Journey of Misty Rain3-5



(5) Detrap
Miaoyin Tianjun smiled slyly: “Listening to the rain? Ha! They drank my reunion acacia tea, of course not just listening to the rain. The rain had been falling until dawn. When Liu Yiyi woke up and found that she had lost her virginity to Ren Wanli. She took this dagger try to kill herself, but let Ren Wanli stopped in time, so that he married your mother. The match was without etiquette, isn’t it shameful in your Han custom?”
On that day, Miaoyin Tianjun hid under the eaves, read all the contents of that secret book of light power. He remembered it all at once, then quietly put it back before dawn. He saw the scene of Liu Yiyi trying to kill herself. Although Miaoyin Tianjun never fell in a woman, but he was full of obscenity. He thought that he can humiliate Ren Wanli and make his daughter ashame of him. But after Qainqian listening to it, she felt even more sympathetic to her father. She knew nothing his past, and now she realized  the sorrow was how deep in him after the death of her mother. He is forgiven of ignoring her.
Miaoyin looked at Qianqian. She sometimes nodded, sometimes smiled, but did not has a trace of shame or anger, he asked: “You are not crazy!”
Qianqian then turned to glare at him, said: “Is you are crazy!” then yelled at his nose directly: “I see you are the one nasty and shameless, filthy, obscene, disgusting and childish, you still want to live forever, I think you are surely going to the hell. People like you even dropped into the 18th floor of hell, still too merciful for you!” After Qianqian spoke out everything from heart, she exhaled with a long breath. She completely forgot she is still in the hands of this filthy disgusting Miaoyin Tianjun. He was pointed at nose by Qianqian and rebuked. He was just simply shocked, for a moment he didn’t know how to react. But his eyes had already flashed with fire. Qianqian still looked straight at him like he is a wrong conducted child.
Miaoyin Tianjun could not speak for a long time, but suddenly laughed: “Am I so bad? well! I will let you remember how bad I am!”
After that, a fascinating sound wave was emitted from his belly, then turned into a crispy bird singing. Maioyin Tianjun was displaying the secret martial arts of Tibetan. It is from the legendary bird of bliss, human face with bird body, her voice is beautiful and touching, but smothering and toxic. Maioyin Tianjun gained this secret book of martial arts from a Mahayana buddhist temple. After he practiced, he became peerless in the Daxia. And even the Emperor announced him as the national master. However, he still dare not step in the Central Plains. He only brainwashed his disciples the hatred towards the Central Plains martial arts world and pursued the immortality.

Yueqiao knew that Qianqian had called by Miaoyin Tianjun. He has been waiting for her. He hope she can come back safely this time. However, she hasn’t returned until now. Suddenly he heard bird singing thorough the caves, he uttered: Damn it! Must be something wrong! Master has to use wonderful bird singing palm? He immediately rushed to the cave. When he stepped into the icy jade cave. He saw that Maioyin Tianjun has just slammed Qianqian. The wave of his palm pushed her ten feet away and fell into the icy jade pool.
Yueqiao was incredibly terrified to see her fell into the icy jade pool. The pool was icy cold, even before she was taken the palm, normally a person fell into this pool, can be frozen in an instant. Yueqiao could do nothing but jumped into the pool to pull her back. But she was completely unconscious. Yueqiao brought her directly to Miaoyin. But Qianqian has already no sign of life, and he himself was shivering vigorously.
Yueqiao stuttered: “Master… please…. save her!”
Miaoyin said indifferently: “You know that no one has ever lived under my Wonderful bird singing palm.”
Yueqiao certainly knows about that. This palm once poke into human body with a strong wave, which gear the body’s meridians expand, break all the vein and die. Although there is no wound on the surface, the inner body blasted and ruined. But before the meridians burst, if Master was willing enter his internal strength for her, she will still be saved. But Master wanted to kill her, will he save her again? Perhaps there is only one way. Yueqiao suddenly raised his hand, pointed at his own forehead and said firmly: “If you did not save her, I will immediately die from breaking my meridians.”
Miaoyin Tianjun looked at Yueqiao seriously, then snorted: “Yueqiao, you have to die for a woman of Songhu Island? You are really hurting my heart.”
Yueqiao also snorted: “Master, you know that even I didn’t die today, I won’t live very long. But if I died from breaking my own meridians, your elixir will be gone with me too.”
Miaoyin Tianjun stood up, provoked, said exasperated: “Do you dare to threaten me again?”
Thinking of whatever he is going to die, Yueqiao has nothing to fear, said precisely: “Then you should know I will do, what I said.”
Yueqiao broke into the alchemy room of Miaoyin Tianjun, threatened to swallow the elixir of longevity inchange to save the life of Longqiao. Miaoyin Tianjun refused to submit. Then Yueqiao really swallowed the elixir in front of him. Miaoyin was incensed, pushed Yueqiao from the window of alchemy room. He was seriously injury and fled. Later he met Mulun and was saved. Now he is re-applying his trick. Miaoyin Tianjun knows the temper of him. He is the smartest of his seven disciples, but the most difficult to tame.
There was no fear in the eyes of Yueqiao. Miaoyin saw it, then he said. “Good! I will save her.” Yueqiao was relieved, immediately lifted the body of Qianqian to him. She was totally no conscious. Her face was blue, lips was purple. But she was somewhat lucky because after she was hit by the wonderful bird singing palms, she fell into the icy jade pool. Her body was frozen so that her meridians have not yet exposed. Qianqian is a strong girl, Yueqiao has faith on her. Miaoyin has been tranferring his internal strength to her for awhile. Finally Qianqian opened her eyes again. She saw Yueqiao in front of her, the two smiled at each other, just at this time…
Miaoyin Tianjun coldly pushed the shoulder of Qianqian. When she turned her face to him, Miaoyin reached out his hand to squeezed her throat, Qianqian opened her mouth instantly then swallowed a pill. The actions were so rapid, when Yueqiao realized that it was already too late to stop. After Qianqian swallowed the pill, she only felt a bit the bitterness of it. She didn’t know what was the effect until Miaoyin Tianjun stood up and laughed: “Ha ha! Yueqiao! Do you want her to live? I told her not to die!”
Yueqiao never thought that Miaoyin Tianjun actually had such a vicious idea. He was astonished, but only whispered: “You gave her to eat seven layers of bliss, didn’t you?”
Miaoyin Tianjun didn’t answer, just sneered: “Yueqiao, you are too smart for your own good!”
The deepest cave of Icy Jade Palace, was completely isolated from the outside world. The walls was cold and the cave was totally dark. Qianqian opened her eyes, could not see anything. She was so frightened, cried: “I can’t see anything, Yueqiao, am I blind?”
Yueqiao smiled and said: “You are not blind. This cave has never been lighted. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you had eyes.”
Hearing the sound of Yueqiao, Qianqian felt peace instantly. She was groping to the direction of the sound, but touched some cold, hard things, followed by a groan. She then touched Yueqiao and found his arms were capped with shackles.
“Why? He has do that to you?” Qianqian muttered with mourn.
Yueqiao smiled bitterly: “Master is afraid that I will break my meridians. He just doesn’t want me to die.” Qianqian responded: “Do you said that your Master is right to that to you?”
Yueqiao sighed: “Even he is not benevolent, he still had saved my life, and taught me martial arts. But I opposed him again and again. He treated me like this, it isn’t too bad.”
Listened to those words, Qianqian was thinking that she often complain about her father never pay attention to her. She couldn’t speak for a moment. Yueqiao then said: “Qianqian!”
Qianqian was touched, thinking: “This seems to be the first time he called my name!”
Yueqiao also felt a bit weird. After a short pause, he continued: “You have to live well, do you know?”

His tender voice with great comfort, Qianqian started to weep. Although Yueqiao can not see her face, but heard the twitching, he asked: “What are you crying for?”
Qianqian didn’t say a word but just keep sobbing, Yueqiao said clearly: “You listen! You swallowed seven layers of bliss, there is no antidote, but you won’t die for a while. You must experience seven stages of hell, each one take forty-nine days, a total of three hundred and forty-three days, as long as you do not give up, the seven layers of blissful poison will be naturally lifted, you know! Life or death, in fact, all in your own hands. ”
Qianqian fully understood, but it was hard to imagine what the so-called seven stages of hell about, but instead of fear, she broke into a smile: “I thought what kind of deadly poison is. Just asked me not to give up, it isn’t too difficult for me! ”
It is hard for her to imagine, Yueqiao realized that, unless you actually try it. He just slightly sighed, and said : “You better prepared your heart for it!”
The cave was absolutely dark, so there was no day and night. The two chatted casually and fell asleep unconsciously.
Suddenly, someone gently called his name: “Yueqiao! Yueqiao!” The voice was dull and hoarse, but very familiar. Yueqiao woke up and found that the shackles on his wrists had been unlocked. Although it was still dark, he vaguely heard the breath of someone else. He thought: Who will save me? Who else in the Icy Jade Palace would have courage to against Master? Then he whispered: “Longqiao! Isn’t it you?”
Yueqiao felt that the person was on his right side, so he turned his head and said: “Longqiao, you are not dead yet.”
The person said indifferently: “You know our Master. For him, death is not the cruelest retribution.”
Yueqiao was heart broken to hear that. He wanted to reach out to grab her, but she quickly moved away and said. “No time to talk! You wake up your friend and go with me right now!”
Yueqiao then quickly pushed Qianqian to wake her up. Qianqian didn’t know what was going on, but just went out with them.
The three groped forward in the darkness and walked onto a stone stair. Yueqiao realized that where they were going. The end of the stone stair was the granary. The materials were hung in the baskets lifted inside, and Longqiao was responsible for this. No wonder that she has the access to the granary, but why doesn’t she escape from here herself?
Yueqiao was thinking, the three had already came up to the top. Longqiao, the first disciple of Miaoyin. She has always been clever and efficient. She was also one of the favorite disciple of Miaoyin. However, she unfortunately fell in love with a Han man. Miaoyin  had to dispose of her. In order to save her, Yueqiao swallowed the elixir. Miaoyin then changed his mind to force her to take the pill of seven layers of bliss.
Longqiao took out two baskets, said to Yueqiao and Qianqian: “Hurry up! come inside the baskets!” Then she quickly put the baskets on the glides, as efficient as before. The metal glides revealed the glory of the moon. Yueqiao now can see the face of Longqiao, but she was totally covered by a cloak. Only her eyes were seen, full of bloody viens. She lives like a ghost. Yueqiao grabbed the ropes of the basket and pleaded: “Longqiao, let’s go together!”
Longqiao seems smiled and said: “Yueqiao, you are different from me. You were not born here. I should have not brought you here. You should go quickly! After you left this place, never come back again.”
After that, she raised her hand to pull the handle, the hemp rope on the baskets was released in an instant. Longqiao looked down the glides, saw Yueqiao and Qianqian jumped out of the baskets. They ran quickly to the bunker without looking back.
The red moon gradually sunk. In the east side of the sky, a touch of purple blue, breaking the dark night.
Yueqiao and Qianqian ran across the bunker carefully without waking up the Dapengs, because the Dapengs were just nesting near the bunker. They looked for prey usually in the early morning right before the sun rise. When the two ran to the edge of the bunker, one of the Dapeng flew out of the nest. With its acute eyesight, it can forage in the darkness. It immediately discovered its preys. It glided down to catch them straightly. Yueqiao jumped over the bunker and hastily said: “Quick!” but he saw Qianqian suddenly turned back, as if something she had to pick up. Yueqiao was anxious and worried. The Dapeng was violently swooping, on the top of them. It was going to grab away Qianqian. Yueqiao immediately pulled out the soft sword, waved at its giant talons. Dapeng fluttered its wings and glided from the back of Qianqian. At this time, Yueqiao saw what Qianqian was picking up: the handkerchief of Dongting. Yueqiao glared at her, grabbed her hand, jumped over the bunker, hid under a ditch. They were lying inside there, listened to the cries of the hungry big bird, until it was really gone. Yueqiao then released her hand, jumped up the ditch alone. Qianqian followed closely. Yueqiao was in front, Qianqian was behind. Qianqian didn’t dare to go ahead to walk with him. She was feeling guilty. She was just silently following. The two walked dozens of miles like this, from sun rise to sun set. Just walking, never talking. Did not eat, did not drink. Yueqiao did not look back once. but Qianqian kept following close enough, whatever how tired she was, to make sure she will not loss him. She seems like making up her mind to follow him forever.

At this time, in Dongting Baling, Teng Kuanrou was prepaing a long trip. Since that day he watched Qianqian disappeared into the woods. He was waiting for her to come back, but of course she didn’t. He was disturbed and worried, so he went to ask Liu Yicun in the stone house. But when he was asked why she was disappeared. Teng Kuanrou had to explain everything.  After finished listening,  Liu yicun blurted into laughers: “Ha ha ha! You want to marry this nutty girl to be your little wife! Unless you cast your big wife off, otherwise, you better forget it!”
Listened to Liu Yicun’s remarks, Teng Kuanrou was very embarrassed. When it comes to say about casting Qihua off, he could never do so, but forgetting Qianqian, he also can’t let go. He just sighed: “Whatever, I have to find her to explain.”
Liu Yicun is a free single man, he couldn’t conceive the struggling of Teng. He doesn’t understand why he is so obsessed with this kind of trouble. He only said, “This girl! I think she is going back to Songhu Island to cry in the arms of her nanny!”
Teng Kuanrou left the stone house, slowly walked on the hillside’ path, recalled all kinds of joys and sorrows, snorted and roared with Qianqian. He could not help but just thinking of her. When he entered the town, he looked at the Dongting. The Dongting is still the same. The lake is evergreen. The Junshan is always there, but where is his Xiangzi now? He felt as a knife stabbing in his heart. When he returned home, he parted with his wife, child and parents. He carried the sword of Xiangzi and Qingyang, then set off a long trip to Songhu Island.
He rode days and nights. Finally he arrived at gate of Songhu Island, he got off before the great river, looking up the spiritual foxy peaks, the antique pines hanging upside down, the cloud around the mountains looked like ribbon dazzling, he said: ” It is really outstanding. Bashu collected all the odd adventures, and the Songhu collected all the Bashu.”
He left his horse by the river, then stepped onto the stone stairs. The stone stairs curled through many caves. Suddenly the cliffs stood steeply, suddenly curtains of waterfall masked. In the early summer, wild rhododendron, wind orchid, blooming within the greens. The fragrance swept his heart away all the gloominess. He then walked faster, crossing the bridges, passing the canopies and then the stone stairs abruptly straight up to the sky, with red plum forest on both sides, nine of each, a total of eighteen. Since it was almost summer, there were no blossoms he can find. But the green fruits hidding under the leaves were awesomely alluring. He then walked up the stair with a blissful heart. He heard the ripple of running stream, the singing of warblers, then he saw a bridge ahead. Teng Kuanrou was standing at the bridgehead, looking up the floating clouds. He thought, “If I could live here with Qianqian….” then he sighed, put down his head, saw a monument erected on the side of bridge, engraving three big characters: Return here.

He felt shot sharply by an arrow in his heart. He touched the monument with lamentation. With the breeze, crispy sounds of Qin was softly delivered in the forest. “A single slip cause lasting sorrow. This brother, so young, do you feel the same?”
Teng Kuanrou turned around and saw a woman in white, about twenty years old gracefully sitting under a plum tree, holding a Qin on her thigh. Teng Kuanrou retrieved himself quickly, said: “Please forgive my rudeness and disturbing, my lady.”
The woman in white smiled and said: “I am just wondering what song I should play today. I wanted to play The wind is light. I also wanted to play Ask for the phoenix. But I suddenly saw the brother standing by the bridge sadly, I just wonder why?”
Teng Kuanrou saw that woman was talking delighfuly, he smiled then said: “I was planning to visit a friend. However, when I came to the bridge and saw the words on the stone. I was convinced that it is a sign of I will not be able to see her.” When the woman listened to that, she looked around the mountains, the trees, then said: “I didn’t expect in Songhu Island, a flower, a tree, a grass and a leaf, even a stone is so sentimental.” Looking back to Teng Kuanrou, she asked: “By the way! Who is your friend you wanted to see?”
Teng Kuanrou lifted his eyebrows, bowed first then said: “She is the ninth daughter of the island master, Ren Zhenyi.”
“My ninth sister!” the woman slightly surprised, said: “I am her the eighth sister.”
Teng Kuanrou presumed that this woman was so clever and distinctive, must be one of the daughters of the island’s master. Then she introduced herself: “My name is Xihui.”
Teng Kuanrou bowed again with courtesy but found nothing to say. They were quiet for a moment, then Xihui suddenly asked: “Are you also coming to propose to my ninth sister?”
Teng Kuanrou felt embarrassed when he heard of that. He thought even if Qainqian married to someone else, he has nothing to do with it. He shook his head and answered: “No!” paused, then contunued: “She was a guest in my house, but suddenly she left without notice. I was worried so that I came here to see her, make sure she is fine.”
Hearing that Qianqian was missing, Xi Hui wasn’t surprised, nor worried, just said normally: “Mr. you are so nice to come all over here to make sure she is fine. But my ninth sister is not here. She has not returned home for a few months. No one knows where she is now.”
When Teng Kuanrou realized that Qianqian was not in Songhu Island, he didn’t know he should be disappointed or relieved. He said: “Since she is not there, I shouldn’t bother you any longer. I am deeply appreciate the conversation with you, my lady!” After saying that, he just turned his back to leave. Xi Hui called immediately: “Well! Mr. what is your name, could you leave it for later?”
Teng Kuanrou did not look back, just replied from a distance: “I am Teng Kuanrou of Baling.” then he moved on his way back. Xi Hui looked at his back, felt a little melancholy. She hold the Qin and swayed her fingers to play, a song called GuanglingSan. The melody echoed in the mountains, blown with the wind. Teng Kuanrou heard the song on the way, he walked even faster down the mountains of Songhu. This Guanglingsan was a famous parting song that he didn’t want to hear at that particular time.


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