they swam through the bottom of the pool. The sword in the pool was lying there. It still glowed, but neither of them took it.

The first chapter is finished


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