Journey of misty Rain 4-4


(4)The cross
In the days that followed, the situation of Qianqian was very unstable. When the toxicity was affected, she was quite crazy. Fortunately, the four of them took turns guarding day and night. Most of time, she was calmed down. Mulun pointed different acupuncture points on her face every few days, hoping to slow her down, that allowed her to sleep quietly.
One morning, Yueqiao walked over to the plum tree on the hillside. He saw the green buds of that day have blossomed to red plums. The red plums hidden in the white snow, like telling Yueqiao, this winter will soon pass. A burst of cold fragrance blown with the breeze, Yueqiao couldn’t help but pick a branch. He brought it back to the yurt, found a clay bottle, put it by the bed side, thinking: Qianqian once talked about her mother loved to wear red plum clothes. When he was distracted by thinking of Qianqian and her Songhu Island. He didn’t notice that there was other person in the yurt. Unexpectedly, someone asked, “You are in love with Qianqian, are you?”
Yueqiao suddenly turned around, found there by the fireplace, Ahwu was sitting leisurely. She looked at him with a grin of suggest. Yueqiao crossed his arms on chest, raised his eyebrows, said gravely: “What do you know about this, your little devil?”
Ahwu snorted: “If you wasn’t in love with Qianqian, why did you just send flowers to her? Have you ever seen flowers to me?”
Yueqiao stepped closer, stared at the nose of this little girl, said: “Have you eaten seven layers of bliss?”
Ahwu frowned and said: “There is no.”
Yueqiao hanged on, put his eyebrows down, whispered: “Qianqian seems to be my only family.”
Nodded Ahwu, seriously said: “Oh! It turned out to be that case.” her eyeballs rolled, suddenly stood up and asked: “Well! Yueqiao, I call you brother, is it okay?”
Yueqiao listened, did not move, stood in the same place, faintly said: “Why? I have nothing to do with you.”
Ahwu sneered and said: “Qianqian has anything to do with you!? She become your only family, but I am not worthy of calling you a brother?”
Listened to her words, Yueqiao was feeling sinking. He didn’t want to talk to her about that anymore. He changed the topic: “You should guard her! I will come back to replace you after cutting the firewood.”
While he was stepping out the yurt, Ahwu said: “Up on the hill, there is a well to be said that the Han girl and the Mongolian soldier killed themselves for love. Their souls might still lingering around here, but their hearts must be missing home a lot.”
Yueqiao got exactly what she meant. He looked her back with a helpless smile,  put his hand on her head, said:”You suddenly grow up.” Ahwu didn’t expected that at all, she instantly got wet eyes with a thrust of heat from heart. Then Yueqiao picked up the curtain, surprisingly Cao Hook was standing behind the curtain like a donkey. He seemed that to be stood for a long time. Yueqiao glanced at him. He was staring anxiously. Yueqiao avoided by striding forward away.

Yueqiao picked the axe from the snow then went alone to hill. He knew that Cao Hook has been following, but he did not look back at him. He went up to the mid way, stood in front of a withered giant tree. He raised the axe, then slashed it hard. Cao Hook hid behind another tree. Yueqiao vaguely heard his heavy breathing and sighing, but not speaking for a long time. Yueqiao kept slashing the same tree, and the tree had already been full of axe marks but just wasn’t falling. The inexplicable anger in the heart of Yueqiao rose, he at last dropped the axe, but the snow was soft and thick. It absorbed all the anger which delivered by the heavy axe. There was no sound it made. Yueqiao then pointed at Cao Hook, angrily said: “You…have you seen enough?”
Cao Hook hurriedly stepped forward and said: “Yueqiao, why are you so angry at me, do you recognize me?”
Yueqiao listened, calmed himself down, said, “This uncle, what do I know about you? You stare at me all day all place, don’t you feel uncomfortable?”
Cao Hook felt rejected, but he did not give up, thought: At least he is willing to talk to me today. Why didn’t I make everything clear by now? Then he said, “Can I ask you a few questions, Yueqiao?”
Yueqiao turned his face away and did not answer. Cao hook lifted his eyebrows, simply said: “As long as you honestly answer me a few questions, I will not bother you anymore.”
Yueqiao picked up the axe from the snow and started to chopped the giant tree again which seems never fell off. Then he said grimly: “You ask!”
Cao Hook was standing firmly behind Yueqiao and asked, “How old are you when you arrived at Icy Jade Palace?”
Yueqiao swayed the axe backwards, almost hit Cao Hook, but he did not even move his ankle, Yueqiao harshly rebuked : “Are you crazy? Don’t you know to dodge? ” when he saw the innocent look of him, he soften his voice: “Can you move from me a little farther?”
Cao Hook nodded like a child and said, “Yes.” Then moved a few steps backward. Yueqiao raised again the axe to chop the tree. After a while, he replied: “About four or five years old!”
Cao Hook found him answered truthfully, he was very happy and asked: “Where are you separated from your family?”
Yueqiao put down the axe, thought for a long while before he answered one word at a time: “Black Wind River.”
Cao Hook heard that it was black wind river, he immediately burst into tears. He strode to the front of Yueqiao and asked with fear: “Which…where… did you wear a sheepskin necklace with a black cross? ”
Even if Yueqiao was trying to be indifferent, but facing to such a tearful white-haired old man, for a while he didn’t know how to answer, he hesitated for a long time, and then quickly turned his head, and said hastily: “No, what black cross, I have never seen it.”
After saying that, he picked up the axe in a hurry, rushed down the hill, leaving Cao Hook and the old tree, which was full of axe marks, against the chill of late winter.

Since that day, Cao Hook actually kept his promise, he has no longer care for Yueqiao. He has not always stared at him. He doesn’t even talk to him much. This day, Yueqiao came to the yurt to replace Cao Hook for guarding. Cao Hook saw Yueqiao coming. He just stood up and then leave the yurt without even a glimpse at him. Yueqiao was feeling awkward but he didn’t know what it was.
Mulun said that she had pointed the deaf acupuncture point for Qianqian today. She couldn’t hear anything. She was lying peacefully on bed. Yueqiao squatted beside her. He suddenly felt he has a lot of things want to talk to her. He took out the little bag Longqiao gave him. He groped out something from it held to Qianqian’s face. It was the sheepskin necklace which Cao Hook asked about the other day. Yueqiao played with this necklace, it has two black rectangular wood blocks hanging on it, once he put the horizontal one into the vertical one, it turned out to be a so-called black cross.
Yueqiao took the black cross necklace, swayed a few times to Qianqian. He smiled and said: “Look! Black cross, I have never seen it since I went to the Icy Jade Palace. It was Longqiao hid it for me more than ten years, I almost forgot it, but I didn’t forget the moment in the black wind river of my mother was buried in the sand. I only found one of her hand, and she was still holding this cross.”
Yueqiao gazed at Qianqian. She was sleeping sweetly. Her face was ruddy and her mouth looked smiling. Yueqiao kept talking like she was listening: “Mama died in the black wind river, it was because of him, Qianqian! I hate him, but he ignores me now, I feel twitching in my heart, Qianqian! When are you getting better and talk to me?”
Qianqian did not respond, then he hung the necklace on his neck, hiding it inside the collars, leaning against the pole and closed his eyes. Suddenly, a warm stream ran over the back of his hand. When he reopened his eyes, he saw Qianqian just by his side, holding his hand, smiled brilliantly. He was dazed.

Holding the hand of Yueqiao, Qianqian rushed out of the yurt directly on to the icy lake. The two slid on the ice lake and sneaked. The lake was still frozen with the infiltrated blue ice cubes reflected from the blue sky. The snow piled high on lakeside. Some children were playing in the ice hut, when they saw Qianqian and Yueqiao suddenly slided over. The children laughed and copied. They were rolling on the ice, slipping around with laughers. Ahwu was cruising with Cao repairing the bullpen. she saw Yueqiao and Qianqian and the children playing on the lake happily. She jumped, rushed, with screams to join them: “I am coming too!” These big children and small children twisted together, holding hands, falling and bumping, laughing and crying. The sound of joy spread throughout the entire snowland.
Cao Hook, Mulun and the children’s parents showed up and watched them play, with contented smiles on their faces.
The harsh winter seemed to have passed, and the spring tide was breaking through the waves.
Suddenly exclaimed, everyone stopped smiling, Yueqiao was holding Qianqian hurriedly walked back to the yurt. Mulun knew that Qianqian had entered the final layer of bliss. She returned to the yurt with Cao Hook and Ahwu. Immediately, she diagnosed for her. After a while, her mouth was slightly pulled, said: “The good news is that she has passed the sixth layer. The bad news is that she has entered the final layer of bliss. Everyone carefully look after her, I believe. Qianqian must be successful gone though all the blisses and return to the earth.” Then, Mulun kneeled, holding her freezing hand, praying for her, following Yueqiao, Ahwu and Cao Hook also kneeled down, while Qianqian was silently sleeping off all her torments.

Ever since entering the seventh layer of bliss, Qianqian has been dreaming day and night, and has not drunk and eaten in the past few days. Yueqiao and Ahwu was by the bed. Ahwu grabbed her hand while she was tossing with cold sweat, dream talking with teeth grinded. Ahwu frowned, couldn’t help but ask: “What kind of monsters and ghosts does she dream of by the way?”
Suddenly, Qianqian screamed and bounced up. Her eyes was already like two big black holes. Yueqiao hurried to cling her arm and calm her down. At this time, Mulun and Cao Hook came in.
Mulun said: “Ahwu, Yueqiao, you too take a rest for a while! Let me guard with uncle Cao.”
Ahwu stood up with a bang, but Yueqiao didn’t give them a glimpse. He just coldly said: “No, I want to be here alone with her, all of you can go back!”
Mulun looked at each other, she understood that no one was more agonized than him, she did not blame him for saying this. The three quietly left the yurt, leaving Yueqiao alone to guard Qianqian until the midnight.
The night was fascinating with a half moon exposed on the zenith of yurt. The moonlight poured in, filled the whole yurt. Yueqiao quenched the flame, gazed at the tortuous face of Qianqian beneath the soothing moon light. He felt so sorrowful that he began to weep. Mulun was coming in at this time. Yueqiao quickly wiped his tear to hide his feelings. Mulun gently moved to sit beside him and asked softly, “Do you love her very much!”
Listened to this question, Yueqiao but smiled bitterly: “I don’t know. I only know that whenever I see her suffering, I will be like a knife cutting in.”
Mulun nodded and said: “Yueqiao, do you know that there is something bigger than love in this world?”
Yueqiao looked up, saw the silver moon on the zenith, but didn’t answer. Mulun then said: “That is compassion. Compassion is greater than love, because there is no desire in it, so there is no fear, and there is no pain.”
Yueqiao listened, turned his face to smile at Mulun: “Aunt Mu, no wonder never seen you suffered from anything.” Mulun smiled tenderly, no longer talked. The chamber was suddenly fell into darkness, Mulun quickly relighted it. The two have been holding on until dawn.


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