Qingcheng 7-1


Chapter 7: Qingcheng

(1) Reunion (2) Passion (3) Truth (4) Sword (5) Truce (6) Innocence (7) Shame


(1) Reunion

Teng Kuanrou saw the body movement and already knew that it’s the light work of Songhu Island. But it was in the dark, he couldn’t tell which daughter of Songhu Island was. Hence, he just kept following. He felt that it was her, but he refused to admit it. But once they clasped hands, and looked at each other eyes of unforgettable. They have to admit even they looked much more hostile tonight. The two flipped back, standing beside the pool, and were both feeling turbulent in heart.

Teng Kuanrou didn’t expect it was her to speak first, though coldly: “Who are you? Why are you blocking me?”

Teng Kuanrou softly stunned and slightly irritated, asked: “I… Who am I?” Then he also pretended not to recognize her, said: “Hey! You intruded into Qingcheng Temple at the mid night. What is your attempt, are you thief? I haven’t yet asked who you are? You ask me who I am?”

His words were not finished, the black shadow moved in front of him suddenly, pulled down his masked black towel, quickly said: “You are Teng Kuanrou! of course I recognized you even you have become ash. You are a Qingcheng disciple, why are you also masked and sneaky, what is your attempt…”

Teng Kuanrou stared at her rolling watery eyes gliding round, all the loving moment of her four years ago reappeared. He was tenderly touched, and his anger turned into a smile.  He gently pulled her masked towel down too. Readily she stopped talking, just gazed at him with a blank look. Teng Kuanrou whispered softly: “Do you really recognize me even I have become ash?”

This special black shadow was Ren Zhenyi, surely for now. Looking at her tonight, dressed in total black, long hair were all held behind, eyebrows were sturdy and decisive, but her arrogance, was still seen in a pair of unyielding eyes exactly like four years ago.

In the dark, a pair of shiny irises, a straight ridge of nose, and his voice whimpering slightly. All of these were heart-striking at the moment. After a while, Qianqian turned her faces away, vaguely said: “You… are…a friend or an enemy tonight?” She reminded herself she was occupied with significant mission, she didn’t want to be distracted by him.  She immediately changed her tone and said: “If you blocked my way, don’t blame me to be brutal.”

When Teng Kuanrou was asked if he was an enemy or a friend, he couldn’t answer at the moment, but if she wanted to be just business, it would be much simpler. He quickly put away all the emotions and said distantly: “You are the master of the Songhu Island today. You should have thought twice before you act. Don’t just take advantage of it! You can crash anytime. The Qingcheng School is not as easy as you thought.”

Qianqian knew that this pool has set a tactic formation. If she didn’t know how to resolve it, she really shouldn’t attempt to pass over. She tried, but it was certainly rashly. Now, listened to what he said, it sounded like he knew the resolution. Thus, she wanted to ask him how. She raised her voice and deliberately said: “Thank you for your advice.” Glimpsed at him before she asked: “If I didn’t use light power, so what would you suggest? Do you have a better idea to pass over the pool?”

Teng Kuanrou was slightly shocked for her composure. Judging with a smile: Becoming the Island master, surely made her broader minded but crafty! He raised his eyebrows slightly, smirked before said: “This array is not a common yin and yang or five elements array, but is arranged according to the method of star maneuver. It is called the July Fire formation.”

Qianqian was alarmed, blinked and said: “The fire in July is from of the Book of Songs. What is the relationship with this formation?”

Teng Kuanrou didn’t expect that she realized the origin of the fire in July. He secretly respected. Have not seen her for a few years, she was much more matured but also trickier, it was good for her probably. But recalling that she used to be innocent, sincere and simple, he missed that for himself.  Slowly moved his eyes away from her, he said: “In July every year, the big Mars in the sky sink from the highest point to the west, forming a certain path. The layout of these piles in the pool are based on 28 heavenly stars. There are also twenty-eight fire arrows hidden in the cliffs. The great Mars is impermanent, also known as the confusing star. Its trajectory is uncertain and is hidden in twenty-eight wooden piles. Unless you know how to operate it, otherwise, once you moved wrongly in the middle of the pool, twenty-eight fire arrows will shoot immediately, and the piles will spurt the fire columns to burn you death.”

After listening to his explanation, Qianqian eventually understood that she was so close to die. This person actually saved her life, again. She thought: I owed him so many lives. When can I pay him back once? But she concealed, instead she rebuked: “Is that Qingcheng School a famous and decent faction? Why do they set up something so vicious?”

Teng Kuanrou knew that she would say that, he smiled: “This July fire array was not designed to harm you. This is the place where the Qingcheng School’s Grand grand uncle master retreated and practice austerities. Even if it was a Qingcheng school disciple could not approach. This is a highly forbidden area. I supposed before you have been discovered, you better leave now!”

He sounded very serious. Qianqian was hesitated, thought: “He put himself in danger in order to save me. I really don’t want to trouble him anymore; but this Grand grand uncle master he just mentioned sounded like a key of all the secrets of Qingcheng School. Maybe it also related to the banned soul fox nine sword. I will be regret if I just left right now.”

When she raised her eyelids and tried to talk. The twenty-eight wooden piles in pool suddenly rose from the water. Qianqian took this precious chance, leaped and flew to the pool without hesitation. Teng Kuanrou was so surprised and frightened. Definitely, what he said about the array, was happening right after Qianqian moved towards it. The fire arrows shot from the cliff instantly. She luckily avoided by flapping herself in the air. However, she also dropped on the pile for slowing down. The fire columns immediately spurred from the piles for she was not following the path. Teng Kuanrou screamed: “Moved south-east and north and then south-west…”

Qianqian did what he said without thinking, barely escaped from burning her butt. She was just felt relieved, something unexpected jumped out from the waterfall directly at her. It was Master Yu. Teng Kuanrou knew that Master has been in the cave for a long while and will be reappeared at any time. He didn’t expect it to be just now.

Qianqian was standing on the pile, suddenly this person flew out and fiercely attacked her. His palms were already in front of eyes. With this momentum and urgency, she has to counter it with the Songhu Island martial arts. She disclosed the listening pine wave thirteen styles in an instant. When the two countered palms in the air, they did not move according to the trajectory of the confusing star. Immediately, the fire columns were sprayed again. Qianqian with her outstanding light power, she still able to tumbled without touching down the piles, in addition, she flew all the way into the waterfall. Master Yu was slow compared to her. When he tried to catch her behind, Qianqian turned around rashly pushed him away with palm. He fell on the wrong pile and was burned over the fire column. Teng Kuanrou saw the critical situation, he immediately jumped in, grabbed master Yu, quickly escaped the fire columns, and flew back to the shore. He hurriedly asked: “Master, are you all right!”

Seeing Master Yu covered his chest with left hand and looked painful, he hated Qianqian hurting his master so ruthlessly. Master Yu said hastily: “I’m fine, Kuanrou! You must go to stop her, don’t let her see your Grand grant uncle master.”

Teng Kuanrou was just a moment hesitant, he has shouted: “Go! This is about the honor of the Qingcheng School. Go! Now!”

Teng Kuanrou then stood up and crossed the pool according to the path. He entered the water curtain and broke into the cave. Although Teng Kuanrou was a disciple of Master Yu, he has learned the path of this formation, but he never broke the rule. Now, for his first time, he stepped into this cave, he was stunned about how it was. The jade pillars posting on the ground, hanging from the ceiling, in their blizzard but magnificent postures. The two moist walls were shiny with glimmering gemstones. Separated by a foot, was inserted a torch. The flames swayed, glowed the whole cave of transparency. There was also flowing water underground, echoing the crispy sounds of dripping water on the musical stones. Ding! doom! Ding! doom! Sounded so graceful and exquisite.

Teng Kuanrou was placed in this amazing cave unexpectedly, he felt serene out of all the disturbing matters. In one moment, he forgot and was forgotten. However, soon when he saw a shadow in front of him, that is, Qianqian, he immediately drew back, ran after her, pulled her arm and asked: “Why did you hurt my master?” But he found that she was frozen and unmoved like a wooden chicken.  He knew that she was acupoint, and shouted: “Oh! No, she must have met the grand grand uncle master.”

As soon as he spoke out, there was a burst of laughter in the cave. The sounds seemed drifted from far away, but was like a thunder by the ear, said: “Impressive! This girl is quite distinct! She hasn’t laughed even was pointed the laugher acupoint by me. .”

Teng Kuanrou looked around, but he only saw the empty cave, he shouted: “Grand grant uncle Master, we unintentionally intruded your cave, it was just an accident. Please forgive us and let us go!”

The voice said again: “You called me Grand grant uncle master? you are a Qingcheng school disciple?”

Teng Kuanrou was hesitated but he knew he has to answer honestly, said: “I am Teng Kuanrou, the disciple of Master Yu, revering the grand grand uncle master.” Then he bowed to every corner of the cave to show his respect, for he didn’t know where he was actually. The cave echoed of deafening laughers, said: “You are the disciple of Ah Yu.” Abruptly he changed his tone strictly, asked: “Then… who is this girl?”

Asked about who is Qianqian, Teng Kuanrou really hesitated, he did not dare to lie but he couldn’t tell the truth either. While he was undecided, the grand grand uncle master has said: “It doesn’t matter if you didn’t tell. I can see how long she can endure. When she finished laughing, I will ask her by myself. ”

Teng Kuanrou looked back at Qianqian, saw her body began to tremble and the corner of her eyes carried tears. He was so unbearable to see her suffering, blurted: “She did not laugh, but shed tears only, she must endure it so hard.” Speaking of this, he looked around and around and shouted: “Grand grand uncle master! I beg you! Please quickly resolve her acupoints, she looked so suffering!”

Grand grand uncle master sneered and said: “What do you have to do with her? Why are you so caring about her?”

Teng Kuanrou felt so awkward at the moment, he didn’t know how to answer. Grand grand uncle master said again reluctantly: “All right! If you were Ah Yu’s disciple, I teach you the method to unlock her acupoints.”

Teng Kuanrou heard that he granted the method of unlocking the acupoints, he was so happy, quickly showed gratitude and said: “Thank you so much, grand grand uncle master!”

Grand grand uncle master then gave him instruction, said seriously: “You raise her left arm first then point the two points of Qingling and Shaohai. Remember, you have to pressed softly!”

Seeing Teng Kuanrou lifted up the girl’s arm but looked only without any action, he asked again impatiently: “Do you know how to acupoint by the way?”

Teng Kuanrou smiled embarrassingly. He always self-proclaimed about his literary talent. He was also versatile in geography and astronomy. But he actually knew very little about medical technique and acupunctures. He replied according to the truth: “My knowledge of acupoint is very limit.”

Grand grand uncle master angered: “The disciples of Qingcheng school only care about the external method, but not the internal studies. Guo Ruyun is too eager to make quick success.”

Teng Kuanrou listened to his criticism towards Qingcheng school, but did not respond. He was too busy looking for the Qingling and Shaohai at the armpit of Qianqian.

Qianqian though couldn’t move, but she heard all the conversation.  She was glazing at him, said without voice: “You are fooled by this old monster, don’t you know? Qingling and Shaohai cannot unlock the acupoints of laughter, it will only make me itchier.”

Teng Kuanrou just wished to relieve the itchiness for her, he did not expect that this grand grand uncle master who was 120 years old would lie and fool him. He finally found the Qingling and Shaohai, then he really followed his instruction to press softly on Qianqian’s armpit.  But when he saw Qianqian shook her body with a teardrop rolled down from her eye. Teng Kuanrou immediately raised his head and shouted: “Oh no! grand grand uncle master! Why is she still crying?”

Grand grand uncle master seriously replied: “I haven’t finished instructing yet! What are you shouting at?”

Teng Kuanrou nodded and said: “Then Grand grand uncle master! Please continue!”

Grand grand uncle master pretended to be considerate, said: “The other two points are on her chest, which are Ruzhong and Tianchi. You also have to press softly.”

When Teng Kuanrou heard that it was the Ruzhong and Tianchi, he immediately raised his head and looked at Qianqian. Although she couldn’t speak, her eyes were already fiery. It seemed to say if you dare to touch me, I will kill you. He finally knew that he was fooled. He sighed and stood up and shouted: “Grand grand uncle master, I heard that you have lived a hundred and twenty years. I’m afraid that you are already omniscient. How could you not feeling shame to fool a youngster like me?”

When the Grand grand uncle master saw that nerd was not that stupid, he laughed and said: “Hey! Be merciful! I have been here for a hundred years, and I have never been so happy as today…”

His words have just finished, Teng Kuanrou felt chilly and windy behind him. Looking back, Qianqian has already jumped into the air. She swiftly leaped to the top of the cave, and then descended with another figure. Teng Kuanrou admired: The internal skill of her has reached the level that she can self-unlock the acupoints which pointed by the Grand grand uncle master!? He was really astonished.

With the force of anger, she made a series of Thirteen styles, as fast as lightning, as fierce as thunder. She did not hold on any. She wanted to surmount the rival immediately.  When she carried out the moonlight was cold, the Grand grand uncle master’s long sleeves flapped over, as sweeping his white whisker to her.  Qianqian hastily recoiled but her face was almost swept through. She was scared and jumped to the ground with him. She gazed at him shockingly and said: “What kind of this martial arts, so vicious!?” Although his long whisker was soft, it was like a sword. If it was not, I am dodging fast enough, I am afraid I have already disfigured by now. Knowing that her rival was so formidable, she straightway put down her anger, calmly observed and waited.

Grand grand uncle master at last appeared. He wore a long robe to the ground, with his long white whisker and eyebrows, as white as snow, as light as flying petals. He has been living in this secluded cave for more than a hundred years. His eyes were blind, and was losing his hearing as well.  When he spoke, he spoke loudly, exclaimed: “Ah! It is the Songhu Island!”

Saying that, his eyes turned hollow, as if he was lost in the faded past. Said in a very deep tone: “Songhu Island has borne another martial arts wizard. How adorable and unique! It seemed that my life was wasted for nothing. I, Chixiazi was trapped here for a hundred years, finally for what?” When he finished at the last two words, he was almost soundless.

Qianqian didn’t hear everything he said. But when he claimed to be Chixiazi, she heard clearly. She shouted: “You… are Chixiazi?”

Chixiazi turned his face to Qianqian, answered somberly: “Yes, I am Chixiazi.”


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