Journey of Misty Rain2-7


(7) Yue Yang

The Yueyang Pavillion calligraghy conference has come to the end. The last one to appear was Teng Kuanrou, he was standing in front of the crowd, but blindfolded his eyes, as well tied his feet. Everyone was wondering, but Qianqian has no surprised, mutter to herself: “What a self-proclaimed young master of him!” At that time, one man came out, declared: “Because Mr. Teng doesn’t want to take advantage of his martial arts, so he blindfolded.”
After that, everyone understood and clapped their hands. Teng Kuanrou stood in front of the giant brush, kicked it with tied feet, then the brush flew up. He caught it with one hand. Again jumped over to the rice paper. Since he couldn’t move his feet, so every time he wrote a few strokes, he had to jump first. It wasn’t unusual to Qianqian, but some people were amazed. Some people however said: “It’s not a street monkey show.” Qianqian heard that, of course, she wasn’t happy. She is in love of him. In her eyes now, Teng is perfect. Thinking of that, Teng had written a dozen strokes already.
Finally, he finished writing four characters. The words were vigorous, soaked the rice paper with ink. Everyone clapped and cheered.  Suddenly a gusty wind blew, the rice paper broke into half because it was too wet, too heavy. The crowd sighed and regretted. But some people laughed and gloated. The result of the competition was the old scholar who wrote the forget the humiliations and the honors won. Teng Kuanrou seems to be more happy for that. Because the purpose of this competition was only for being happy together with  people. This was the teaching of his grandfather and father. He felt that the gusty wind was blowing in the right time. Looking back at the remaining half of the rice paper, only two words was left, means let it go. He thought what is not like that in the universe?
However, Qianqian did not think so. She heard that some young swordsmen laughed at Teng Kuanrou. They said his calligrahy like sword playing, would it be also he plays sword like calligraphy? Qianqian immediately argued with them, said, “How many swordsmanship do you know to judge others?”
Although these swordsmen were wearing swords at their waist, but were just for the ritual. They were not real swordsmen. They talked decently. They laughed at Teng Kuanrou was just for talk. They did not expect this girl to be offended. One of the elder one said politely: “We were not intent to offended you, the girl, please forgive us.”
At this time, one of the young men saw a sword hanging on Qianqian’s waist, he deliberately asked: “Was this girl a famous swordsman? What a precious sword you carry? Can we have a look of it?”
Mentioned about her Xiangzi sword, Qianqian turned to be pleased, smiled and said: “This sword was a Dongting treasure, named Xiangzi.”
“Xiangzi Sword? Dongting Treasure?” These people repeatedly asked, as if they had never heard of any Xiangzi sword and Dongting treasure. Qianqian looked at them, watching each other doubtfully, she anxiously explained: “Yes! Xiangzi sword, the two queens of Emperor Sui, one is Jun, one is Xiang, the Dongting people casted a sword to commemorate them.. ”
When the young man listened to what Qianqian said, he couldn’t help but laughed: “What are you talking about? We are all Dongting people, and I have never heard of such a thing.”
He thought that this girl was actually ignorant about sword, and he couldn’t hide his disdainfulness for he is still young. Qianqian couldn’t believe it, asked the elder men: “Jun and Xiang died for the emperor, that is why there is Jun mountain in the Dongting lake.”
The elder man patiently explained: “This legend is true, but our Dongting people had never casted sword for the Xiang queen. Jun mountain is there. Jun mountain is also called Xiang mountain, if we have one more island in Dongting Lake, they can be separated. Then, you will not be confused.” This scholar tried to comfort her, but Qianqian has shown her suspense on her face. These gentlmen knew that they have been talking too much, so they just bowed and left. .
Qianqian tightly grasped the so-called Xiangzi sword, step by step walking to the Yueyang Pavillion. It was said to meet in front of the gate, now she can not wait. At this time, the tourists were gradually dispersed, and the sky was getting dark. Qianqian were standing on the top of the stairs, staring at Teng Kuanrou. He was still bowing, chatting with the people. The smiles on his face were even more annoying. The two were separated about ten feet by the people come and go. He did not noticed that Qianqian was there. Suddenly, a female came over to Teng Kuanrou, said: “Look, don’t forget your sword.”
Qianqian was dazzling, a burst of hot blood from her heart. She could not hear anything now, but saw that a woman gracefully smiled, holding his Qingyang sword, fasten it under his opened arms. She was the woman who came to Lepengzhai, called Teng Kuanrou a young master. Now, the two of them, standing closely smiling at each other affectionatly. Qianqian couldn’t see any more, about to turn around and leave. A child, about four years old, jumped out, shouted “Dad! Ma!” to Teng Kuanrou and the woman. Teng picked him up with one arm, and the other was still on the top of Qihua. The three smiled and talked. They are one family. At this moment, Teng Kuanrou still has not noticed her existence. Eventually it was Qihua saw her first, said: “It is Qianqian, the girl!” Teng Kuanrou saw her now, but her face was pale as the rice paper, her lips were tighten up, her eyes were glaring, but she said nothing. Teng Kuanrou put down the child, just stepped out to grab her hand, but she turned around and rushed down the stairs. Teng Kuanrou looked back at Qihua. Qihua said: “Chase her? Explain to her!” Teng Kuanrou was grateful, nodded, then chased after her.
Qianqian dashed out of the crowd. In a blink, Teng Kuanrou has already lost her. He looked at the rugged lake under the quickly moving stormy sky, think that she might return to Le Pengzhai.
When he came back to the studyroom, he saw light in there. He took a breath, walked in cautiously. The door was half opened, but there was no one inside. Teng Kuanrou seems to hear the breath of someone in the bedroom, so he walked slowly and gently pushed the door of blue screen. The heavier the breathing, the lighter the footsteps. Qianqian was sitting in front of the bed. At least he found her. She seemed calm, as a mirror in the surface, but waves swelled inside.
Teng Kuanrou moved to her, smiled and said: “Hey… haven’t you seen her already?”
Qianqian smiled coldly, said, “Yes! The one called you young master.”
Teng Kuanrou sees Qianqian returned words. Even it was cold, at least she talked. He smiled again and said: “She always love to call me that in front of people.” Sees Qianqian dropped her eyebrows, still does not look at him. He approached to her a few more steps, said: “Sister, I thought you’ve already understood.”
Qianqian finally looked at him, but sneered: “The two queens of the emperor Sui, Jun and Xiang served one husband, isn’t it right?”
Teng Kuanrou listened to this sarcasm, said boldly: “Don’t you also say that the Emperor and his queens had unwaving love, and it deserved to be admired?”
Hearing of these words, Qianqian stood up in a shot, glared at Teng Kuanrou, shouted: “you don’t have right to talk about unwaving love. What you said to me about this Xiangzi sword, was fabricated, all total lies. You are scholar of confucius, what kind of book of sages do you read?”
When he heard Qianqian of such a blame, Teng Kuanrou was very unconvinced, but still softly whispered: “What was the book of sages related to the happiness of us as a couple?”
Listening to this, Qianqian felt that this person was just simply shameless, shouted: “Who want to be happy with you as a couple?”
In saying this, Qianqian felt that all the loving moment was just a dream of spring. She terribly stamped her foot, said: “Do you have the right to do so? Would you have no guilt to do that? To me and to Qihua?”
Teng Kuanrou took a deep breath, but was still not convinced, said seruouly: “Qihua is my wife. She is smart and beautiful. She studied the book of sages. She understands who she is. She knows what is more important and selflessly…”
He was surprisely able to say so many good things about Qihua, Qianqian was fiecely upset. She strode forward to confront him. The two directly looked at each other, seemed on one would give in. Qianqian was ashamed and angry, grinding teeth, said: “If you already have such a perfect wife, why do you still want to… ”
When she came to this, she couldn’t say anymore. Teng Kuanrou was also converging, speaking softy: “When I was 14 years old, I was forced to marry Qihua, who I had never met at the time. This was not my wish. My father said that a man should be indepentent at 30. He oftenly forced me to take the Imperial Examination, which is also not what I wish.”
Speaking of it, Teng couldn’t hold on anymore. He stepped ahead to hold Qianqian’s hands, but his lips was trembling, said: “Qianqian, you are my only wish, I can’t help but…”
Qianqian saw tears sparkling in his eyes. She was about to give in. But thinking of sharing a husband with other woman, she could never never commit. Said with a tint of comtempt “You have a wife, how would you treat me in the future?”
Teng Kuanrou thought she had been convinced, responded without thinking: “It would be the same, no different between you and her.”
He didn’t expect Qianqian after hearing his answer, just laughed and laughted vigorously. She swung off his hand, jeered at him shapely: “Ha ha! Mr. Teng, if I was also going to have three husbands, and I treated you all the same, no different between you and them. Would you think it is equal. How would you be feeling?”
Teng Kuanrou instantly fell into the icy water. The words of what she said was a great insult to him. His face suddenly changed deadly pale, said cruelly: “If you were such a shameless woman, what can I do with you?”
Qianqian did not expect this person claimed to be generous and gentle, full of talks of loyalty and kindness, would say such humiliating words to her. She was heartbreaking, completely disappointed. How much tenderness was gone like spring river, gone to the east forever. Now only hate between them.
Qianqian just wanted to tear him apart right now, hatefully said: “You…it’s so heartless… if I don’t kill you today, I won’t be at ease!” Then, she waved the Xianzi sword in front of him with all the strokes aiming to cut his head off. Teng Kuanrou was only a moment’s temperament. He did not expect that Qianqian became so mad and irrational. Because she was driving by angry, her moves were totally no style, but still powerful enough. Teng Kuanrou had just dodged without fighting back. Qianqian abruptly stopped to yell: “Why don’t you pull your sword?” Teng Kuanrou knows that once he pulled the sword, it would be ruthless. Especially under such a wrath. He said: “This… I don’t want to be against with you.” He never thought the situation would become like this. Qianqian squinted and sneered: “Don’t you think that everything is controlled in your hands?” then said gravely: “Draw your sword!”
Teng Kuanrou couldn’t help but only gently pull out the Qingyang sword. Once the tip of the sword was exposed. Qianqian slammed her sword again. Teng Kuanrou just arbitrarily blocked. He wasn’t interested in fighting now at all. But, the more he was like this, the more Qianqian was annoyed. She felt that he never put her into his eyes. Under such a wrath, her moves was getting more violent, as the mountain collapsed, the sea overturned. Teng Kuanrou gradually felt that he couldn’t get away from her, but still he refused to take a move. He thought: Let her release enough her anger. At all means, I can’t hurt her. However, Qianqian has been irrational now. Her moves was like lightning, thundering, naturally explosive. Unconsciously, she used the first eighteen styles of the mural paintings in the cave. She only watched Lv Jiannan did once, but she remembered every moves in her mind, without noticed it. The eighteen styles was like storm. The momentum was pressing. Now it’s used to against the one she hate, it’s even more turbulent. Teng Kuanrou was reluntant to fight. He didn’t even want to bring up the sword. He hasn’t paid atention until he found out her sword was pointing at him like a meteor, he was already powerless to receive it. But only looking at Qianqian, in a blink, his mind was blank with no sorrow, no joy, just flashed with the half of his calligraghy hanging down from Yueyang pavillion: let it go!
Therefore, he just closed his eyes and let go with it! Qianqian bursted in the air, stunned to see his eyes closed on the face, looked so calm, and even looked happy. Qianqian sharply felt pain in her chest. the palm of holding the sword was slightly loosen. Very slightly, just enough to release the Xiangzi sword from her grasp. The sword landed vertically, not too far from Teng, on the bed.
When Teng Kuanrou opened his eyes again, Qianqian had gone already. He looked around the room. There was no trace of her. He tilted his head, looked at the Xiangzi sword she left, inserted into the depth of the mattress next to him, still trembling as his legs. Teng was leaning on the edge of the bed alone. The whole world was paused.

The second chapter was finished


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