Journey of Misty Rain3-3


(3) Miaoyin
The exit of the tunnel was more than thirty feet high from the ground. It supposed to be easy to land with the light power of Songhu Island, but Qianqian knows that this Miaoyin Tianjun intended to test her. If the martial arts of Songhu Island was performed, will immediately exposed her identity. So she had no choice but to fall herself down. Yueqiao was already landed. He saw Qianqian falling like a big melon. He thought it was funny, but if she fell like this, it would be difficult not to break a couple of joins. Without hesitation, he jumped up to catch her. He hold her in arms when he landed again. Qianqian glared at him, he saw, then immediately dropped her on the ground like a sack.
At this time, a whistling like bird singing blew in the cold air. Qianqian stood up and found that the walls of the cave were covered with green infiltrated light. The rock patterns were mottled and intertwined with icy jade. The coldness was smoldering. Qianqian immediately felt resisted, feeling cold and hot in her body. The internal force within was indefinite, unpredictable and persistent.
When the whistling stopped, a man voice appeared: “Yueqiao, you look good! You are really my favorite disciple. You came back alive, I feel so happy that I did not love you for nothing.”
Yueqiao still stood upright and replied: “It’s my Master, had taught me well. I should have come back alive.”
Qianqian saw this yellow-crowned man, in a long gray robe of Han style, but worn earring on one ear. His strong contour with white whiskers, big eyes, high nose, burly but skinny, his eyes were burning like fire, his voice was formidable like the bellowing wave. He is no doubt a first class master. It seems that there is nothing can hide from him. Qianqian think: this Miaoyin Tianjun is such a character. No wonder Yueqiao is not simple either. She was worried how could her identity be hidden. Then he called to her: “You! Come over.”
Qianqian’s heart was pounding. She leered at Yueqiao for help but he ignored. She has to go by herself. She saw this Maioyin Tianjun leaning on the long-handled chair. His white eyebrows were horizontal connected as a knife. Before Qianqian has eye contacted with him, he grasped her wrist, pulled her to the front, pinched her arms, turned her to the back, then pinched and pressed again. Qianqian felt so awkward and itchy. Her body was shaking without control. Miaoyin Tianjun then said: “Don’t move!”
Spoke while pushing her back. Qianqian fell to the ground, but feeling the coldness in her body was alleviated. The Miaoyin Tianjun smiled and said: “You feel a lot more comfortable now, right?” Qianqian immediately touched her body. She really felt warm and refreshed. She couldn’t help but said happily: “Yes! Yes! It really is…” Then stopped, she was afraid that more she said would be more mistaken. Miaoyin Tianjun explained: “The internal force in your body is like a wild horse. It is not something that you can control.”
Miaoyin Tianjun saw Qianqian was quiet, then he asked: “What is your name?”
Qianqian was jolted. She couldn’t answer such a simple question. Yueqiao was afraid that if they continued talking, sooner or later, Qianqian will no longer hide her identity. He was about to interrupt, Qianqian suddenly answered: “My name is Xiangzi.”
Yueqiao frowned: “Xiangzi? It seems that Dongting is still unforgotten.”
Miaoyin Tianjun smiled slightly, like a kind old man, asked: “Xiangzi, what is your surname?”
Qianqian knows that she can’t delay again, so answered quickly: “I don’t have a family name.”
Miaoyin Tianjun looked at her eyes shined with tears. It seems not a lie, then asked: “You don’t have a mother? How can you be no family name?”
Qianqian dressed as pitiful, said: “I am an orphan.”
Yueqiao smirked: “When did she learn to be that cunning.”
Miaoyin Tianjun smiled and said with mercy: “Is it? You are an orphan, then you have come to the right place. The disciples of my Icy Jade Palace are all orphans. If I did not adopt them, they would have died in the sea of sand or fed themselves to the wild wolves.” Spoke while looking at Yueqiao. But he did not seem to hear.
Miaoyin Tianjun continued to ask: “Your internal force is very strange. What kind of martial arts do you learn? Who is your master?” Asking about Master, Qianqian answered without thinking, “My master is Lv Jiannan.”
Yueqiao forgot that she had also learned Lu Jiannan’s swordsmanship. It’s appropriate to answer this way. Certainly, when Miaoyin Tianjun heart that Qianqian is Lu Jiannan’s apprentice. He agreeably said, “Oh! Lv Jiannan was originally from the Qingcheng School, but he claimed that he has no school, in there he put no one in his eyes. After he has become famous, he created his own swordsmanship and kill countless opponents. He didn’t rely on the threshold. He is really a true man.”
Qianqian found that he adored Lv Jiannan, she felt a bit released. but unexpectedly, Miaoyin Tianjun asked: “However! I have never heard of Lv Jiannan has apprentice. Are you really?”
Qianqian wasn’t afraid. She actually had learned Lv Jiannan’s lifetime martial arts. So she answered the question confidently: “Because Master took me as a apprentice right before he died, that is why no one knows about it yet.” ”
Miaoyin Tianjun was a little surprised, said: “Oh! Lv Jiannan is already dead. What a pity that there will no more character in the Central Plains martial arts world!”
When Lv Jiannan became famous in the Central Plains martial arts world, Miaoyin Tianjun has dominated the Daxia. He has spies hidden in the Central Plains to collect information about what happened in the Central Plains. What characters have become famous, and what new martial arts have been created. The three swords of Lv Jiannan has long been known. This girl claimed to be his apprentice. She must know The Three Swords. Suddenly he leaped from his chair, pulled out a sword on the wall, threw it to Qianqian, and said: “Well! Are you an apprentice of Lv Jiannan? You will definitely be able to do The Three Swords, just show me!”
Qianqian grasped the sword, said: “Then, take it!”
She first made The moon on the rough sea. If The Three Swords were continued used, there should be like the tide of a river in the full moon night. But Qianqian couldn’t make such a momentum yet. Her Three Swords were just wandering between the sleeves of Miaoyin Tianjun. She finished the twenty-seven styles but all gone inside the Miaoyin’s long sleeves.
Yueqiao thought: The Master’s famous Cloud Stream Sleeves, like wind and clouds, unless the opponent is also an internal strength master, if not, all the fine moves, just likes the sediment in the rapids of river, become nothing.
Qianqian recollected her sword. Miaoyin Tianjun was looked calm, even his face was full of dismay. Qianqian wondered, tentatively asked: “What happened! Haven’t you seen it?”
Miaoyin Tianjun loved the Central Plains swordsmanship since he was a child. However, since returning from Songhu Island, he has never set a foot in the Central Plains. Although he has practiced a strange martial arts, he has no chance to see the Central Plains swordsmanship. He has always been resentful for this. Now he is staring at Qianqian, spitefully and embarrassed. After a long pause, he only slightly sneered: “Little girl! Your bones are soft and strong, is a good material for practicing martial arts, your master is dead, so you will stay in Icy Jade Palace, I will teach you martial arts,  and you call me Master!”
Qianqian stunned for a long while, said to herself: “Isn’t it crazy? Calling you Master? Do I have to learn your martial arts?” While she was thinking. She didn’t pay attention to the expression of Miaoyin. Yueqiao has seen the color of his face is changed. He knew that Master is going to loss temper so he quickly interruped: “ Call Master now! What are you still thinking? Sister!” The word of the sister is particularly loud. Qianqian then came back and took action immediately, “Yes! my Master!” she blinked to Yueqiao, then add another sentence: “Thank you, Master, I don’t think I am so stupid and you still willing to accept me as a disciple. I was just overjoyed.”
Qianqian finally learend. Miaoyin Tianjun is different from Lv Jiannan. His temper once lost was not only as simple as slapped. Yueqiao saw Qianqian behaved very well this time, he sighed secretly of relief. However, the Miaoyin Tianjun suddenly leaped again, took a step ahead to Yueqiao, pull him back to the seat, threw him high above, tuned him onto the air, then lifted his palms to hit his chest and shoulders. Yueqiao was pushed and fell to the ground all the way until he stopped by the ragged wall of the cave. His whole body was cramping, and corner of his mouth is infiltrated with blood.
Qianqian saw this sudden change in just a click, she was shocked and muted. She looked at this Miaoyin Tianjun, couldn’t believed the way he treated his own disciple who he just claimed he loved. But for now, she could only stand and look. She didn’t dare to confront with him. Yueqiao was still unable to stand up, he kneeled on the ground with his head hidden in his chest. The usual proud of him has totally gone.
Miaoyin Tianjun said cuelly: “Yueqiao! You can rest assured. I will not let you die. You have to live well, do you understand?”
In the last sentence, it was said in the flood of internal power that made it even more irresistible. Yueqiao wiped the blood on his mouth, answered faintly: “Understood, thank Master.”
Miaoyin Tianjun heard the answer from him, he laughted. This laughter shook the cave and Qianqian’s heart. She looked at Yueqiao mercifully and felt as painful as he was.

Qianqian was watching Yueqiao meditating to heal himself for a few hours. Seeing his face gradually returning to ruddy, his breath began to flow smoothly, then she at last felt relieved. She moved her eyes away from Yueqiao, noticed the design of this room. The jasper-like rock walls, rocks chairs, rock beds, emerald lampstands, and a silver box by the side of a lampstand, that called the curiosity for Qianqian. She just wanted to open and see what is inside. She was just lifting her arm, Yueqiao said: “You and the thief Liuyicun surely are one family.”
Qianqian immediately shrunk her arm and screamed: “Alright, it is fine! Who wanted to look at it! Anyway, I don’t think you will have any treasure.”
Yueqiao stood up, walked to the stone chair, sat down and gently pick up the silver box, put it on his palm, said: “The things inside are precious. There is no other treasure like this in the world.”
Qianqian wanted to say, “What a boast!” But she swallowed it. Instead she watched carefully  his sentimental eyes. She believed in him. She asked sincerely: “Then… what is the precious in it?”
Yueqiao slowly opened it. Qianqian found there are hundreds of teeth like dices inside the box. She was surprised. But the crown of the teeth are mostly flat, unlike those of a beast, maybe the teeth of small animals! But for what he collected so many teeth? Qianqian was about to ask, there was a voice outside the door, said: “Yueqiao! It is me! Luqiao.”
Yueqiao heard that it was Luqiao, he put down the silver box, immediately went up to open the door. Luqiao was holding a plate of dishes when he came in, said, “Yueqiao, this is what Master told me to bring to you. You see! Here are your favorite roast lamb leg, and the Kebabs, as well as Master’s antique grape wines.”
Yueqiao saw his third brother Luqiao. He wanted to ask something very important, but he didn’t want to ask in front of Qianqian. Since the good food are right here, he then put the doubt aside to enjoy the food first. He  picked up the lamb leg, tear apart with bare hands, put inside mouth with oil splashing around, said: “Hey! Xiangzi, why don’t you eat? You don’t like these food, do you? Too barbaric to you? Oh I am sorry, we don’t have chopsticks such a thing here!” After that, he did not wait for her answer, he turned his face to Luqiao, said in a flirtatious manner: “Luqiao! You have never been the Capital Kaifung, do you? You would be dead if you were there. Ha! You don’t know, the so called banquet of Han people, were only small pots and tiny plates! A few thin bamboo shoots, two or three beautiful powder meatballs, once put into the mouth, and melted, disappeared, you will be surely die for salvation… Ha ha!” The two brothers talked and laughed while they were holding the lamb legs biting, slapping the table when they found something ridiculous. Luqiao poured the grape wine again and again. The two men hold the cups and clink the glasses. When they were drunk, the table was getting really messy.
Yueqiao saw that Qianqian still thick-skinned sitting in front of them but not eating at all, he deliberately laughed loudly: “Luqiao, if I didn’t tell you, you don’t know, the Han girls are so shy, so easy to be blushed. I don’t know if they were really shy, or just too much rouge on their faces!” the two big men laughed and laughed, almost turned over. Until then, Qianqian couldn’t listen anymore, she just stood up, then went back to her own room without a word.
Yueqiao and Luqiao continued raised glasses of wine and talked about things unimportant until both of them were finally drunk. Yueqiao put away the glass as well as his smiles, asked gravely, “Luqiao, after I left, what happened to Longqiao?”
Luqiao knows that Yueqiao will ask about Longqiao sooner or later. But he just stood up, woke himself up then said as a sober: “You know that on one can disobey our Master. He wants you to live. You can’t die. He wants you to die. You can’t live. Master wanted Longqiao to die, but you had to save her. You even swallowed Master the most precious elixir of longevity! you worried how Master will do to you! Don’t ask about Longqiao anymore.”
After saying that, Luqiao turned around and left the room. Yueqiao felt so ruthless and sad. It seems to be everything under the control of Miaoyin Tianjun.

Every day, Miaoyin Tianjun sent someone to bring delicious food and wine to Yueqiao, but it was stipulated that all the food must be eaten. Every day, Yueqiao was just eating, licking the plates to shine, because he knew that if he didn’t, the person who delivered the food must be punished. So, every day, a large piece of meat is eaten, a large glass of wine is drunk, and Yueqiao quickly gains fat and weight, as well the injury was almost cured.
Early this morning, Miaoyin Tianjun suddenly sent people to bring away Qianqian. She has been away for a half day. Yueqiao was very worried. He was afraid that silly girl would talk indiscriminately, that to expose her identity, so the big lunch was left. After a while, when he heard a voice outside, he saw Qianqian pushed the door open and came in, she said, “I am back!” looked so tired.
Yueqiao saw her return and felt at ease at the instant, but said: “How come you don’t knock before you come in?”
Qianqian snorted: “I don’t knock on this door every time when I come in, you don’t know?”
Regardless of that, Yueqiao picked up the chopsticks and started eating. When Qianqian looked at the table, she frowned. “Every day, eating like a pig, is it prepare to slaughter?”
It sounded like a joke, but neither of them could laugh. Yueqiao was just a mouthful of food but didn’t know what the taste at all. He saw Qianqian looking seriously, then asked, “My master called you for what?”
Qianqian shrugged and said: “In addition to teaching me some method of breathing to help me to control my internal forces, was studying the sword with me.”
Yueqiao shaked his head, signed “Master wants to steal the swordsmanship of Lv Jiannan from you.” Looked at this Qianqian simple ignorant head, he deliberately teased: “Congratulations! Even my master have to learn from you! You are the master of master!”
Qianqian of course, was not such a simpletnon, she frowned: “What kind of the bad thing you did to your Master, he has to treat you like this?”
Yueqiao took two dishes and eat at the same time, finished as soon as possible, then dropped the chopsticks, sighed of relief: “How does he treat me? Everyday just eat, is there anything bad?”
Qianqian now know that this person seems to be carefree, there must be something really bad, asked: “It has passed another seven days, your poison has not recurred?”
Yueqiao long sighed: “When did you become so annoying?” but Qianqian was still glaring at him, until he told the truth. Yueqiao surrendered and said: “When he injured me that day, he also sealed all my acupuncture points in the veins, so no any poison can ever come out.”
Qianqian asked again: “What poison do you have actually?”
Yueqiao turned his face away and did not speak. Suddenly listened to a long call of the giant eagle from a distance, Qianqian felt chill in bone, asked: “What happened?”
Yueqiao certainly knew what happened. He picked up the silver box again, looked at Qianqian firmly, said: “You really want to know why I collected so many teeth? Well, you come with me.” After that, he walked out the door. Qianqian followed of course. The two came to a stone stair through a long corridor. Yueqiao stopped and said: “This is the Fuyingtai. Master usually trains Dapengs here. The two then set foot on Fuyingtai where in front of a vast plain, yellow smoky sand, bloody red sunset, above the terracotta terrain. There was a bunker, and two Dapengs were rushing down for a prey. The prey seems to be unable to struggle. This was what Qianqian could see. But what Yueqiao wanted her to see was not only this. Yueqiao said calmly: “Do you see what Dapeng is eating?” The twilight was dim, Qianqian couldn’t see well. A Dapeng abruptly cut off the head of its prey, the head then rolled down to the stand. Bloody was a human head, almost like a skull without fresh. Qianqian was frightened but composed. Yueqiao jumped down the stage, pulled a tooth from the skull, then jumped back to show Qianqian: “A tooth, a life, you said isn’t it the most precious thing in the world! These people are disciples of the Icy Jade Palace, Master is usually nice to our seven brothers, because we all have foreign blood, as well we are his direct disciples, but he adopted Han orphans, just wanted to bully them. A tiny error they made, will be dropped into Fuyingtai as the eagles feed. I felt that they had died without a place to rest, so I pulled a tooth for each one of them. I didn’t expect to have hundreds of them over the years.” Yueqiao looked at the one he just pulled out, smiled bitterly: “Here is one more now.”
Qianqian was only listening. Her brain was blank, perhaps, this has already exceeded the fear can describe! Looking back at Yueqiao, he critically said: “Your identity will not be covered for any much longer, you have to leave as soon as possible.”


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