Journey of Misty Rain2-6



(6) Rising sun

Since that day, Teng Kuanrou appeared in front of the window of Qianqian’s bedroom before dawn every morning. Qianqian woke up to see him at first sight. He always stand alone, by the lakeside. No matter how cold or rain, he was looking at the horizon in the twilight, until the sun rised. He said : the rising sun is the beginning of the day, indicating that the prospects are getting brighter and brighter. Watching the morning sun slowly rising from the horizon, he felt very contented. Because of this, he created the Dongting rising sun Swordsmanship. He wanted to pass this to Qianqian, hoping that she could carry it forward with the identity of Lv Jiannan’s only successor, and then Lv the seniors had not be defeated by other swordsmanship.
Today, he has taught the last one. Teng Kuanrou sees Qianqian walking slowly with Xiangzi sword towards him. He scolded like a master. “You see the sun has already climbed up. You are still walking that slow. I see. You don’t want to learn the rising sun swordsmanship, you better learn…”
Before he has finished, Qianqian interrupted: “I better learn the setting sun swordsmanship, right?”
Listened to this nonsenseness, Teng Kuanrou couldn’t help but felt a little upset. He abruptly pull out the sword and pricked it to Qianqian. It was the Huashan School’s swordsmanship. Qianqian woke up with full spirits instantly. Before his sword arrived, her body was swaying and flicking in the air, pull her Xiangzi, then make the first style of the Dongting Rising Sun, The Cloud Dream……..
Qianqian bursted like flames, slammed her sword forward without hesitation. Teng Kuanrou did not expect that she could make this move so skillful. When he was pleasantly surprised, she made a long cry with the second style, The Morning glow. See her sword dances like waves, flies like dragons. Immediately she changed the move to The Purple Smoke.
This style is like smoke like fog, erratic and uncertain. Qianqian just matched it with her unique body movement, make it looked more romantic. Although this style was Teng Kuanrou’s own creation, he does not know how to crack it since she didn’t use it the way he taught.  His Dongting seven styles was that one stronger than the next. If you were fighting with yourself, the next one is just the crack for the former one. Qianqian didn’t follow his rules, Teng Kuanrou was confused in a moment. Seeing that he was about be defeated by his own swordsmanship, instantly he also make The Purple Smoke. Even though his move was not as fast as Qianqian, but against each other with the same style, the fight will continue forever. Qianqian of course has no patience to keep fighting like that. She suddenly changed to Lv’s famous The Moon on the rough sea.
Teng Kuanrou now realized why Qianqian use this style. It is because Lv the senior was using this style before he was stabbed. Teng in a second was thinking should he give in to Qianqian, let her win? But quickly he denied this idea, because it will only humiliate Qianqian and Lv the senior. So he even more received attentively to pay respect. Qianqian of course still far worse than Lv Jiannan. Teng Kuanrou was easy to win as long as he does not let go. He then changed the Dongting Five, The sun and the Moon Shines Together.
Qianqian, on the contrary, still use The Moon on the Rough Sea but much more aggressive. Teng was almost get a cut from her. Qianqian once got advangtage, she kept adding more strenth. Althougt Teng was hoping that she could win, but he wanted her to win by her own strength. Teng has not hesitated to make the Dongting six, The Danshui Legacy.
On the day, he used this Danshui legacy to stab Lv to death. Today, he made it thoughfully, too thoughful that without any momentum as that very special day. Qianqian hasn’t completed The Moon on the Rough Sea, Teng has dropped his sword on the ground unexpectedly. He said: “Wow! Fortunately, the sword was not broken.”
Qianqian did not retrieve her sword, asked: “You have not made the seventh yet?”
Teng Kuanrou said with a smile: “The seventh I have not taught you yet. How do you know to resolve it?”
Qianqian put down the sword and sighed: “Then the Master still was not as good as you.”
Teng Kuanrou immediately responded: “It was you, not your master. How can you compare with Lv, the senior?”
Qianqian was a little dissatisfied to hear that. Teng Kuanrou picked up his sword, said seriouly: “All things are up to you. In fact, with your qualifications, your future achievement might surpass Lv the senior.”
Qianqian still refused to be convinced, asked: “How come?”
Teng Kuanrou approached to her, said sincerely: “Because you are stubborn, stiff neck. You are not convinced. You don’t give up. Unless you don’t want to, if you decided to do something, nothing can stop you. As well, your heart was unshaped. You has no boundary, so that you can exceed the predecessors. However, you can also become a martial artist with conscience, or you can become a martial artist of demon. It is hard to say now.”
Qianqian was atonished and scared to hear such a comment. she felt something is creeping on her neck. Teng continued with a hand on her shoulder: “Into the positive and evil, all in one mind. Qianqian, you must remember, learn but not think you are bewildered, think but not learn you are dangerous. This supposed to be your lifelong motto.”
Since Qianqian was born, her mother died. There was a father at home, but he never cared for her. She has never heard someone talk to her like that. Teng Kuanrou taught her so much wisdom of life. She was very grateful, said : “Teng Big Brother, you are really a mentor and a friend, you will be my lifetime…”
When Teng Kuanrou saw that she was trying to swallow back the words, he quickly continued for her, “…. lifetime good companion? Or good hubby?”
After listening to Qianqian laughers, he raised his sword and said: “Don’t talk nonsense, Let’s teach the seventh.”
Teng Kuanrou waved his long sword, said: “The Dongting Rising Sun has seven styles, and the last one is The Shadow of the Moon. You see once the sun rising out, the moon was dull. Like in the heavens and the earth, there was the rightous man, to break through the dark forces.” while saying that, his sword was flying, the moves were natural. It was not biased but were just and peace.
Qianqian followed him to dance with the long sword one after one. thinking that he had just said about the positive and  the evil, reminded her that the chanting of the eight great garudians in the abandoned temple. The moon moves and starts up the night, opens the sky and the heavens are always there, the evil was not  always invincible. Here is the essence of the seventh style. Qianqian quickly grasped the point. The two finally stopped and stood side by side, looking at the Dongting Lake. The glory of the sun shone over the earth, and they felt everything was appropriate.

The happy days fly. In the blink of time, Dragon boat festival was held on the fifth of May. Every year on this day, the Yueyang Pavillion of Dongting Lake has a grand festival. In the early morning, men and women, carrying old and young, crowded on the banks in front of Yueyang Pavillion, trying to occupy a position to watch the dragon boat race. From Yueyang Pavillion, overlooking the crowds hustling, the flags fluttering, the beats of  the drums were soaring and the colorful dragon boats were on the run. It was the day of a clear beautiful sky, the rhododendron was blossom, the willows was swaying about the water, the swallows was shuttling in the wind, the falling fluff scattered, on the faces of the lady’s cheeks.
Since the morning, Teng Kuanrou has been busy. After the Dragon Boat Race was over, the current Baling County prefect immediately transferr to Yueyang Pavillion to host the annual Yueyang Pavillion calligraghy Conference. Since 40 years ago, Teng Zijing reconstructed the Yueyang Pavillion, Baling has been prosper and stable. In order to commemorate the merits of Teng Zijing, every year in the Yueyang Pavillion, held the calligraghy conference, invite local calligraphy masters to disscuss, observe and compete. Naturally, over the years are the Teng family taken over the errand. Teng Kuanrou represented his father for the first time this year. He was very nervous so he came to prepare beforehand. While he was busy round, He saw Qianqian standing in the crowd, waving to him. He wanted to go downstair to chat with her, but he was just called by the county. Qianqian saw his shadow disappeared in a second. She has nothing can do about it. Suddenly, hearing a hustle of drum beating. The dragon boat race has begun. Qianqian was about to jump on the tree to find a good position watching the race, theree women walked in front of her. One of them was the aunt Mu. she was no longer wearing black today. She changed to a gorgeous long round skirt, lamb skin boots, with a curtain hat. She was accompanied by Ruoxian and Qiman. They pretend to be tourists, that was much natural then wearing total back in such a happy festival day. They were laughing and posing happily. But Qianqian knows that they are here for Liu Yicun. Qianqian is hoping Liu Yicun will not show up. Just thinking of it, there was a voice coming from behind, saying: “Yueyang Pavillion was here, why are you seeing there?” Qianqian turned around and looked, who else, except Liu Yicun.
Qianqian was happy to see him afterall, said:” I know you will not miss such a day.”
Liu Yicun has just arrived at Yueyang Pavillion. He has already seen Teng Kuanrou. He smiled and said: “He said that after the Yueyang calligraghy Conference was over, he will see you in front of the Yueyang Pavillion.” Qianqian heard every words of what he said , but deliberately asked: “Who is he?”
At the moment, another round of drums snoring. Liu Yicun and Qianqian jumped onto the tree, watch the dragon boat race, and the matter of the three women had been forgotten.

After the Dragon Boat Race ended, Qianqian seperated with Liuyicun and came to the Yueyang Pavillion by herself. At the same time, all the people who just watched the Dragon Boat Race came there too. Qianqian was pushed by the crowd. Everybody was trying to squeeze to the front. Qianqian was thinking whether she should perform the light power, but in such a situation, she think she better take back and control. So she just followed a group of middle-aged scholars, moving slowly ahead.
Yueyang Pavillion is a three stories high building, with yellow tiles flying to the sky. It is located on the east bank of Dongting Lake, backed by Baling Mountains, north of the Yangtze River, and south of Xiangshui. The gorgeous scenary around withstand the reputation of Yueyang Pavillion. Today, The waves are quiet, the sky is clear, the colorful crowd and the flags together make a stunning scene of it. Qianqian saw there on the second floor, the Baling County prefect was surrounded by a dozen of folks. After he completed annoucing the instruction of the competition. The calligraphy masters have appeared one after another. Teng Kuanrou was among them. Qianqian said to herself: “I didn’t expect he will also attented the competition.”
Then, an old man walked upstairs and said: “This year’s rules of the game, winning by big, not enough for good, but also has to be big.” Then he pointed at a huge brush on the floor before he continued: “This pine wolf brush was worth sixty pounds. It’s not too heavy. Everyone, calligraphers, test your penpower today.” After that, the drums were knocked and the game has begun.
There were two boys held a big roll of rice paper, pushed down to the stone steps in front of the pavillion. The rice paper fell down on the steps, stopped when it reached the archway. The crowd clapped in wonders. The first competiter was a middle-aged scholar. He tried to raise the giant pen, but found that it was so heavy. This scholar was struggling. But he did not disappointed the crowd. He smashed it into the ink, actually pulled the giant pen, and began to write the words on the rice paper. Everyone held their breath, to see what he wrote, in the moments, he wrote four charachers, means disregard all the favours or humiliations. He won the crowd cheer when his calligraghy were hanged down. His calligraghy may not be good enough, but he chose these four characters which makes people felt the nobleness of him.
Qianqian was thinking: What kind of characters will Teng Big Brother choose to write?
Back to Liu Yicun, he has never read any book. Of course, he was not interested in calligraphy. After the dragon boat race, he was going to the antique shop on the city street. When he walked through the alley, he saw a litte begger squatted on the roadside. Liu Yicun think: poor litte thing, has to beg even in such a happy festival. So he dropped him a small silver ingot, then kept walking to the antique shop. The little begger picked up his silver ingot, right away followed him. When he saw him enter an antique shop, he quickly walked back to the alley. There was some people in the alley waiting. The little begger was Ahwu pretended, said: “He entered the antique shop in West Lane.” Mulun whispered: “Sure enough.” Looking at the silver ingot in the hand of Ahwu, she sneered: “This thief is quite generous!” then said gravely: “It is time for the second move, go!” RuoXian and Qiman nodded, then they moved separately.
When Liu Yicun entered the antique shop, he asked the shopkeeper: “Hey, boss, recently, do you have any buyer wanted to buy glass antiques?”
The boss was about fifty years old. He seemed very honest, said: “Yes! It was yesterday. There was a rich man who has asked for it. He wanted to buy a wine glass, and also specifies the Daqin craft. But in our county, such a small shop, there was not such a thing. I told him to go to Kaifung, maybe there will be one or two over there.”
Liu Yicun waved his hand, said proudly: “There is no need to go to Kaifung, and here I have one.”
The owner of the antique shop immediately brushed his eyebrows and said, “That’s really going to be insightful.”
In between the words, there was an old man stepping inside the door, saying: “What kind of stuff is that much insightful?”
Liu Yicun saw this men working in, with a jade crown and extravagant brocade robe. The boss immediately said: “Well! Mr. Cheng! you has come on the right time. Didn’t you want to buy a glassware yesterday? Right now right here, this big brother has one.”
That Mr. Cheng looked at Liu Yicun casually, said: “Is it so easy to have one? I don’t have to look around everywhere.” This implication was he don’t believe that Liu Yicun really has one.
Liu Yicun caught his eyes of disdainfulness, said calmly, “I really have one. I am just afraid that no one can afford it.”
Mr. Cheng did not show the weakness. said: “In the eyes of Cheng Jinwan, I am afraid that there is no good thing, I am not afraid there is no good price.”
On the occasion of glancing the Cheng Jinwan’s hand, Liu Yicun saw that his left middle finger was wearing a ring, with a large sapphire like a broad bean, rimmed with shinny gold. Liu Yicun looked at this person discreetly now, then said: “What do you think it is a good price?”
Cheng Jinwan sneered: “I don’t negotiate with nothing.”
Although Liu Yicun likes this seven color glass cup a lot, but this cup has caused too much trouble. He think better sell it as soon as possible. This glass cup is very valuable. If there were buyer at this time, should take action now. but he was still very prudent: “Well, If you want to see it, Can you come to the west bank of Dongting Lake, the farewell pavilion before twilight today?”
Cheng Jinwan glanced at him and thought for a mintue, then he said: “Certainly.”
Liu Yicun stood up and said: “You must be stunned.”
After that, he left the antique shop. Cheng Jinwan thanked the shopkeeper, stepped out the antique shop, then immediately sneaked into the alley. So Mulun was there waiting for him. Cheng Jinwan was of course Cao Hook disguised, said: “The thief really wants to sell the seven color glass cup.”
Mulun sneered : “I am afraid he will not!” continued,”Let’s go back to the temple and prepare for tonight.” After saying that, the two walked out of the alley in different directions.


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