Journey of Misty Rain3-4


(4) The mist
Qianqian was not horrified to sleep in the cold alone, but for the death is so close. It is abnormally calm tonight. Although she and Yueqiao decided to flee two days later in the night of full moon, when the Miaoyin Tianjun retired from his routine in a secret room for studying. However, just before the dawn this morning, he sent someone to bring away Qianqian agian.
Qianqian was first taken to the cave, then the man left. Miaoyin Tianjun was not there. The cave looked so deserted. Qianqian stood still, but her heart shivered. After a moment, she heard a cry: “Xiangzi! You Come over!” The sound was from behind the rocky wall. Qianqian searched along the rocky wall, and found an inner cave. She saw Miaoyin Tianjun standing by a pool. Qianqian stepped in slowly. At the first glance, the height of this cave was so high that she couldn’t even see the top. Four sides of the jagged wall have long rock protruding into the air, with many hemp ropes hanging around. A small pool in the middle of the cave, the water was dark green covered with a layer of white smoke, presumably there was the so-called icy jade pool!
When Miaoyin Tianjun saw Qianqian, he smiled and said: “Xiangzi, I am teaching you the light power of the Icy Jade Palace today.”
“Light power?” Qianqian shivered in heart. Miaoyin Tianjun asked: “You will see how different it is compared to the one in Songhu Island!”
Listened to that, Qianqia was indeed trembling, but calmly said: “Thank you, Master.”
Miaoyin Tianjun chuckled and said: “What do you thank me for?” When he said that he reached out his palm, took Qianqian to take off on a suspended rock, he smiled and said: “Well! Xiangzi, you are also very light. ”
Qianqian only kept smiling without response. Miaoyin Tianjun stood at the edge of the stone looking over the cave. The icy jade pool just like a bathtub from a distance of more than hundred feet away. Miaoyin gradually lost his mind in the memories, and said: “It’s been more than 30 years. I was young and enthusiastic. Although I was born in DaXia, I was extremely admired the culture of the Central Plains. I went to the Central Plains to seek for the immortality and also the swordsmanship. I visited all of the Martial Arts School in Central Plains, Qingcheng, Huashan, and even DianCang, Hengshan, no matter how I beg, none of them accepted me as a disciple, only because I am a man of Daxia.” Speaking of that, he looked back at Qianqian. Qianqian helplessly also looked at him, thinking: This person couldn’t forget the hatred of 30 years ago, but he talks about seeking immortality today……..
Miaoyin Tianjun closed his eyes, whispered: “I was so desperated. I heard that there was a mountain named Songhu. Two hundred years ago, an martial artist opened the mountain over there. It has passed nine generation, to the island master, called Ren Wanli. It was said that this man is maverick and unconstrained. I believed his idea must be different from that of the Central Plains.” For a while, his eyes was a little erratic, and he continued: “Songhu Island is not a Taoist zone, but the mountains were deep and the fog like steam. From the bottom of the mountains, looking up to the top, I felt the scent of fairies…

Tuoba Jincai was ambitious, and he eagerly stepped onto the Songhu Island. He has determined that Songhu Island would be the destination of his quest for immortality. He climbed up to the halfway of the mountain, he saw a stream running through the grassland where a clothed man, about thirty or forty years old, squatting on the grass, fertilizing or plowing of those saplings. He thought he must be the gardener of Songhu Island, then he inquired: “Hey, this big brother, Is your master here?”
The man didn’t look at him, he just asked, “What are you looking for?”
Tuoba Jincai said: “I want to make him to be my master. Can this big brother introduce him to me?”
The man stood up and glanced at him. He saw this man with a bear-like waist and thick eyebrows. Although he was dressed in a Han costume, he was bald and wearing earrings. The man looked at him without any expression. He said plainly: “Go back! Songhu Island never accept apprentice.”
Tuoba Jincai shouted: “Why? Because I am a man of Daxia? The island master should not be the same of others martial arts school in the Central Plains!”
The man dismissed: “Whoever is you, is the same as anyone else!” He said that while he was taking back  himself to the flowers. Tuoba Jincai saw him going away, he was so anxious that he wouldn’t care to step his feet on the flowers bed. He was just stepping on a new planted sapling, he did not care. He rubbed his muddy shoe bottom with the grass and shook the sand out of his boots. He said, “I must see him today.”
The man stared at him of trampling on the flowers bed without any conscious. This rude man, so barbaric, wanted to be apprentice of Songhu Island? He shouted: “You still want to see him? Don’t ever think of it! You get out of here right away!”
Tuoba Jincai was rude at the first place, but he did not apologize, just said: “You are just a gardener, dare you to stop me?” Then he thrusted ahead , skipped that man. But, he surprisingly found that man was standing a few feet ahead of him. Tuoba Jincai looked carefully to confirm it was indeed the same man. He couldn’t help but affirmed: “Even a gardener in Songhu Island is such a martial artist, I must not go anywhere else.” Then he stepped forward quickly, but a chilly wind blew behind abruptly. His feet were already entangled by a vine. His body was pulled upside down on the tree, all in just a moment. The man sneered and said, “Don’t you want to go? Then hang here to reflect on yourself!”
After that, he disappeared into the smoke.
Tuoba Jincai was hung upside down for all night. The next morning, the man came back with more siplings. He didn’t look at Tuoba Jincai. He just put down his saplings and work on them. Tuoba Jincai did not ask for mercy either. He disdainfully said: “Don’t you feel shame to take care those flowers as a big man?”
The man looked happy today and said: “You don’t collect information about the Songhu Island before you came? I told you now, all the masters of Songhu Island were flower lovers. I think you better go back to Daxia to be a big man.”
Tuoba Jincai heard that the masters of Songhu Island all cherished flowers,  he snorted: “I didn’t expected the martial artists of the Songhu Island are all erotic!”
The man stood up and jeered: “How rude you are! There was only one wife for each master in the history of Songhu island. All the masters loved their wife alone and forever. Fidelity is also the essence of the martial arts of Songhu Island. People like you, do not know what is love, neither the spirit of martial arts. I think you definitely come to the wrong place.” The man picked up a shape stone, threw and cut the rope that hanging him. Tuoba Jincai immediately fell on the soil with a mouthful of sand. That man was already standing in front of him, said. “I say it again, the martial arts of Songhu Island had never passed away to outsider. You must go now!” Then he went back to take care of his saplings.
Tuoba Jincai was stubborn, and he didn’t give up easily. He spit the sand in his mouth then pulled out his soft sword from his waist, coldly sneaked to the man’s neck. He stabbed over ten times, but even his shadow could not be seen. He suddenly felt his back itchy. Looking back, the man with a twig gently slammed his soft sword in half. Tuoba Jincai was shocked and retreated. The man said critically: “A person like you is not worth to have a sword. If today I didn’t abolish your arms. I am afraid one day you will become vicious for the world.”
Tuoba Jincai was so frightened to hear that. He kneeled involuntarily in front of this man. He believed this man indeed has ability to abolish his arms or even take his life.  He has no chioce but fell to the ground to beg for his mercy. Though he was not convinced for the humiliation of today.
He listened to the man mocking: “You are a big man, why do you kneel to me?” After saying that, he just walked away. Tuoba Jincai quickly said: “I am not convinced.”
The man turned back and asked, “What are you still not convinced?”
Tuoba Jincai stood up hatefully looked at him: “I am not convinced. I have not seen the island master Ren Wanli yet, but to be insulted by you, a gardener.”
The man listened. His eyes lightened. He laughed three times, then said, “I am Ren Wanli.” After that, he laughed three times again, and drifted away.
Tuoba Jincai never thought that gardener was actually the master of Songhu Island. He clenched his fists and looked at the cloud-twisted fairy mountians. He hated all the things in front of him, particularly the pitiful saplings he was cared. He shouted: “This man cares for the flowers, but he humiliated me without mercy.” When he thought of it, he madly destroyed all the 18 saplings. He also engraved his vow to kill all the people in Songhu Island on the tree he was hung for all night.
When Miaoyin Tianjun retold this old story, of course, he omitted the rude part of him, but portrayed Ren Wanli as a mean villain. Qianqian of course wouldn’t believed it, but she did not dare to oppose him. She was just silent with comtempt.

Miaoyin Tianjun noticed the dissatisfaction in her eyes then sneered: “Xiangzi! Do you know how lucky you are? You can be my disciple.” He laughed twice and then said: “Ren Wanli refused to accept me, but I still have learned his martial arts.”
Qianqian now understand that everyone said the light power of Icy Jade Palace is very similar to that of Songhu Island. It turned out that this demon had stolen from us. How could he dared to mention it. It is really shameless!
The more Qianqian eyes was full of hate, the happier Miaoyin Tianjun to be appeared, said: “I will teach you the light power of the Icy Jade Palace now, come over!”
Qianqian reluntantly go over, see him holding a hemp rope, hand over to her, said: “Take it!” Qianqian took the hemp rope, and then he pointed to the opposite side of the rocky wall, said: “You grab the rope and jump to there!”
Qianqian knows that he has to test her light power. She thinks: I can easily pull the rope to glide down without using the light power of Songhu Island. What a stupid idea of him! Then she did what he said without suspicion. Of course Miaoyin Tianjun wasn’t a fool. Right after Qianqian jumped, he took out a dagger to cut off the rope. Qianqian immediately fell from the height. Hundred feet was high enough to kill her, if not, seriously injury. Qianqian now has no choice but performing the light power of Songhu Island. She stepped on the edge of the rock, then made a trick called Dead pine hanging on the cliff, by hanging herself like a pine tree to flip down. When she landed firmly on the ground. Maioyin Tianjun was flying down after her. He claimed: “ The beautiful Dead pine hanging on the cliff of Songhu martial arts!”
Qianqian saw him using the same trick as she did,  she secretly whispered: “Shameless.”
Miaoyin Tianjun examined her bones the other day and knew that she had been practicing light power, but she didn’t use it. He has been suspected so he tested her again today. As expected, he chuckled and asked: “You are the youngest daughter of Ren Wanli, aren’t you?”
Qianqian snorted and did not answered. Miaoyin Tianjun seemed doesn’t mind. He just showed her the dagger he used to cut the hemp rope. When Qianqian came to the cave, he asked someone to search her room to get it. He sneered: “Even if you don’t accept RenWanli is your father, you must realized that Liu Yiyi is always your mother!”
Listened to what he said, Qianqian couldn’t help but angry : “What do you talk nonsense?”  she tempted to take back her dagger, but was slammed and pushed by Miaoyin. She tumbled on the ground. Miaoyin Tianjun coldly said: “Don’t worry! I will return to you. This is a shameful prove of misconduct of your mother. What can I do with it?” then he dropped the dagger in front of Qianqian.
Qianqian couldn’t stand the way he insulted her mother. But she was so confused now. She stood up immediately and asked anxiously: “Why do you say that? What do you know about my mother. You honestly confess!”
Miaoyin Tianjun snorted then said: “Ren Wanli carefully planted those saplings in order to please  Liuyiyi, a female disciple of the Emei School of Martial arts. That day, at the foot of Emei mountain, he met Liu Yiyi, his sweetheart who just returned from Taibai Mountain…”

Ren Wanli saw Liu Yiyi, who wore plain plum blossom clothes, came face to face to him. He remembered that the 18 seedlings he planted attentively had been ruined by the abominable Daxia man. He was very upset, so today, especially bring the light power book of Songhu Island to compensate. By this time, Liu Yiyi also saw Ren Wanli. She went forward and said: “Is it the island master? it’s so good to meet you here! Are you going to Emei temple to play chess with Sister Yungu?”
Songhu Island was not far from Emei Mountain. Renwanli often goes to Emei Mountain to collect herbs. Songhu Island has been closed to Emei School for several generations.
Ren Wanli has a crush on Liuyiyi from the first sight. He has been suffered from thinking of her for many months. Today, they met here. Ren Wanli believed that was his destiny. He has tons of word in his chest, but he didn’t know where to start. He just smiled and said, “No!”
When Ren Wanli said no, Liuyiyi didn’t know how to continue. In a moment, the two looked at each other without words. Ren Wanli finally recovered and said: “Liu, the girl is also going up Emei mountain! Let’s go and talk together!”
The two walked along the hillside trail, chatting casually. Although they only met a couple times, they appeared to be agreeable. However, they never expected that the wicked Tuoba Jincai was following. Even Ren Wanli whom was such a proficient martial artist, he didn’t notice for his mind was totally occupied by the woman he loves. When the two walked a few miles, they stopped at the tea pavilion. When Liu Yiyi was asked about her background, she said sorrowfully: “My family was at the foot of Emei. My father was just a regular iron merchant. My family has eight brothers and sisters, but one day, the robbers came, killing people and looting goods. My parents, brothers were killed. I and the youngest brother just happened to fly a kite, barely to escape the great disaster, after that, my uncle sent me to Emei temple, and my brother was sent to the Baiyun Temple in Taibai Mountain.”
Ren Wanli thought that only the people in the rivers and lakes would had faced such a disaster. He did not expect that a businessman was also being ravaged.  For that he felt even more affectionate to Liu Yiyi. “So you often go to Taibai Mountain to visit your brother.”
Liu Yiyi sighed softly: “My brother Yicun is only seven years old. He has to live alone in the Baiyun Temple. But the masters in Emei School are reluctant to break the rule to take a male disciple.”
Ren Wanli thought: “For what I came here today? If she was married to Songhu Island, the problem of his brother would be solved?” ”
He suddenly became restless and nervous when he think of he is going to ask Liuyiyi to marry him. He stood up and walked to the railing outside the tea pavillion. He over looked the mountain, saw the villages laid by the river. He assumed that everyone has his own home, but Yiyi has to separate with her only brother.  He made a wish in his heart to give Yiyi a happy home. At this time, Liu Yiyi also came over. She was standing behind him. Ren Wanli turned his face to her for a moment, staring at her beautifully dignified face. encouraged him to say: “Liu, the girl, I wonder if you were willing to marry me?”
Liu Yiyi did not expect that he would asked such a question. For a while, she was horrified, and did not know how to handle it. She then just dropped her head and speechless. Ren Wanli gazed at her so explicitly, and his heart was suddenly pounding. In order to show sincerity, he took out the book in his sleeve and said: “I have nothing in Songhu Island. I only have the secret book of martial arts. I have specially chose this light power book to present you. I hope that it will not be disgusted.”
Liu Yiyi looked at the secret  book of light power, she couldn’t help but giggled: “No one in this world would use the secret book of martial arts for engagment.”
Ren Wanli looked at Liu Yiyi, her smile like blossoms in the spring. He was really happy. Liu Yiyi considered for a long while with her chin down, and then looked up: “I understand what the Island master means.”
However, Ren Wanli did not understand, so the answer is? is it yes or no? However, he didn’t ask anymore. He felt that the relationship between the two has already been connected. He should not be forceful in the matter of marriage for now. Then he smirked: “Well! The tea is cold, let’s go back!”
Then the two walked back to the tea pavillion and drank the tea. The two continued on the road, but after a long walk, Yiyi began to feel her whole body was heated, but she refused to say it. After a while, Ren Wanli had the same feeling. He said: “Weird! It’s only June, on the half-waist of Emei mountain, it should be quite cool, how can it be so hot?”
Suddenly the dark clouds over casted the sun, and it started raining in an instant. Ren Wanli and Liu Yiyi were walking in the wild. They didn’t know where to escape the rain. They ran into the woods. There was a hut, broken, but at least, they had a roof from the rain. At that time, Ren Wanli had felt the whole body burn like fire, and Liu Yiyi could only shiver at the corner. Both of them had never said a word about the heat. They were just listening to the rain pounding the banana forest.


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