Journey of Misty Rain3-7

(7) Decline
Zhao Danfeng saw that the man was covered with green-tailed snakes, and he was scared and eclipsed. She hurriedly picked up a twig swept the poisonous snakes off his body. However, the man had already venom in his body and was dying. The man looked strong, but he was bitten by green-tailed snakes. He kept shivering and grabbing Zhao Danfeng’s heel, said desperately, “Save me! Save me!”
Zhao Danfeng shouted a few times: “Dad! Dad!” But, Zhao Baichang, her father was not around. He didn’t respond when she shouted. She realized that if she didn’t immediately do something, this man would die soon. But his whole body was bitten by poisonous snakes. She didn’t know where to start. Later, she reminded the heart is the most important part of the body, then she took off the man’s clothes carefully cleaned up the wounds closest to his heart. After a while, the man opened his eyes slightly, grabbed Zhao Danfeng’s arm, shouted: “Save me, I don’t want to die.” Then he fainted. Zhao Danfeng sighed: this person is so burly and strong, but when he faced with death, he is as fearful as a child.
“Dan Feng, what happened?” Zhao Baichang came back and saw that man. He quickly used his internal strength to help him to smear the snake venom. However, the poisoning of this person was deep. If he needed completely remove the venom, the only way was to help him break through the two main meridians. Althought It took a lot of engergy to do that, but he had to as a doctor is to save life.
After he finished, he said to the man, “This brother, I have already opened your meridians. If you know how to exercise, try to exercise your inner strength to push out the snake poison!” The man nodded, and It was effective. The black blood slowly flowed out of the wounds. Zhao Baichang was sweaty with great relief. But he was already an old man, after using all his internal strength to save this man, he became so weak and fainted. Zhao Danfeng immediately hold the old man, shouted: “Dad! are you alright?” At the same time, the man also fainted. Zhao Danfeng watched the two big men fainted in front of her, she was so panic, shouting and crying, and pushing, but they did not move. After a while, the man first woke up. He saw a girl holding an old man crying, he said: “He was the one to save me? Where is your home? Let me bring him home first!”
When the man came to Zhao Baichang’s home, he discovered that this old man was actually the famous herb doctor in the Central Plains. It was coincident that he saved his life and opened up his two main meridians. He was very happy and also found there were countless medinice books of the principles of internet strength for martial arts. Then he made an excuse of taking care the old man to stay at his home. Zhao Danfeng wasn’t doubt about his intention, as well, she saw this man really caring for her father, helping the house work as well. So during the time Zhao Baichang was recovering, the two were also fallen in love.

Having said that, Zhao Danfeng couldn’t help but grind her teeth. “The man was Tuoba Jincai, the past name of Maioyin Tianqun. He used the time of staying in my home, read all books of medicine, veins and internal methods. When he didn’t understand, I and my father explained to him, but once he had learned everything, he left without saying goodbye. I chased him to the road, and it was a windy day…”
Zhao Danfeng shouted: “Jincai!” Tuoba Jincai stopped and looked back at her indifferently until she came to his front, asked tearfully: “Why do you leave, so suddenly!”
Tuoba Jincai said coldly: “Your father has been recovered for a long time, shouldn’t I also leave?”
Zhao Danfeng did not understand why he suddenly became so cold, said: “But, you…and me…”
Tuoba Jincai sneered, said seriously: “Dan Feng, you are from the Great Song, I am a man of Daxia. one day you will go back to the Central Plains, do I follow you? Similarly, if I asked you to stay in Daxia forever, are you willing to do that?” Tuoba Jincai was trying to reject her, but he did not expect Zhao Danfeng would answer without thinking: “I am willing.”
However, Zhao Danfeng felt very embarrassed after she said that, because there was no equal response on Tuoba Jincai’s face. His face was deep and cold, just said: “Dan Feng, have you still not understood me? For such a long time?”
Zhao Danfeng is tough and independent. In front of the ruthlessness of him, she hold back her tears. She insisted: “You have to go, I can’t stop you. I want to stay, you can’t stop me either.”
The wicked Tuoba Jincai laughted only: “That’s your busniess.” After that, he turned his back and walked away.
After listened to Zhao Danfeng describing this past event, Yueqiao was feeling ashamed. He did not expect when the master was young, also so ruthless.
Zhao Danfeng hatefully said: “If I knew that he would become a devil man today. My father and I should have not save him in the first place.”
Yueqiao slightly smiled and asked: “Then you really stayed in Daxia? Have you ever returned to the Central Plains.”
Zhao Danfeng stood up, said proudly: “No, Zhao Danfeng, be loyal to her own vow and never regretted.”
Yueqiao said: “So you become the Zhao Danfeng of Huigu, a thorn in his heart.”
Zhao Danfeng sneered: “Yes, if my father didn’t help him to break through the two main meridians, even he gain the secret book of wonderful bird singing, he would never be able to practice it successfully. If I didn’t save him from poisoning, he should have already dead. This person owes us too much.” Having said that, her voice was getting agitated.
She hold on a deep sigh, sat down and continued: “I broke into the Icy Jade Palace 15 years ago. Even I was not his opponent, he did not dare to kill me. For so many years, I stayed here in the Western Region, I just wanted him to remember all the time. If there wasn’t Zhao Danfeng, there would not be Miaoyin Tianqun.”
After saying it, she finally smiled and said: “Yueqiao, the old fellow sealed your two hundred points of meridians. I am afraid that even if you could survive, all you martial arts will be lost.” ”
Yueqiao realized that, but never regretted. He only said faintly: “My martial arts is taught by Master. He has to take it back. I have nothing to say.” Zhao Danfeng sighed: “He received a disciple like you. He is still not satisfied? One day he would find out nobody he can trust.”
After saying that, she went back to the clay house to help Qianqian taking a medicated bath. And the man who knew the language of Daxia came with some fresh dishes, said, “Don’t you be hungry!”
Looking at these dishes, Yueqiao was very moved. When he picked up the chopsticks, he asked: “This uncle is so Knowledgeable, what are you doing in the desert?”
The man smiled and said: “Dan Feng grew up with me. After she came to Daxia with her father. I had waited years and years, but she didn’t come back. So I came here to find her. I asked her to go back, but She refused, then I stayed.”
It sounds simple in his words, but there must be a lot of bitterness behind the story. Yueqiao ate the food and drank a bowl of water. After that he felt very contented. He laughed and said: “This aunt is so fierce, how can you bear her.”
Just right in time, Zhao Danfeng shouted from the clay house: “Wu Daocai, the water is boiled, don’t you take the medicine pack?”
Then Wu Daocai immediately stood up, hurriedly ran back to the clay house.

After a few days, the situation of Qianqian did not improve. Yueqiao, Zhao Danfeng and Wu Daocai stood by the bed, watching her suffering from the pain cause by the poisonous seven layer of bliss, but nothing they can do. .
Zhao Danfeng muttered: “Acupuncture, medicated bath, massage, almost everything I knew have been tried. None of those can alleviate her pain…”
Wu Daocai nodded and said: “Don’t you forget that what the book of detoxification said: for example, you were in the thorns, if you don’t move, you will not hurt….if you moved…you will hurt more…”
Yueqiao then said, “Well! so we don’t take care of her any more, just let her hurt!”
After saying it, he walked out of the clay house. Wu Daocai and Zhao Danfeng looked at his back and said: “The most painful one is him.”

Since then, when Zhao Danfeng took care of Qianqian in the clay house. Yueqiao and Wu Daocai took care the orchard. They did the weeding, pruned the branches, watered the grape racks. He kept busy all day, trying not to think about Qianqian. He didn’t expect this Wu Daocai was so knowlegeable. He is only good at the language of Daxia, but also knows about the irrigation in the desert. He turned the manor into a water town of Jiangnan. On this day, he took the shovel and told Yueqiao: “The rainy season is coming, The rain in the desert is coming fast and going fast. We have to dig ditches as soon as possible so that after the rain, they can be used to divert water into the pool for irrigation.” Then he looked at the peach tree, continued: “This first peach tree was grown from a nucleus, which was I brought from Jiangnan. I did not expect that Danfeng actually planted it, and many years from then, they are now so sweet and juicy. It was a really magical fairy fruit. Perhaps from these trees, we can be relieved from homesickness.”
Time passed faster than imagine. One day, on the red sand dunes, Yueqiao saw a man standing by a desert willow tree, he immediately recognized him. He put down the shovel, running to him. The man also ran upon to greet him. The two men looked at each other and smiled. Yueqiao was excited, called: “Luqiao!” The brothers reunited after all those hardships, of course, they were very happy. But when Yueqiao thought that if Luqiao knew his hiding place, of course, so do Miaoyin.
Yueqiao was one moment put his smile away, Luqiao suddenly attacked him with his palms. Although Yueqiao can still dodge, apparently unable to fight back, then very soon, Luqiao slammed his left shoulder. Yueqiao fell a few feet away. Luqiao saw that he became so vulnerable now, he was so upset, said: “You really lost all your martial arts.”
Yueqiao said calmly: “Is our Master tell you to come to test me?”
Luqiao did not answer, but suddenly changed his position, he opened his arms, and legs, grinned and said: “Yueqiao, you can still do that, right?”
When Yueqiao looked at his posture, he remembered that when the two were small before they learned any martial arts, they often wrestled together. At that time, Yueqiao was full of energy. Although he was younger, he never admit to be defeated.
Yueqiao was thinking the days when he was a child. He laughed and laughed. He also set the posture, grabbed the shoulders of Luqiao before he fluttered. The two wrestled and wrestled on the sand dunes in front of the red willow bushes until dusk. The two were finally exhausted, fell on the sand, looked at the fiery sun, gasping, worried, but did not speak. Luqiao jumped up and hanged his sheath back to his waist. The weapon he used was a pair of short swords, with the snake skin soft sword of Yueqiao, one straight, one curl, they cooperated and killed numerous enemies.
Luqiao took out a small bag from his waist and said, “I am not here for Master, but for Longqiao.”
Yueqiao heard that for Longqiao, he immediately stood up and looked at that small bag in his hand. Luqiao then handed it to him, said: “This is what Longqiao asked me to give to you before she died.”
Yueqiao took it over and held it in his palm preciously. Remembered all the good things of her, he was speechless. After Luqiao finished his duty, he turned around and left. Yueqiao stopped him by picking up his soft snake. He handed it over to Luqiao and said, “Give it back to Master for me!”
Luqiao receiced the golden snake soft sword, his heart was suddenly slammed. Looking at Yueqiao. His face was cold as frost, as he was saying: “From now on, I will be cut off the bound with the Icy Jade Palace.” Luqiao realized that once this sword returned, Master will be ruthless if he saw Yueqiao again. However, Yueqiao seemed has already prepared for this. He turned around, stepped forward to the manor without looking back.
Red sand and white sun, accompanied by two lonely figures, one to the east, one to the west.

It’s hard but finally it came to the last day of first layer hell of bliss. The pain will be soon lifed. Yueqiao has set his feet in the clay house for the first time in more than a month. He stood in front of the bed, looked at Qianqian from a distance. Qianqian seemed to have been used to this pain, no longer groaning, but just looked very fragile, lying on the bed without any strength. She saw Yueqiao coming in, slightly smiled to him.
A thunder pound abruptly. Yueqiao looked out of the window, the wind was raging, the sky was dusty, all in a sudden slamming in chaos, then it was pulling rain, sounded like the sky is crashed.
Yueqiao walked to the bedside to see her face, and found that this face seemed to be a bit strange. It was different from the first time, but it contained deeper affection, asked: “Are you afraid of it?”
Qianqian openned her coarse throat, said: “No.”
The two looked at each other and smiled. Yueqiao sat on the ground, just to be with her silently.

Zhao Danfeng took off the final harvest of the honey peaches in the basket and hurriedly left the orchard. Wu Daocai walked in front and shouted: “You wait for me under the grape rack! I will come back with umbrellas.”
Zhao Danfeng saw the rain is really falling violently. She didn’t mind herself get wet, but she cared for these peaches, which are so tender and fragile. So she stood under the grape racks without moving. The rain kept pulling on the grape racks. Ripen grapes fell like purple jade pearls, rolling on the ground, rolling until the ditch. Coldly, a burly black shadow covered her totally. Zhao Danfeng was frigtened. She raised her eyelids and whispered a name: “Tuoba Jincai!”
In a distance, Wu Daocai saw someone suddenly stood in front of Danfeng, he was terrified. He dropped the umbrellas, quickly rushed into the clay house, shouted: “You must go now!”
Yueqiao stood up right away, knew that it was the time, asked: “Is he here?”
Wu Daocai just said yes, Yueqiao has stepped ahead to rush out of the clay house, but Wu Daocai stopped him, said: “He will not hurt Dan Feng, but you must not go out. You should leave with Qianqian now! You understand, if he saw you, it would be too late!”
Yueqiao felt helpless but he has no other choice. He immediately lifted Qianqian up, following Wu Daocai went to the back of the clay house, where the stable was. Wu Daocai pulled a thin horse to them and quickly said: “go!”
Yueqiao and Qianqian launched on the horse, swayed the whip and instantly disappeared into the torrential rain.
The third chapter is finished


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