Going Home 5-3



(3) Yelang
Duan hunling was soaked in the past alone until the night fell, and then Weng shouted: “Brother, the dinner is ready!” He left the room and walked down to the dinning hall. He saw the place was clean, the table was set with vegetarian dishes and soup. Weng, Bai and Qianqian have already sat around the table as if a table of reunion. Duan Hunling came to the table with his official’s manner. He swept the three with his eagle’s eyes before he sat down and said: “Eat!” The three dare to move their chopsticks afterwards. Qianqian hold the chopsticks and thought of when she was in Songhu Island. During the year, only the New Year’s Day, and the birthdays of mother and father would be reunited for the dinner. The sisters always stared at the food on table but didn’t dare to eat until their father sat down, and said: “Eat!” The situation was as like it is today. She saw that Weng and Bai were gorging, but Duan Hunling seemed to be full of thoughts. He had never picked any. Qianqian remembered that every time they reunited for the dinner, she was always arranged to sit at the farthest from their father. She looked at him from a distance. He was always eating slow and cold and didn’t pick much dishes. So Qianqian always has a wish, that is, to pick dishes for him. Even though it was so simple, but it has not been fulfilled. Now, she looked at Duan hunling eating quietly. He wasn’t so bad as usual. Suddenly, Qianqian sprouted a strange thought. Why don’t I today complete my wish with him? She immediately picked up a potato, dropped into the bowl of him, smiled and said: “This is for you, … gramps!”
When the words came out, everyone was stunned. Weng laughed: “Good girl! but our brother has not been so old as gramps yet!”
Qianqian grinned: “Oh Yes! I saw him squinting, frowning, glowering all day, his face was wrinkled, as if an …”
Until there, Duan hunling was silent. Skrikingly, he slammed the table without alarm. The potato bounced and jumped out of his bowl. He looked so inexplicable infuriated. Qianqian was frustrated dealing with him, yelled: “What’s wrong with you? no matter how I treat you, you still hated me?”
Duan Hunling clenched his fist, slammed on the table to made a big hole. The dishes on the table were instantly meddled. Weng and Bai stood up quickly. Weng pull the sleeve of Bai, retreated with him outside the hall. Bai looked back before he disappeared in the dusk, with a smile of gloat.
Qianqian still sat at the table, squinting at him, see what else he would say. Duan hunling took out the dagger from his sleeve, said: “You want to know why I hate you so much? Well, I will tell you tonight, then you can die without regret.” He sat down and asked: “This dagger is your mother’s relic that you have never leave it. You must be very familiar with it! There are two small characters on the blade, do you know?”
Qianqian raised her chin and said: “Of course, I know that! There are two small characters written Yelang.”
Duan Hunling caressed the blade and whispered: “Yelang, good! What does that Yelang mean, do you know?”
Qianqian replied without thinking: “This dagger is from the ancient nation of Nanxun, which was the place casted this dagger.”
Duan hunling looked satisfied, said: “You only right half of it. Yelang is a name of a place and also a name of a person.”
“Name of a person? Who?” looking at his self-assured expression, Qianqian quickly guessed: “Is it you?”
Absolutely, he raised the dagger to show her the words of Yelang on the blade, and said: “Yes, Yelang is me…”

His real name is Duan Yelang, was born in Weinan Bozhou, in the ancient nation of Yelang. When he was fourteen, his parents died. He was once with a group of horse robbery, but soon he left for Lushan to become a porter. He carried hundreds pound of goods every day, walked between mountains for ten years. He trained himself to be strong and unyielding. A few years later, he accidentally met the girl from a wealthy family at the foothill. For many years, they had only looked at each other affectionately but had not really talked. A year ago, Liu Yiyi’s family was unfortunatly murdered by a group of robbery. Only Liu Yiyi and his brother ran through the catastrophe. They stayed in their uncle’s home, and then the two finally began dating.
On this day, Yiyi’s uncle went to the market to buy goods, so she slipped out to see him. She saw Yelang lying on the hillside, then she sneaked behind him, tried to scare him to give him a surprise, but she was actually scared by a sudden flap from him. Yiyi said: “You are so bad! I was bringing you a gift, but now I have to think about it.”
Yelang immediately searched behind her back for that so-called gift. It turned out was the dagger, he said disappointedly: “What gift? It was a lie!”
Liu Yiyi said seriously: “It is not a lie. You need to take a look at the dagger first.”
Yelang pulled out the dagger and saw two new characters on the blade. It was his name Yelang. He was very moved. He gazed at Yiyi and sat side by side on the grass with her. Yiyi said: “This is engraved by our old ironsmiths who used to work for my father. He has to know who is Yelang before he promised to engrave for me.”
“Then who you said Yelang is!” Yelang asked deliberately. Yiyi smiled and whispered: “You know who!” by saying that, she hid herself into the arm of him, said gently: “I will give you this dagger!”
Yelang smiled and said: “Give it to me? Is it a token of love?”
Yiyi shyly replied and said: “You said yes is yes!” She felt that his heart beat getting as fast as her, she earnestly said: “Yelang, I am now homeless, parentless. I have only you and Yicun.”
Yelang held her hands, said gravely, “In a few days, I am going to Dali. If it was lucky, I can make a big sum of money. Then we can leave here, go to Jinling, start a small business to live the way we like.”
Knowing that he was going to Dali, Yiyi was very reluctant, but she knew that this was the only way to set themself free. She clasped her hands, said: “You go to Dali, you must be careful, remember to come back!”
When it came to say remember to come back, her eyes were red, and tears hanging. Yelang was worried. Once he went to Dali, who else would protect her? Then he gave her back the dagger, said, “It is better you keep this dagger! Recently, it isn’t so safe around here. It is better to have a weapon with you.”
Yiyi looked at the dagger, said: “I am afraid of these sorts of weapon, you know that. They always suggested ominous feelings.”
Yelang raised the dagger and smiled: “Look! Now you have engraved my name on this dagger, as if I was with you. All the ominous feelings will be gone.”
Yiyi leaned on his sturdy shoulder, but still an unknown ominous premonition lingering in her heart. He has to be away for six months, too long that they have never been parted.
A few days later, Yelang set off to Dali. Unexpectedly, once he was away. Yiyi’s uncle sent her to the Emei temple and sent Yicun to the Baiyun Temple. Yiyi faced great change and did not know what to do. She was crying and crying in the temple, refused to take the tonsure. Yungu, the master nun, felt pity for her. She persuaded the abbot to let her practice nun without shaving hair. The abbot and other master nuns believed that Yiyi didn’t want to take the tonsure, must have something she could’t put down in the red dust. Therefore, they allowed her practice nun with her hair on temperorily.
Liu Yiyi then became a martial arts disciple, but she has not learned any martial arts. She has only provoked countless doomed romance. In the stable of the forest, she was set up by Miaoyin, drank the reunion tea and ruined her innocence with Ren Wanli. She wanted to kill herself, but saved by Ren Wanli. Ren Wanli gently bounced off the dagger and shouted: “Liu the girl, you must not do stupid things. I am not a ruthless person. I will be responsible for what I did. I will go immediately to your master, said that I want to marry you. She must promise…. and… what happened here today, will only you and I know…”

When Ren Wanli said that, Liu Yiyi was flustered, said: “No!”
Ren Wanli suddenly blanked, asked: “Why? am I… so annoying?”
Liu Yiyi quickly said: “No!” She was thinking about Yelang! Yelang! What should I do? If he was back, I have already married to Songhu Island, then… he must thought that I betrayed our oath and hated me for a lifetime. But if he came back and found out I have already on more innocent, how could I face to him?” After considering all the situations, she realized that no matter what she decided was extremely painful. Ren Wanli watched her restless and struggling, he was baffled but he could do nothing except offer to marry her. He hate himself though was superb at martial arts, but he can’t comfort his beloved woman. Hence, he picked up the dagger on the ground, place it on his own throat and said resolutely: “Liu the girl, if you refused to forgive me, please let me die in front to you!”

Liu Yiyi looked at him strangely. She saw no trace of playfulness in his eyes. She thought: How superb the status of him? everyone knows that Ren Wanli is peerless in the rivers and lakes. He would really die for me? While she was doubtfully looked at him, Ren Wanli suddenly kneeled in front of her, pushed the dragger closer to his throat. Liu Yiyi was frightened, she immediately kneeled and hold his arm, said: “No! Island Master! Why have you?” Then she tilted her face and said, “This is after all… not totally your fault.” She was blushed when she said that. Ren Wanli still kneeled, but he was fascinated and grateful for what she said. He felt that she was noble and honest. He loved her even more. He bowed and said: “Liu the girl, if you don’t mind that I am old and ugly, willing to marry me as my wife, I will swear to heaven, in my life, I only love you, till the end and forever.”
Liu Yiyi was thinking: Ren Wanli is tall and handsome, even he is much older than I am. By any means, he can’t be said old and ugly. He is actually extraordinary. It is me not worthy for him. How can I refused!? She was about to give in but once she thought of Yelang, she couldn’t just let go of him. She did’t say anything for a long time, then Ren Wanli kept kneeling on the ground. Yiyi finally made up her mind. Anyhow I have to see Yelang again. Thus, she tried to delay with an excuse. She turned back to him, said: “Island Master, can you give me three months.”
“Three months?” Ren Wanli asked.
Liu Yiyi took away the dagger from his hand, said: “Please, Island Master, stand up first!”
When she was trying to help him standing up, Ren Wanli suddenly bounced up by himself. Doesn’t he need any help? Liu Yiyi was surprised that he has been kneeling for such a long time, his knees seemed to have no paralysis. He looked up with his eyes like star and moon when his eyebrows like sword. He is spiritual, not a common man. After a long sigh, she replied: “Yes, three months. I wondered if the Island Master could come to Emei after three months.”
Ren Wanli did not understand why he has to wait for three months, and has to endure the pain of missing her for three more months. Three months could have changed dramatically, he was worried. Hence, he said: “After three months, when I go to Emei to propose, what is the token for me to be trusted?”
Liu Yiyi listened to him asking for a token of trust. She felt mournful in her heart and lamented that her fate has been out of her hands. She has no choice but gave him the dagger, said: “Take this dagger!” After three months, if the Island Master did not come, today’s pledge between us would be abolished.”
Ren Wanli felt humiliated when she said that, he quickly rejected: “A man’s word once spoken, cannot be overtaken, how could I abolish it? Liu the girl, has you looked down on me?”
Liu Yiyi smiled only without argued, said: “You should also promise me, the Island Master. Within these three months, you or I should never mention about what happened today to the third party.”
Ren Wanli was annoyed by this Liu Yiyi. She has too many things to worry. What is she thinking actually in her heart? Is it that I am not good enough for her? he frowned and said: “Liu the girl, you can be assured that I am not a big mouth gossip, how could I tell tales of my own?”
Liu Yiyi listened to what he answered. She couldn’t help but smiled. But instantly she remembered Yelang and sighed again.

Liu Yiyi wanted to wait for Yelang to return, and confessed to him of the truth. If he understood and forgave, she would run away with him and would never marry Ren Wanli. However, only one month has passed. One day, when she and master Yungu were cleaning the ancestral hall, she suddenly fainted and fell from the altar. Fortunately, Yungu caught her in time. Yungu shouted: ” Yiyi! What happened to you?” She was in a coma. When she gradually revived, she saw that Yungu was checking her pulse. She quickly retracted her hand, but Yungu has already changed her face, taken aback: “Yiyi! You …”
Yiyi immediately fell her kneel to the ground, took the corner of her clothes and cried: “Master, it is my fault.”
Yungu and Yiyi’s parents were originally fellows in the village. She has been watching Yiyi growing up. She loved her like her own child. Although Yiyi is a practitioner, she is still a half-timed nun. If the abbot found out, she will be evicted from the temple, and her life will be ruined. She was shocked and angry when she was thinking of it. She questioned gravely: “Who is he?”
Yiyi was crying, but said nothing. Yungu suddenly reminded that a guy who was a porter often came to see her. She suspected was him, so she said, “Is it the porter called Yelang? ”
Yiyi listened the name of Yelang, she hurriedly shook her head: “No! No! No! Not him.”
Yungu heard that it was not him, she was more anxious: “Who is then? There must be someone!”
Yiyi was afraid that once the fact were told, they would immediately send her to Songhu Island. She would never be able to see Yelang again. Therefore, she did not answer whatever Yungu asked. If she didn’t say who is the guy, Yungu could do nothing but tried to cover up for her. However, this kind of thing can’t be concealed forever. The abbot will found it out eventually. In addition, it happened to be the one hundredth anniversary of Emei temple. It was reallly the bad time to have such a scandal. She finally decided to imprison Yiyi in the Jinding Zen Room and will disposed her after the annverisary.
The day before the annversary, it also to be the last day of the three-months period that Yiyi was set for Ren Wanli, and on this day, Yelang finally came back.


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