Journey of Misty Rain3-2

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Yueqiao suddenly saw Liu Yicun rushing out of the roof, he wanted to go into the temple immediately. But after hearing the sound of chanting, he stopped. Yueqiao was not a member of them. He  shouldn’t disturb. Aunt Mu is different from others. In her eyes, everyone seems to be a good person. She is never forceful, and she never hesitate to save the wreck. In the heart of Yueqiao, She is unusually good. Looking at sky, it is already late. it is better to go to the woods, find a place to lie down and sleep! Then he walked into the woods, but saw a patch of pink shadows flying over, just like the one by the lakeside. It was not someone else but Ren Zhenyi. When she saw Yueqiao, she punched him with both fists without a word. This time, her fists were very strong, and her cheeks were more pale and blue as well. She dropped her eyelids, avoided to look at Yueqiao directly, but just blindly punching. After dozens of strokes, Yueqiao was forced to off the woods by her crazy attacks. They retreated to a piece of grass land behind the woods, further and further away from the temple. Yueqiao doesn’t want to be too far away, so he has to stop her. He grabbed her wrist with one hand, then grabbed her shoulder, but let her swung off. A strong internal force of her shocked him. Yueqiao fell on a dead trunk, then finally Qianqian stopped attacking, but was still not looking at him directly. Listening to her breath, Yueqiao felt something wrong. He tilted his head, trying to peer her face, whispered: ” Did I do something to offend you again?”
Qianqian woke up under the poplar tree and found her collar was flipped over. She was very confused. She didn’t know what had happened during the coma. She only remembered the last words of Yueqiao said by the lake. He said, ” … I haven’t touch you anywhere yet , not even feet or hands…”
Qianqian then determined that must be him assault on her, therefore, she came to the temple to find him. Now she saw him, but she couldn’t say a word. She remembered the handkerchief she found in front of her chest, so she took it out, angrily said: “Is this yours?”
Yueqiao took it and have a look, immediately said: “Don’t be kidding, how could I have this kind of thing?” He looked again carefully, then saw at the corner of it was embroidered something. Then he said, “Well! There seems to be words on it.”
Qianqian immediately took back and saw two Chinese characters was neatly embroidered: Kuan Rou. Qianqian finally raised her chin to look at Yueqiao. Tears in her eyes, full of fear, embarrassment and shame.
Yueqiao felt so helplessly, but was speechless at the moment.
Suddenly, the sky was darken. A big black shadow interrupted the starry sky. Yueqiao looked up, he screamed. He hastily grabbed the hand of Qianqian, ran desperately back to the woods. But just before running into the woods, the wind was raging, the sand was whirling, and the trees were skaking fiercely. A giant shadow fell onto the front. Qianqian saw that was actually a bald eagle, but with size of several times larger than normal. It headed down above them, flapping its wings, and the wings were unfolded of dozens feet. Its talons were thrown toward Qianqian and Yueqiao. At this time, They had just slid across the lawn to the Qingcao Lake. Standing by its shore, Yueqiao was trying to escape into the lake. He said: jump! But looking back at Qianqian, she was just staring at the lake, without action. Yueqiao couldn’t jump without her. A moment of hesitation, the giant eagle has swept his talons to Qianqian, grabbed her shoulders, and flew away.
Yueqiao chased immediately, but another giant eagle chased behind him. The two stong talons fluttered against his shoulder. Yueqiao released the snake sword from his waist to sweep back, but a few hundred pounds of eagle talons have pressed him breathless. Eventually, he has been also caught by the giant eagle, flying into the air. The giant wings flapping, gliding across numerous mountains. Instantly they flew hundreds of miles away. At this point, Yueqiao knows that even if he stabbed the eagle, he will also die by falling down from the sky. Then he put back his sword, grabbed tighter on its talons. He relaxed and enjoyed the magnificent scenery from a view of eagle. Above the horizon, connected with endless terrain, farmlands, mountains and rivers. It has been flying all night. From the first dawn of the East, he saw the sand dunes, where the Yellow River like a golden dragon lying within. The River twists and turns almighty, breaking through all the barriers to run down to the sea. Yueqiao was feeling both awkward and excited. He thinks, whatever how far I have been gone, and I will be returned to the desert where the sand and grass are intertwined. Even if it is desolated, it is still home!

Mulun and the eight guardians were still praying in the temple, suddenly they heard an eagle’s long call. Mulun opened her eyes with an ominous sign in her heart. She looked back, within a moment her eyes shone. No one knows when a small box has been placed on the ground. Mulun quickly called out: “Look at it!” Everyone opened eyes and saw there is a brocade box surprisingly quick to be returned. When Mulun opened the box, they saw that the seven color glass cup was intact, lying in it. Everyone was finally relieved.
When everyone was glad that the seven color glass cup has been recovered, Mulun was worried. She looked out of the temple but couldn’t see Yueqiao. She knew it was not good. At this time, Ahwu came in hastily and said: “No good. Yueqiao was took by the giant eagle.”
When everyone heard this, they asked oddly: “What are you talking about?”
Cao Hook was most nervous, said: “What giant eagle? Can you make it clear?”
What Mulun worried seems to be happened, she exclaimed: “Yueqiao most likely was recaptured by the Icy Jade Palace.”
All the people were shocked. The most shocked was Cao Hook. He hurriedly asked, “What are you talking about? Mulun, is Yueqiao  from the Icy Jade Palace?”
Mulun nodded: “Yes, Yueqiao is the seventh apprentice of the Icy Jade Palace. About a year ago, when I came to The Central Plains with Ruoxian and Qiman, we passed through Qilian Mountain and found that he was seriously injured and unconscious. We saved him, and then he came to the Central Plains with us.”
Qiman continued: “Yes, Uncle Cao, Yueqiao seems to be poisoned with strange syndrome. It occurs once every seven days. When the syndrome occurs, his whole body was shaken, and felt very cold. If there was no antidote, he will surely die. .”
Ruoxian picked up: “Fortunately, Sister Mu sealed his body with acupuncture silver needles until the toxicity stopped, but he needs to be treated every seven days. Otherwise, if there was no antidote, he will surely die, so that he has to follow us, and now…”
Mulun continued: “Now, if he was caught back to the Icy Jade Palace, I am afraid that he will be in great danger. If it wasn’t, after a few days, the toxicity retreated, he will surely die…”
Listening to all these pessimistic speculations, Ahwu shouted: “Well, you fucking nonsense talks, are all concluded that Yueqiao will die!”
Everyone listened to her shout looked helpless. Cao Hook said: “Ahwu, don’t be rude.”
Mulun said: “We can go to Icy Jade Palace immediately, maybe there is still a chance.” then she thought for a moment and said: “So, the eight guardians, please bring the seven color glass cup back to the capital, return it to the Empress, and urge her to fulfill the promise as soon as possible, abolish the prohibition order, and reopen the Daqin Temple. This matter is no time to delay. Please get started immediately.”
Then the eight guardians bowed in a hurry, took the glass cup and left the temple without any delay.
After they were all gone, Mulun turned back to talk to Cao Hook: “Uncle Cao, Icy Jade Palace is so far away, Ahwu used to live in the Central Plains, can she go to the desert?” Cao Hook has not spoken yet, Ahwu interrupted: “Aunt Mu, don’t look down on me, I can bear any kind of hardship.”
Mulun looked at this little young girl, so little, so brave, and so sympathetic, she couldn’t help but smile.

Cao Hook said: “She is right. When I adopted her, she was only  five years old, but she was already a self-reliant beggar.” Everyone looked at each other with a warm smile. Then Mulun determined, “Well! Let’s set off to the Icy Jade Palace now.

Not too long, Yueqiao sees the Icy Jade Palace. The Tianshan Icy Jade Palace stands in the half-waist of the Qilian Mountain. Dapeng took Yueqiao onto a dry well. Yueqiao knows where he is going now. He patted the big talons of Dapeng, said: “Dapeng, thank you for bringing me back.” Dapeng fluttered his giant wings and released Yueqiao, he then fell into the dry well.
The dry well was more than thirty feet deep, but only six feet wide. Yueqiao opened his limbs against the walls to slide down. He doesn’t want to hit any object, since he knows that Ren Zhenyi should be already down there. So here she is, Yueqiao grumbled: “Why didn’t you just jump?”
Qianqian was expressionless and disheartened, just said: “It is my fault.”
This doesn’t sound like her. Yueqiao felt uneasy, said: “It is my fault actually. They just wanted to catch me. You were unlucky to be with me at that time.”
Qianqian asked: “Why did they want to catch you?”
Yueqiao answered seriously: “Because I did something bad to my master.”
“Your Master?” Qianqian of course was curious about the identity of Yueqiao.
It has already come to this point, there is no need to hide anymore. He said: “Yes, the Miaoyin Tianjun of the Icy Jade Palace is the master of mine.”
Qianqian nodded and said, “I seemed to have heard this name. This person had been to Songhu Island, wasn’t he?”
Yueqiao replied: “Yes, he was surnamed Tuoba named Jincai. He went to Songhu Island when he was young. He wanted to learn the martial arts of Songhu, but he was rejected by the owner of the island.”
Qianqian said: “I remembered. Once said that about 30 years ago, a Daxia man came to Songhu Island to be rude. He unplugged 18 new seedlings of plum tree. That is him? My father pelicularly planted them for my mother. At the time, my mother had not yet married to him. But he planted first, just because my mother was 18 years old and loved to wear plain color clothes with plum flowers.” Speaking of that, reminded her the heartless and shameless Teng Kuanrou, she couldn’t talk anymore. After a while, she continued: “My father was so angry. He taught the Daxia man a lesson and kicked him out of the island. I heard that this person vowed to retaliate before leaving. He engraved his vow on a plum tree, said he must ruin the island and kill everyone…” When she said that, she realized what a person she is going to deal with now. She scared and said: “That Daxia man is this Miaoyin Tianjun here of the Icy Jade Palace?”
Yueqiao said: “Yes, it is him.” Then deliberately moved his nose close to Qianqian, warned her: “So you! Don’t think that you know some martial arts of Songhu Island and show off here. This is not a friend here. Never, never let him find out you are the daughter of Songhu Island. Be careful and talk couiously, don’t expose your fox tail!”
Qianqian saw him getting closer and closer, suddenly said: “If you talked, just talk! Why are you getting so close me?”
Yueqiao sprung back his body, sneered at her: “What? Who do you think you are? Not everyone like your Mr. Teng has to please you!”
Qianqian involuntarily again think of him, her eyes got red in a moment, whispered:” Please don’t mention him again!”
Yueqiao glanced at her and saw that handkerchief was still inside her belt. He only said, “Fine!” Then the two were separated by a few feet, but stopped talking anymore.
After two days, three meals a day were hoisted to the bottom of the well on time. However, it was very uncomfortable to be trapped in such a narrow bottom of the well. The worst thing was that even the latrine could not go.
Yueqiao saw the food hanging from the top again. It looked good to have chicken and potatoes. It was not bad, but when he picked up the chopsticks, he sighed: “I felt like I need output than input.”
He looked at Qianqian. She didn’t eat much in the past two days. She just closed her eyes and meditated. She didn’t compliant the situation either. Maybe she was glad to be away from the heartbroken place of Dongting Lake. She felt that since she came out from the cave, there was a strange internal force lurking in her body. Whenever it was critical or she was extremely angry, it naturally surged out. After two days of meditating, she felt that this internal force was creeping and was uncontrollable. She was about to ask Yueqiao, but found him sweaty and painfully trembling at the corner. She worried: “Is that like the day when you were in the abandoned temple?”
Yueqiao nodded, Qianqian hurriedly said, “What should I do? Your aunt Mu is no longer there.” Yueqiao barely lift his head, said with shivering lips: “You… do you know how to do the acupoints?” Qianqian said honesty: “No, but you can teach me right now.” Yueqiao’s painful twitching face couldn’t make a smile even he wanted, said, “Well, I teach you now to take the ponit first.”
Qianqian carefully listened to what he said: “First take the Dazhui point, the Dazhui point is on the neck, you put the thumb on the center of the neck, according to my instructions, to right, left, up, down, do you understand?” Qianqian so do placed her thumb on the center of his neck. Attentively said: “I understand.” Yueqiao then continued: “Dazhui, three points right.”
Qianqian carefully measured, then pushed down. Yueqiao screamed right away painfully. Qianqian took back her thumb immediately, but Yueqiao said: “Do not stop,” gasping for awhile, then continued: ” shenzhu, down eight points, then Fengmen, right up eight points…” By following the guidance of Yueqiao, Qianqian had pressed more than 30 acupuncture points. The pain of Yueqiao gradually released. He then turned his face and smiled: “I feel much better.” Looking at Qianqian sweaty and scalding, he smiled and teased: “You are not completely useless.”
Qianqian grinned and said: “You are just better, should take a rest instead of teasing me.”
Yueqiao leaned on the wall, asked: “The acupoints is also one of the scholastics of Songhu Island. How could the island master didn’t teach you any?”
Qianqian did not answer, but asked: “Why did you hate me at the first place?”
Yueqiao sighed: “I didn’t hate you. I hate the entire Central Plains martial arts communty. Just like my master, Miaoyin Tianjun, you will know when you see him.”
Right after saying that, the well was suddenly rumbling. Qianqian listened to the sound and shouted: “This well bottom is empty.”
Yueqiao has long known about that, he said plainly: “Yes! There is a cave below.” Just after the words, with a big bang, the bottom of the well was abruptly opened. Yueqiao and Qianqian fell into a long tunnel one by one.


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