Going Home 5-6


(6) Wolf
Surrounded with the cold bluish flame, Duan hunling and Qianqian sat at the table until dawn.
The morning breeze blew out the expiring candle. Duan hunling told the heart broken story filled with remorse and anguish. He stared at Qianqian: “Ren Wanli is a master of martial art. He bullied the weak, kinked my love. Should not I hate him?”
Qianqian was unmoved,  responded coldly: “You hated him so much, you can go to Songhu Island, find him and avenge, you vent your hatred on me, are you not the same bullying the weak?”
Duan hunling didn’t expect that she has no sympathy to his misfortune at all. He was furious, said: “He took away Yiyi for his own selfish desire. He did not have a little bit of pity on her. He only forced her to continue the blood, until she was exhausted and died early. It is he ruined her life, and mine.. it is he, that’s why I am still alone……shouldn’t I hate him?”
Qianqian sneered, refuted: “My father was so loyal to my mother. He was gentle and considerate, loving and caring. The couple were perfect match. Everybody knows that in the rivers and lakes, they are fairy tale, a legend. Would she be happier with you becoming  gang? and be worrying all her life?”
Duan Hunling bounced up from the bench and shivered: “You… you…” He couldn’t believe that she protected Ren Wanli, and saw him as a perfect man, even after knowing the fact he did. He felt like Ren Wanli was taking away everything he has, including his the last self respect. He grudged: “If Ren Wanli loved her so much, after she died, why didn’t he followed her? Why he still remained in this world?”
Qianqian thought of how sad her father has been since the death of her mother. He was so depressed and has never left Songhu Island agian.  She sighed: “He lived like a walking dead after my mother died. What is the difference between life and death to him?”

Duan hunling was still shivering, glaring at her but couldn’t say a word. Qianqian didn’t avoid his gaze, kept pulling fuel on the fire:”You said that you loved my mother so much, then after she married my father, you should have died for her, why didn’t you?”
From the viewpoint of Qianqian, the misfortune of this person was caused by his own. When she saw that he has nothing talked back, she boldly told him the truth: “You don’t know anything but just was stubborn and self-righteous. You always thought that It was my father raped my mother. Actually, you didn’t know what happened on the day?”
Duan Hunling sneered: “Where were you at that time? Do you know what you are talking about?”
Qianqian said immediately: “I was not born yet at the time, but when I was trapped in the Icy Jade Palace, it was Miaoyin Tianjun told me by himself. It was he, put the reunion tea inside the tea of theirs. That is why they lost their rationality.  They couldn’t help themselves but…”
Qianqian naively thought that if the truth was told, it would be easily resolve the decades of his hatred towards her father. However,  when Duan hunling heard that, he was furiously jealous of Ren Wanli. He laughed and laughed, took out the ecstasy of Wuyan, swayed in front of Qianqian, snorted: “What reunion tea? I also have the ecstasy.” While he was saying, he cracked the table with the esctasy in his hand.  Qianqian was terrified, staring at him but dare not say anything. Duan hunling was painfully distorted and his grievances was piled:  “Ren Wanli was a master of  martial arts, his internal strength was deep. This little bit of drug, does it matter to him? He obviously pretended…” Have saying that, he leaned over and glared at Qianqian with his bloody eyes, said, “You have never tasted it yet!”
Qianqian shuddered only. Duan Hunling has no longer talked. He turned around, stepped out. He saw someone standing by the door. It was Bai, he seemed to be there, waiting for a long time. Duan Hunling glanced at him then left without a word.
Qianqian looked at Bai approaching to her, like catching a chicken in the cage. Suddenly she realized that what was going to happen. She wanted to stand up and flee, but was blocked by two plumbs in her ankles. She pressed her hands against the ground, panted in the yellow smoke and fainted afterward.

Duan Hunling left the Please come guest house and rambled down the hill. He came to the front gate of the Baiyun Temple, blindly ran into a person. When he looked up, the man said, “It is you, donor Duan!”
Duan hunling looked at this man. He was an old monk, bald head and long beard, wearing a gray short robe, shouldered with a bag, seemed to have just returned from a trip. Duan hunling finally recognized him, and smiled: “Was it the master Zhitong?”
The abbot of the Baiyun Temple, Zhitong, often traveled to the temples in Lushan for the affairs of religion. When the parents of Liu Yiyi were still alive, they often came to Baiyun Temple to worship the Buddha. At the time, Yelang served them as a porter, he came along with them was hoping that he could see Yiyi on the way. Eighteen years ago, Duan Hunling reunited with Liu Yiyi in the Please come guest house. In the morning, Yiyi left without saying goodbye. He came to Baiyun Temple to ask about her. This old monk has good retention and practice physiognomy. When he saw Yelang more than ten years ago, he said: “You are high on the cheekbone, you will be a powerful man, but your chin is sharp so you have no children to be blessed. You are destined to be alone.”
At that time, Yelang was young and strong, thinking that if he had power, wouldn’t he have no family? With a family, wouldn’t he be afraid of no children? To the words of this monk, he just laughed it off. After more than a decade, abbot Zhitong recognized him right away.  Duan hunling was inquiring about Yiyi.  Zhitong only implied that he and Liu Yiyi would be ended in tragedy.
Duan Hunling did not believe in fate even though Zhitong was already half right about it. After another eighteen years,  when Zhitong saw Duan hunling this time, he said with pleasure: “Duan donor, I have waited for you 16 years,  you finally have returned to Baiyun Temple today.”
Duan hunling said: “Waited for me 16 years? Can you explain it?”
Zhitong smiled and said: “Duan donor please come to the temple with me, and you will understand.”
Then, he brought Duan hunling to the Baiyun Temple. The big incense burner in front of Guanyin Hall was filled with incense sticks in the blue smoke. Zhitong  introduced Duan hunling to the chanting room. In the room, there were only wooden fishes and futons. Duan hunling followed Zhitong to one of those wooden fishes, then he drew a letter from the bottom of it and smiled: “This letter has been under this wooden fish for 16 years, waiting for you to come and take it every day.” When he said that he had handed the letter to him. Duan Hunling saw it has already turned yellow and the handwriting was fuzzy. It seemed to be written in the words of Duan Yelang. Duan hunling immediately tore it opened and took out the letter. The paper was folded for many years and became chipped. He barely opened it, shook off the dust. The words was blurred with the faded ink. But at the first glance, he recognized by the handwriting. It was Liu Yiyi. Duan hunling started reading unsettlingly.  The first sentence was: Yelang my love. He was dazed with such intimate way that she called him.  His heart was pounding, but he calmly continued reading…
“When you are far away and uncertain, I don’t know where to send this letter. The world is illusory, and I can’t tell you everything. Now, when I am in the middle of leaving, I am looking forward to your forgiveness. Don’t you regret it? In the misty rain of the embraces. Could you have no complaints? She is a child without a mother. She has no mother she shouldn’t have no father. My ninth daughter Qianqian, is your flesh and blood. One day if you met with her, the dagger of Yelang will be the prove. What else should I say? I have been tearing. I don’t know what I am talking……Yiyi the last words.”
Duan Hunling read until my ninth daughter Qianqian is your…… he was already blanked. The morning glow was like a sword and the wind was like a knife.

Weng was awaken by the noise, and found Bai was not there. He came to the dinning hall, found nobody but the broken table with the dishes scattered all over. At this time, the morning sunlight thrust into the hall, and everything was shone. Weng has a feeling something wrong. He scratched his head, said: “Weird! Where are the people…”
Then he saw two plumbs that has been buckled on the girl’s legs were unlocked and rested on the ground. Weng knew that Bai was the key keeper. He was anxious and said: “Is it he…”
Then, he saw the girl’s embroidered shoes, one under the chair, one by the stair. Weng picked them up with his face sunk.  He knew that what had happened when he heard somenone groaned in the attic. Weng hold the embroidered shoes, looked up, saw the door of the attic room was closed. The sunlight diagonally bladed in the dust. A gust of wind blew behind him, Duan hunling was dashing in and boarded on the attic.  He slammed the door opened, while the girl was grabbing her collars rushing out. She wiped by the side of him, but seemed that did not see. Duan hunling hurriedly grabbed her arms. She looked back, in a moment both was extremely horrified. They were freezed until Duan said: “You…are my daughter!”
The girl thought that he was going to humiliate her more. She struggled from his grasp maddly, slid down the stairs with bare feet like a leaf of autumn fell from the withered tree. Duan Hunling chased a few steps and stopped. He saw Weng holding the cloak and shoes following her. He stood there with remorse and shame and inexplicable anger.  He turned around, saw that Bai was still holding his pants. He immediately jumped to him, raised his fist on his face. Bai was frightened, said: “Brother, you… I… How could she became your daughter?”
Duan hunling punched the wall, crushed a big hole. He couldn’t rationalized anything right now. He just walked out the room, down the stairs, watching over the Baiyun Temple, shaded in the moring haze.

Weng caught up the girl by the Baiyun Temple when the bell and drum banged for the morning class. The sound of chantings gradually filled the empty mountain. Weng saw the poor girl standing on the slope by the temple, staring at the raging river in the valley. She looked melting into the golden sunlight with the sound of rising chanting. Weng was sad. He then gently put the cloak on her shoulder. She was shivered but did not look back. Weng put her shoes on the ground and said: “You are free now, go home! Go back to Songhu Island!”
After saying that, he turned around and left.
Qianqian perceptibly saw a face in her mind,  whispering to her ears:  “Go back to Songhu Island! ”

Do you also say this? Yueqiao! Yes, I can’t die here, even if I wanted to die, I have to go back to Songhu Island first!” She thought of it, hold back her tears, turned around, put on her shoes, that is, riding the wind, crossing the forest, with the black cloak fluttered. She stepped on her final journey of returning home.

Weng went back to the dinning hall, saw that Duan hunling and Bai was sitting quietly, Weng sighed: “Brother! You are my big brother, I have always respected you, but this time you…. are really wrong.”
Duan Hunling was drooped and speechless while Bai was frowning. He was thinking how to remedy? He seemed got an good idea, then smirked and said: “Weng! It is no use to blame brother Duan. Now, the first thing is how to fix it. I think it is actually very easy.  Brother! I can marry the silly girl and call you father-in-law. That is, is that any problem?”
Bai was really shameless or simply ignorant. He wasn’t bashful to say this kind of things. Duan hunling was looking at him incredibly.  He was ignited again by what he said. However, he knew that, from the bottom of heart,  he hated himself the most. Thinking of the pleading of Yiyi’s last words, asking him to care for her daughter, our own flesh and blood, but he actually spoiled her, He repeatedly asked the heaven.  Why didn’t you let me read the letter one day earlier?
Weng pointed at the nose of Bai, said: “You still talking shameless, hehe! I think you all forgot how we sworn as brothers. In those days, we stumbled, only because we did bad things. I am a salt smuggler, only seeking huge profits, and bullying the poor. You Bai, are self-proclaimed flower thief and has ruined many good women in your life!”
Bai dropped his head down when Weng was condemning him. He looked a bit shame of what he did. Weng continued: “Wuyan was a false priest. He was swindling everywhere, but among the four of us, he did the least harmful, however, he died the earliest.”
Counting to Duan hunling, Weng carefully looked at him up and down before he made a comment. Although he has always respected him as a hero who was unyielding and undautable, but today he witnessed this man did a horrible thing, he found that was unforgivable, said: “Brother! When you left the Qinglong Gang, you had said something to me, do you remember?”
Duan hunling was still depressed with his face down, without answering. Weng then blasted: “You said that you had just climbed up to the third place of Qinglong, under your feet have already piled up with innocent bones. It was you, my brother said that, and you advised me to stop being vicious.. . but, why did yourself fell again today?”
Weng was looked so righteous up to here. Duan hunling abruptly raised his head, turned at him, said grimly: “Weng! what have I done today, did you see it? You say it! What did you see?”
He talked like heartless and mad. Weng immediately retreated. He did not dare to say anything more, but it was too late. Duan hunling was already irrated. He step by step approached to Weng, said: “Why don’t you say anything now? Weng, Bai, how did I treat you guys all these days?” He said while looking back at Bai with grievances. Bai couldn’t returned any words. Then he turned to Weng again: “Are you raking over my past today? I tell you, you have just said the most right thing. That is, Wuyan should not die earlier than you…”
Speaking of that, Weng was alarmed something really bad, he just wanted to run and flee, but a ring of bells was heard. Duan hunling has actually slashed his machete to him.  Weng hurried threw the red whisker rope to entangle his hand, but Duan immediately raised his palm to crash his shoulder, at the same time slashed his neck as well as his red whisker rope. Weng immediately fell on spot. Bai had never thought that Duan hunling would suddenly murder his third brother, Weng in front of him. When he realized that, Duan has turned over and stared at him, said with despair: “Only if you were all dead, nothing could clear our sin of today.”
When he’ve just finished, Bai has already ran to the door. Duan hunling  jumped in front of him, slashed the machete, swayed the bells and then cut off his head. He pull down a piece of curtain hanging over the shopkeeper, caught the head, wrapped up and flew away.
The Baiyun Temple has just finished the chanting.  Another bang of bell and drum were lingering in the mountains, until it was back to silence.


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