Going Home 5-4



(4) The Pine tree
Yelang smuggled the jade to Jinling fortunately succeed. He happily received his share of gold, and rushed back to Yiyi’s uncle’s home in Emei. Unexpectedly, her snobbish and mean uncle only answered him through the gap of door: “You go find her in Emai Temple! She is a nun now!”
“What? Yiyi became a nun?” Yelang couldn’t believe his ears. He knocked on the door desperately, but suddenly the lights in the house were completely extinguished, and the yellings of him were ignored. Yelang was like an ant on a hot pot, he couldn’t be settled until he proved it, so he immediately rushed up to the temple to clarify despite it was already late at night. When he came to the gate of Emei Temple. It was strange that everywhere was lighted up and the nuns were bustled around. Yelang hid under the low wall and watched for a long time. He didn’t see Yiyi appeared at all. He thought: Yiyi can’t be a nun. The abominable uncle must have lied to me, but if she wasn’t here, where is she now?
While muttering to himself, a gusty wind slammed his back. He turned around, saw Yungu standing under the tree, coldly looking at him. He wanted to sneak away but Yungu talked to him: “Where do you still want to go? Aren’t you come here to see Yiyi?” When he heard her name, he walked back and asked, “Do you know where she is?”
Yungu was surrounded by no one, she whispered: “Come with me!” Yungu took the chance when everybody were busy for the banquet tomorrow, brought Yelang secretly to the Zen room of Jingdin. Yelang was full of doubts, standing before the forbidden area of Emei Temple. He realized that if he passed over this line and be discovered, he would be in big trouble. He hesitated for a while before asked: “Why? Yiyi is imprisoned here?”

Yungu sneered and said:”Are you afraid? That is how much you care about her?” Yelang sensed that she was testing him. Yungu was always good to Yiyi. Whatever her intention, she wouldn’t do harm to her. He believed, so he boldly stepped into the forbidden area. Once he did that, Yungu told him the truth: “Yiyi has broken the stipulation.”
Yelang seemed insensble for what she was pointing, asked: “What stipulation?”
Yungu sighed and said: “She is pregnant.”
First of all, she was said that became a nun, and now was pregnant. Yelang was overwhelming confused. It was only less than half a year, how could she become nun and pregnant at the same time? He was no longer controlled. He rushed to the top of the mountain. under the companion of a new moon, Yelang passed through a bush, saw a stone house leaning against the steep cliff. Inside was dim with swaying candle light. Yelang walked to door of the Zen room, saw a big copper lock on it. He murmured: “Is Yiyi locked in this Zen room?” The zen room has no window in the front. all the windows were facing the cliff. Although Yelang did not practice any martial arts, he was extraordinary bold. He hold the chain along the cliff, climbing againt the narrow stone eave. Yelang was agile, he reached the window of the Zen Room rapidly. When he looked inside, he couldn’t help but yelled: “Yiyi!”
Liu Yiyi sat on the futon in the Zen room, heard a voice calling her name. It was clearly Yelang. She stood up and looked around, found that he was hugging the iron bar by the window, called: “Yiyi! I am here. ”

Then she ran to the window, grabbed his hands and cried: “Yelang, it’s you, you are finally back.”
Yelang looked at her, she was so flustered with tears mark on her face. He was distressed, but he has to ask, gently:”Master Yungu said that you are… pregnant… is it true?”
Listened to this question, she suddenly let go of his hands and stepped back to the room before she whispered:”It is true.”
Yelang was heart broken when he heard that the answer was positive. He felt burning in bones with jealousy. He clenched his fists as if he was crashing the man. He gnashed and stared at Yiyi, coldly asked: “Who is he?”
Yiyi never saw that his expression was like that. She was afraid. She changed her mind of telling the truth, said feebly:”Yelang, I am not innocent, you forget me!”
Yelang instantly stretched his arm into the room between the iron bars, said: “Yiyi! No matter who he is, I just want to know, is it what you want?”
Yiyi shook her head desperately and said: “No, I don’t want it? I was not willing. I was waiting for you to come back, no matter what it is…” Then she walked slowly back to Yelang.
Yelang grabbed her hands through the window, pull her back to his arms, said with tears: “Enough, Yiyi! It is enough to have your words. Let’s forget about that. We can leave behind all these things to Jinling. I have gold now. I earned a hundred ingots, you see!” Just slipped his hand into collars to take out the gold, his collars was hooked by a force. He then was lifted up and thrown before the Zen room. In the dark night, a bright golden cudgel has been laid down on his shoulder. Yelang raised his arm to block. Fortunately, he was physically strong enough to bear the blow, otherwise, he already lost his left arm. When he looked up, he saw the abbot and the two old nuns standing in front of him. The abbot was furious, said: “Isn’t it you a loser? You are finally showing up?” While she was saying, she wanted to dash him another slam.
But Yiyi yelled from a small peephole on the door: “Abbot, master! it is not him, is not him!”
Yelang fell to the ground, listened word by word that Yiyi said through the door. He was disheartened, said: “Yiyi, forget it, let me admit it!”
Listened to what he said, the abbot felt ridiculous, said critically: “What do you mean let me admit it? Yes is yes, no is no. You hear it clearly with me. If it was yes, I will kill you right away. If it was no, just get out of here!”
Yiyi slammed behind the door and cried: “Master! Not him! Not him! It is not him!”
But the master abbot seemed has heard nothing. She just glared at Yelang, waiting for his answer. Yelang was hearing sharply with the cry of Yiyi. Each single word was drilling into his heart. Not him! Not me, then who is he? Why are you still protecting him? He was full of resentment and sadness. he suddenly looked up to the abbot with a sigh of relief, said :”Yes”. The Master abbot once heard that he said yes, she dashed her golden cudgel on his shoulder. Yelang took it silently as his clothes was torn instantely. Yiyi saw that from the peephole, she couldn’t help but poured tears and cried: “I said, I said, please don’t hit him anymore. That….that….that person will come tomorrow, if he came, you will know who he is.”
When her words finished, the master abbot and Yelang both were shocked. The master abbot was slightly satisfied for what Yiyi said. She sneered: “I will definitely want to see who is this jerk!” After that, the two nuns dragged Yelang out of the Jindin forbidden area. Yelang was tough enough to bear two dashes of her cudgel, he was yelling: “Yiyi! I will come back for you!”

At the dawn of the following day, the disciples of Emei Temple gathered in the Tiangang Hall to prepare the ancestral ceremony for the hundredth anniversary. The temple was founded in the early years of the Great Song. It was said that founded by a princess in Five Dynasties. After her country was subjugated, the princess fled into the mountains and became a nun. In the later years, she built a martial arts school with the temple, only accepted female disciples who made a oath to leave the red dust of reality. Today, was just a hundred years from then.
The master Mingxin was the sixth-generation abbot. Although she was impassive, she was very aggressive. After she became abbot, she determined to restore and promote the martial arts of Emei Temple. She led Emei to become one of the most famous martial arts school of the eight major schools today in the rivers and lakes. She wanted to take the oppunitity of hundredth anniversay, invited the seven other major schools to study and show off. Unexpectedly, encountered the thorny case of Liu Yiyi, she has to handle it strictly. she instructed the disciples that if anyone saw a strange man appeared today, immediately tie him up for grill tonight. This kind of scandal must not be released.
Soon, representatives of the Seven Great Schools arrived. Yungu, Yunxi, and Yunhe had already greeted them at the gate of the Tiangang hall. The earliest arrive was the Shaolin School, the leader of the Eight Great Schools, the Shaolin Dharma Hall’s abbot. Jingbumo abbot touched his big belly, with two boy monks, laughing while he stepped into the ancestral hall: “Stolen a half-day leisure, visited the Emei with pleasure.”
Yunhe greeted him and laughed: “Jingbumo abbot! You are still so funny!”
Jingbumo abbot swang his sunflower fan and said: “I only wanted a glass of wine, with the moon at the mountian high.”
This monk was talking like singing, no matter how nonsense he was, Yungu respected him as the master, said: “The master abbot rejuvenated, goodness! goodness!”
Yunxi was more cautious and smiled implicitly: “The master abbot, please go to the inner hall to enjoy tea!”
Jingbumo monk then laughed again, walked slackly with the two boy monks.
Yunhe turned around and saw followed by Jingbumo monk, was the head of the Qingcheng School, Guo Ruyun. He worn a fluttering taoist long robe, with a white jade pin on his hair bun. He looked magnificent. He was a well-known master of swordsmanship. A few years later, Lv Jiannan and Yu Qianguang were accepted as his apprentices. Yu Qianguang was also the master of Teng Kuanrou. For today, he himself brought four young disciples to attend the ceremony, but he saw that the other schools only sent disciples, and were later than him. He was unhappy about it.
Yunhe came to greet him: “Master Guo! You looked great today.”
Guo Ruyun listened to what she said, he thought he must have hid his feelings very well. He slightly smiled without answered, then led his disciples into the inner hall.
When Yunhe looked back, Yunxi was greeting the young disciple Shen Yingxia of Diancang school, and Yungu has greeted the Ouyang Lianfang of the Hungdong school.
As soon as they stepped into the courtyard, Ruihexing of the Huashan School appeared in front of them. Ruihexing also taught Teng Kuanrou martial arts. He was only a 20-year-old young man at that time. He was naughty but talented. He became the head of Huashan School 20 years later. He smirked: “I am not the latest, am I?”
Yungu smiled: “You are not, but later than master Guo. He is looking for you everywhere!”
Ruihexing heard that Guo Ruyun arrived earlier than him, he frowned, tongued out, hurriedly walked after the disciples of Hengshan and Haichao School. The Seven Great Schools have all arrived, but there was still a guest who has not yet appeared.
When Yungu checked the time with the sky, she was getting nervous, said: “It is about the time to start the cercmony, but….”
Yunxi and Yunhe were both longing. Yunxi said: “Every year, even we didn’t invite the seven Great Schools. This person also came. This year of hundredth anniversay, will he be absent?”
Yungu shook her head and said: “It is hard to say. This person often surprised you…”
As she said, there was a hustle of noise from inside. Three of them immediately returned to the inner hall.

In the courtyard of the Tiangang Hall, the representatives of the eight schools were gathering, making comments to an old pine tree. The three nun masters stopped at the courtyard, stunningly said: “Weird! where did this pine tree come from? There were no tree in this courtyard before. This pine tree looked very old with its crooked roots. How could it be suddenly came out from the soil?”
It was really unbelievable and controversial. The answer was on the eaves. A man standing on the eaves, swiftly passed through the courtyard beneath the sky, laughing while he landed in front of the pine tree: “My martial arts friends, please forgive me being late!”
Who is this man? His martial arts is so superb, and his temperament is so heroic, what the eight great schools compared to him, they all seemed to be vulgar. The people in the martial arts world, should have been like that! Yelang mixed in the porters, carrying the gifts of the seven schools, sneeked into the Taingang Hall. He hid in the bushes under the wall of the courtyard, and saw how Ren Wanli held these thousand pounds pine tree and insert it into soil all by himself. He watched him flying, leaping, floating. Yelang has never seen such a superb martial arts. He was astonished and fascinated with admiration. He thought: If I also have this kind of martial arts, I can immediately fly to Jingdin to rescue Yiyi. Thinking of that, he hate himself just have a pair of bare-hand, couldn’t save his beloved woman.
After Ren Wanli landed on the ground, he bowed and apologized to the other masters. All the masters of the eight schools, including the the master Mingxin, had just enjoyed the superb martial arts of planting tree. They were so amazed and stunned. But the master Mingxi still looked indifferent, said: “The island master! What a expensive gift!”
In addition of attending to the annivesary, Ren Wanli also has to propose today. He knew that Mingxin has always been difficult and apathethic. In order to be successfully propose without any obstacle, he intentionally hid his strange temper and was particularly respected to her, said: “Master Mingxin, you are very welcome! I have only two-sleeve of breeze, the most valuable thing in Songhu Island is this golden wind jade dew pine tree. In order to celebrate the hundredth annversary of Emei, I picked one of this thousand-year-old pine tree as a gift. I wish the Emei school as longlife and evergreen as this pine tree!”
The master Mingxin was looked cool as usual, but was already exultant in her heart. Everyone in the rivers and lakes knew that this golden wind jade dew pine tree was unique to Songhu Island. This pine tree was no different from ordinary pine trees, but once it reached the age of a thousand years, it would exhale special elements to boost the internal strength of martial arts practitionars. Even if was for ordinary people, could also prolong their lifespan. It was heard that even in Songhu Island, there were only two or three. Ren Wanli actually pulled out one today, brought from a hundred miles away. This gift was really emormous and precious. It was inevitable to be misundertood as flattering. It wasn’t only let Songhu Island stole the limelight, also highlighted the gifts of the other schools were too stingy. Some people might be already offended.
At that time, the Jingbumo monk suddenly laughed and said: “When the golden wind and the jade dew met, I slept without worried my fat.” Everyone turned face to looked at him, but he was already lying on the squeaking clear wooden floor of the Tiangang Hall, with his boy monks fanning for him. Suddenly a gong and a drum banged in the Tiangang Hall, to declare that the hundredth anniversary ancestral ceremony has just began. Yungu, Yunhe and Yunxi then led the Eight Great Schools and Ren Wanli entering the main hall.
At this time, Ren Wanli looked around, but did not see Liu Yiyi. He was wondering why as a disciple of Emei, didn’t show up in such an important occasion. Later, he saw all the disciples are nuns in the Tiangang Hall, he was reminded that Liu Yiyi was still a intern, so it was reasonable that she did not participate the ceremony! He then felt appeased, said to himself: I should wait until after the ceremony is completed. So I will not be rude and dishonored Liu the girl!
Ren Wanli was thinking, murmuring unconsciously that he could’t help but grinned and looked frisky in such a solemn occasion. Everyone was casting him a glance and frowned. This man is a peerless martial arts master, but was arrogant and ridiculous.
Yelang was hiding in the bushes. He didn’t dare to make a sound. He saw everyone entering the main hall. He wanted to go to the Jingdin to see Yiyi, but he didn’t dare to move. He thought: “The masters in Tiangang Hall are all elites, even if I moved a finger, would be discovered. If the master abbot saw me hiding here, she must kill me for sure. Yiyi said that jert will appear today, is it true? Today here are all outstanding masters. This coward has done such a good thing, would he has gut to show up? Looking at the back of Ren Wanli, he thought: If I and Yiyi can escape from here this time, I must learn some martial art, otherwise, how can I protect my wife and children ? He wished: “If this hero was willing to accept me as a disciple, that would be nice!”


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