Beyond the Border 3-1


Chapter 3: Beyond the Border

(1) The Glass
The time has passed. The twilight was getting thicker, and the pavilion was also falling into the night. The annoying wind blew and rustled. Liu Yicun went to the farewell Pavilion at the appointed time. He waited for half an hour, did not see that Cheng Jinwan. He was about to leave, then saw him walked to the Pavilion slowly, said: “The brother surely keep your promise. But I don’t know if the goods you have brought.”
Liu Yicun raised his eyebrows and said: “The goods are here, have you brought the silver?”
Cao Hook, who pretended to be Cheng Jinwan, took out a large stack of paper money from his sleeve and said, “I don’t know if your goods worth that much.”
Liu Yicun randomly picked up those paper money and dismissed: “My goods is not a fake, but your paper money?”
Cao Hook certainly knows that the paper money is fake. He did not expect this Liu Yicun to be that cautious, said: “What do you mean? I am Cheng Jinwan, the wealthiest man in Baling. How could I walk around with boxes of gold and silver. If you don’t trust these paper money, then the deal will be over” After saying that, he turned around, ready to leave. Cao Hook knows that only by retreating to gain the trust of Liu Yicun. Surely, Liu Yicun immediately called him back and said, “Well! Why don’t you look at the goods first!”
When the words came out, Cao Hook’s eyes were shinning. But he still pretended angry. He frowned and walked back to the Pavillion. He saw Liu Yicun slowly tapped into his sleeve taking it out,  a small brocade box, the size is about to fit the seven color glass cup. Mulun, who hid in the woods, with the eight guardians were waiting anxiously.
Liu Yicun touched and rubbed the brocade box, but has not opened it yet. He secretly examined the expression of Cao Hook. It seems that he began to appear impatient. Liu knows that there must be something wrong. Then he opened the box with one hand abruptly. Cao Hook looked at the content of the box, instantly he stood up and pointed at him surprisingly and irritably: “You…”
Liu Yicun saw his reaction, sneered only. He took out the thing in the brocade box. It turned out to be just an ordinary glass cup. There are dozens probably in the Fairy Pavilion of Kaifung. Liu Yicun deliberately said: “What’s wrong, isn’t this what you want?”
Liu Yicun knew that Cheng Jinwan was suspicious, so he used other glass cup to test him. If he really wanted to buy a glass cup, he might felt that the goods are not right, but he shouldn’t be so disappointed. He had such a reaction was only because he originally came for the seven color glass cup. Liu Yicun stood up, coldly said: “Not the seven color glass cup, very disappointed?”
Cao Hook sighed angrily: “How could you!”
Liu Yicun proudly said: “This is my professional judgment, but you don’t have to be too upset. This glass cup will be your present!” Then turned around and left. Cao Hook sneered after him: “You think you are still able to get away today?”
Liu Yicun looked forward, saw ten figures hidden in the twilight, surrounded him in an instant. Liu Yicun saw eight people wearing black robes, hands clasped together, shaved heads and long beards. He doesn’t know whether if they are monks. The other three were those women ambushed him in the 18 Miles. He saw the most beautiful one walked to him, then shouted: “What kind of the heroes you are, with so many people to attack me alone?”
Mulun sneered: “What kind of the heroes? Like you? A robber?” then she swayed her hand, said indifferently: “Don’t be bullshit, unless you hand over the glass, or we will offended.”
Liu Yicun shook his head, said wicked: “You have already offended me. It’s not the first time.” He is talking frivolously, meanwhile figuring how to get away.
Mulun realized that he has no intention to return the glass, she was also no longer polite. She raised her hand, then the eight guardians immediately threw a net into the air. Liu Yicun suddenly saw the net and screamed. He knows that If he use the light power to escape, none of them were able to catch him. But with the net in the air, he couldn’t play any magic. He tried to sneak into the pavilion, but Cao Hook blocked with his palm. Liu Yicun wouldn’t try to confront with him. He turned back but a huge net just covered him from the top. The eight guardians tighten the net together until Liu Yicun couldn’t move like a roast duck. Liu Yicun struggled for a while, knowing that he has no way to escape, then he just simply stood still. He thought: See what other trick you have. It’s useless to catch me! you just can’t get that glass cup back.
Mulun saw that he still looked arrogant without remorse, she sternly asked: “Where is the seven color glass cup?”
Liu Yicun took a look at her charming face, just said. “I don’t know.”
Mulun immediately shouted: “Search!”
Qiman and Ruoxian quickly went forward to search him. Liu Yicun saw their four hands approaching together to his body, he scared like snakes biting him, immediately yelled: “Stop! Stop! Do not search, do not search, I say…”
Mulun said impatiently: “Then say it!”
Liu Yicun smiled and smirked: “I am not having it anyway, search is useless.”
Mulun even usually has good temper but now she is really losing patience, asked with a sigh: “Where are you hiding it?”
Liu Yicun pretended to think, then he quivered, said: “I can’t remember it. I was so scared by the sisters’ hands. Maybe I will remember after I go to the toilet.”
Listened to such a nonsense, Mulun thinks It is no use to waste time here in the forest. Today is Dragon Boat Festival, although it’s already late, there’s still many people out there. If someone stumble in, it would be worse. She pointed Liu Yicun to make him shut up, then let the eight guardians bring him back to the abandoned temple.
After they left, Mulun turned to talk to Cao Hook: “Uncle Cao, can you go to the west side to meet with Ahwu? I will go to the eastside to meet with Yueqiao.”
Cao Hook nodded and went. Mulun thought that the plan was very thoroughly prepared. She didn’t expect that Liu Yicun would be so difficult to handle, but any how, the seven color glass cup must be retrieved.

When Mulun ambushed Liu Yicun in the farewell pavillion. Yueqiao was on the east bank of the lake. The tourists were scattered and the new moon was rising. The silhouette of the Yueyang Pavillion on the lakeside was like a splash of ink painting, instantly rolled up by the night. Yueqiao saw a patch of red shadow flew to the shore of  his. He looked at it carefully until he found that was Ren Zhenyi. He walked forward, try to greet her. He wanted to say a few good words to thank her helping him at the temple last time. But when he saw her, she was tearful. Her face was pale and blue. He couldn’t help but just screamed: “How come you cry like a ghost?” she did not answer. Yueqiao saw the sword on her waist disappeared, said instantly, “Ah! I know, it is him bully you, isn’t he?”
Mentioning about Teng Kuanrou, Qianqian looked up at Yueqiao, said gravely: “You better not to provoke me today?”
Yueqiao was just trying to comfort her, but she gave him a blank glance, so he said: “What did I do wrong to you today? I have just wanted to say something nice to you. I haven’t touch you anywhere yet , not even feet or hands…”
Yueqiao was happy saying that but obviously it was the wrong time. Qianqian straightly thrusted a fist on his face. Yueqiao dodged to avoid it. He saw that her fist is tight, but without power. He was thinking: What happened to her that made her so sad? she suddenly fell on the ground, and Aunt Mu stood in front of him, said: “We have caught Liu Yicun, let’s hurry back to the temple!”
Yueqiao nodded but looked back at Qianqian, said: “What about her?”
Aunt Mu said: “I have just pointed her to sleep. She will wake up in a moment. It doesn’t matter. We couldn’t stay here any longer, let’s go!”After the words were finished, the two flew away.

Qianqian fell under a poplar tree by the lake. A breeze blew to dry her tears. The flower flurries scattered on her face. The moon shadow were lost within the tree shadows. Someone grinned, and said: “Do I say that we have destinated?” This person is actually Bai, the brother of Duan hunling. They were here now was not destinated. In fact, they have been monitoring the actions of Mulun and others. Mulun never thought that Qianqian would fall into the hands of these two vicious men because her hasty decision.
Duan hunling has no expression on his face. He just left Qianqian to Bai, his brother has special taste. He walked away alone, calm as a mirror, only because his heart has been dead. Bai squatted beside Qianqian, watching her wearing a light pink long coat, embroidered a pair of butterflies on the collars, one right, one left, like dancing together. He flipped one butterfly down as if it looks like flying away. Then the rest shivering in the cold shadows. Bai was about to flip again but his collar was drawn suddenly by someone, he immediately fell aback. Then there stood a confusious scholar, it was Teng Kuanrou. He looked so angry, but whispered: “You are a thief!”
Bai fell to the ground, seeing this person with a long sword who he doesn’t know, in a moment he was no action but frightened. Until Teng whispered again: “Get out!” Then he fled quickly in the bush.
Teng Kuanrou stood under the shadow of the tree, with a burst of indignation in his heart. A grief that he couldn’t calm down for a long time. Looking back at Qianqian lying under the tree, she still didn’t wake up. He wanted to help her flipping back the collar, but he was afraid that if she woke up now. It would just cause more misunderstanding. So in such a situation, he think he better hide himself. He took a handkerchief from his belt, gently covered her, then hide above the poplar tree, waited for her to wake up. Teng Kuanrou looked down at Qianqian.  The more he did, and the more in his mind, she became gradually a stone. Teng Kuanrou smiled and muttered: “Sister, if you turned into a stone, I will become green moss, covering you, and I will always protect you.” The acupuncture points passed, Qianqian suddenly woke up, find her collar was flipped opened with something covered, she grabbed the thing, in a blink, flew into the woods. Teng Kuanrou watched her fly away, still, he has no courage to call her back.

When the Eight guradians took Liu Yicun back to the temple, They released the acupuncture point for him. They did not tie him up. They was not afraid of him running away. They just surrounded him, by meditating together with even their eyes closed. Liu Yicun sees that these people, men and women, all wearing black robes, clasping their hands, so absorbed in their praying. He think if I left right now, none of them could able to stop me. Liu Yicun crossed his arms in front of chest, but did not escape, just said: Let’s see what do you want to do with me!”
At this time, Mulun and Yueqiao came back. She told Yueqiao to guard outside, and then stepped into the temple to see Liu Yicun standing amongst the eight guardians. His expression is still arrogant. The eight guardians saw Mulun returned, they stopped the chanting. Mulun went to the front of Liu Yicun, and sighed. “This donor, please be merciful and return the sacred object. The seven color glass cup is related to the life and death of  our group. If not, It’s hard to settle down. It’s inevitable that we have to offend you.” The last word she said was full of anguish.
Liu Yicun saw this beautiful woman with a pair of shining eyes, with such a gentle whisper, he can’t help but merciful. Even though her charm is still not comparable to the glass, but he smiled and said: “You called me the donor, isn’t it? Are you a nun? For such a great beauty, isn’t it a pity?” He laughed after deliberately insulting them. However, even Qiman and Ruoxian who stood next to Mulun, were looked so calm without a little bit of resentfulness. Liu yicun was finally stunned and surrendered.
Liu Yicun screamed: “It’s awful! I Liu Yicun is not afraid of women, but only afraid of women when they are crying.” He stepped ahead in front of all these abnormal, unreasonable, absurd, foolish people, yelled: “Alright! You win! Ok! I promised, I will bring the glass back before the midnight!”
Everyone listened to what he said, was overjoyed. All said: “Good! Good!”
Mulun quickly stepped in front of Liu Yicun, asked : “Is it no joke?”
Liu Yicun sighed and replied: “There is no joke.”
Mulun knew that in the Central Plains, people take the pledge of swearing very seriously, so she must force Liu Yicun to make a pledge, said: “Good! Let clap our hands.” By saying that, she lift her right palm at Liu Yicun. Liu Yincun with a moment hestated but soon no longer playful, lifted his palm with respect. The two palms slammed like a bell in the temple, then Liu Yicun flew up the roof and left.
Mulun looked back at everyone, and everyone looked at each other. She wasn’t sure if he would really come back, but she has to take a chance for there seems no other better way. Mulun smiled faintly and said : “We continue to pray until the mid night.” After all, everyone went back to the sacred chanting that they did not dare to neglect.


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