Qingcheng 7-2


(2) Passion

Qianqian did not expect that Chixiazi was still alive, she quickly asked: “You are the Chixiazi who competed the sword with the seven major schools and my grand grandfather?”

When Chixiazi heard that she asked again about who he was, he got irritated, said: “Why are you so naggy, I said yes that means yes.”

Qianqian asked gravely: “Then you must had seen all the course of event!”

Whether if Chixiazi couldn’t really hear or pretended. He raised his voice, deliberately yelled: “Can you speak a little louder. I am old and my ears are not working.”

Qianqian so spoke louder: “Who was the person poisoned the sword to framed my grand grandfather?”

Chixiazi listened, laughed and disdained: “Who are you? You are too young to ask me such a question?”

Qianqian stepped ahead, straightened her back, raised her eyebrows before answered: “I am the tenth-generation island master of Songhu Island. In order to found out the truth, I have responsibility and demand to ask you such a question!”

Chixiazi snorted and said: “The tenth-generation island master of Songhu Island is actually a girl, huh! Oh! It’s very interesting!”

Qianqian knew that someone would reject her, but she didn’t care. The most urgent task was to find out the truth and clear the name of Songhu Island. She assumed that people who practice Taoism usually believe in destiny, thus she respectfully said: “Chixiazi immortal, has lived so long. For 120 years of age, you only had met me once today in this cave, Isn’t that destined? If Chixiazi immortal recognized the truth, you should have told, to clean the name of Songhu Island, otherwise it is vain to be living so long.”

Chixiazi whispered to himself for a moment and said: “Good! I can tell you the truth, but you have to promise me one thing.”

As long as Qianqian could bring justice to Songhu Island, she was willing to do anything. However, she presumed that this one thing in his mouth must not be an easy task, she reserved and asked first: “What is that one thing?”

Chixiazi said: “It is very simple, you must able to it.” paused before he continued: “I need you to marry one of our Qingcheng school disciples.”

“What? Married to whom?” Qianqian responded cluelessly, Chixiazi has already laughed and pointed at Teng Kuanrou, said sternly: “To him.”

Teng Kuanrou did not have any idea of the intertwine between the Songhu Island and the Qingcheng School. He was just a secular disciple. He was supposed to be stayed out of their business, so he kept silent until now. He did not expect that they suddenly drew him in the chaos. He felt ridiculous to hear what they said. He immediately opposed, but still respectfully: “Grand grand uncle Master! Please don’t make such a joke.”

Chixiazi said seriously: “Would I make a joke out of this kind of thing?” then he turned to Qianqian: “Unless you have a close relationship with the Qingcheng School, why should I tell you the secrets of it? Say, you shouldn’t feel humiliated!”

Chixiazi might think after a woman married, she should put her husband’s business at the first place. Even if she knew the truth, she will not publicize. Qianqian thought, then nodded and smiled: “All right!”

When the word was out, Teng Kuanrou swore: “How could you…”

Qianqian quickly appeased him, said: “Don’t be excited yet! Listen to me first.” Then she turned to Chixiazi and said: “I promise you but you also have to promise me one thing.”

Chixiazi asked patiently: “What is it?”

Qianqian said determinedly: “After I did what you asked, you have to tell the truth tomorrow at the sword examination congress in front of the Eight Great Schools, to bring justice to Songhu Island, if the person who poisoned the sword was someone else.”

Chixiazi smiled and nodded, answered without thinking: “Well! I promise you if I was still alive.”

Hearing that he easily promised, Qianqian was excited and overjoyed, immediately said: “Chixiazi has already lived up to 120 years old, I don’t see why can’t you just live one more day?”

Chixaizi listened to her confident remark as if she was a judge for life and death, he could not help but simpered.

It seemed come too easily, Qianqian considerately assured it again: “But, what if Chixiazi went back on your words?”

“I will die right in front of you.” Chixiazi swore such a vicious oath without any hesitation. Qianqian was surprised at first, but soon she was relieved. He is the only witness left in this world, if I didn’t take his word, what else I can do. She thought. Then she looked back at Teng Kuanrou, seeing him standing by the side like a stranger. She turned to Chixiazi, grinned and deliberately said: “Do you want me to marry him? But how?”

Chixiazi seemed suddenly lost his hearing, he put his hand against his ear, said loudly: “What are you talking about?”

Qianqian stepped closer, shouted into his ear: “How do I marry him?”

Teng Kuanrou felt so awkward, seeing these two persons, nonsenses, ridiculous, and humiliating, but one was Grand grand uncle master and the other was Ren Zhenyi. Although the ages of the two were one hundred years old different, there is no difference of being arrogant and mischievous. He was even though an educated scholar, couldn’t do any about them.

Chixiazi said: “It’s very simple, just worship to the heavenly god.” waved to Teng Kuanrou before continued: “You come over, what is your name?”

Teng Kuanrou has to walk over, not to be angry, and replied casually: “My name is Teng Kuanrou.”

Chixiazi said with a smile: “Ok! sweetheart…”

What? I am an adult man, a husband, how can he call me sweetheart! Teng Kuanrou was really angry now, but he still patiently said: “Grand grand uncle master please!  I heard that the elderly does not make jokes about marriage, and …” he peered at Qianqian before continued: “In addition, I have a family already…”

After he finished his comment, Chixiazi laughed and said: “A man has three or four wives isn’t an ordinary matter? As long as she was willing to do that, what are you afraid of?” When these words came out, Teng Kuan-ruo was even more ashamed, but Qianqian seemed didn’t care at all. She smiled aloofly, moved herself closer to Teng Kuanrou, whispered: “Don’t be too serious, it is just fake!”

When Teng Kuanrou heard that it was just fake. He didn’t know if he should be happy or sad. He dropped his head and said nothing. He felt really distressing.

Chixiazi asked amiably: “Do you both agree?”

Qianqian said immediately: “No problem.”

Chixiazi laughed and said: “Perfect! then you both kneeled down over here.”

Qianqian pulled his sleeves, with sort of pleading look. Teng Kuanrou could not help but reluctantly kneeled with her in front of Chixiazi, then he said: “First, kowtow to the heaven…second, kowtow to the land, third, kowtow to the witness… at last, kowtow to each other, and then you are announced husband and wife.”

Qianqian and Teng Kuanrou according to his proclaims, did all he asked and finally became the husband and wife. When the two kowtowed to each other, they felt relieved, but also felt whisked and thrilled. Even though they knew it was just a game.

When Chixiazi saw that they have become husband and wife, he laughed joyfully: “Now you can go to spend your first wedding night!”

Qianqian knew that he would say this, she was not so surprised. But Teng Kuanrou has already jumped up and shouted: “Grand grand uncle master! you just said get married, you did not said…. !”

Qianqian stood behind him, whispered: “Don’t be fooled! If marriage could be faked, and the first wedding night could be also faked. Anyway, he can’t see, can he?”

Teng Kuanrou looked back at her helplessly. It sounded like that she didn’t care this kind of thing at all. He felt so strange and uncomfortable. He lowered his head, pondered and raised again, then said gravely: “Forgive me! Please! This is against my principle, I cannot engage anymore.” After that, he just wanted to leave.  But only a few steps he took, Chixiazi rebuked: “Hey! how can you be so timid to be a disciple of Qingcheng school? You can’t retreat before the battle, you have no ambition at all?”

Teng Kuanrou usually respected to the elderly, but this time, he couldn’t yield a little more, he sighed, bowed deeply and said: ” This is not me to be competent. I am not doing this. Grand grand uncle master, you better asked someone else!”

When he said you better asked someone else, Qianqiang glazed at him fiercely and said to herself:  What someone else? Do you think I can do it with anyone?

Chixiazi has laughed and said: “Aren’t you already have a family? Is that something I have to teach…” while speaking, abruptly stretched out his arm to pull Teng Kuanrou, hit him a few times on his back. After he let him go, Teng Kuanrou immediately twitched and fell on the ground.

Qianqian was shocked and asked: “What did you do to him?”

Chixiazi said with a gentle smile: “Nothing? He said he is not competent, so I just helped him.”

Qianqian puzzled, asked: “What does this mean?”

Chixiazi smiled slyly and said: “You are the island master of Songhu Island. You must be proficient at the pulse. Why don’t you check by yourself?”

Seeing that Teng Kuanrou fell to the ground, crumpled, distorted and sweaty all in a sudden, Qianqian was worried and agitated. She immediately went forward to explore his pulse, but Teng Kuanrou rolled and dodged to avoid her. Tried whatever just to hide his hands from her. Qianqian was flustered and ruffled. She looked back at Chixiazi for explanation, he then said: “I am blind. Do you really have done your duty? I can’t see it. But if you wanted to lie to me, you will be regret for he would die in a moment.”

“What have you done to him?” Qianqian asked anxiously.

Chixiazi said grimly: “I have pointed his acupoints of excitement, if he didn’t release it shortly, he will suffocate and die.”

Qianqian angered, said: “He is a disciple of your Qingcheng school, how could you treat him like that?”

Chixiazi did not answer her question, but said sincerely: “Now only you can save him, and only he can help you. You two have been long in love, you can live or die together. Both of your fate has been connected. What else do you need to concern? Life is too short, not many people could live as long as I do?”

Qianqian presumed that this time he was not joking. Looking back, Teng Kuanrou was still hiding his arms, coiling his body at the corner. He tried to endure but his internal strength was not strong enough to bear much longer. Qianqian was afraid she has to take action right now. She grabbed his body, pulled his arm out, checked his pulse by herself to assure. Teng Kuanrou has already looked dull and lifeless. He has no strength to dodge anymore. She listened carefully to his pulse with her eyes closed.  When she reopened them, they was tearful, said: “We…”

Only one word was disclosed, Teng Kuanrou retracted his hand and sneered: “You are always so easy to believe in people. He lied to you. Is there such a ridiculous thing in the world?”

Qianqian was not the same Qianqian years ago. The acupoints was one of the schooling of Songhu Island. Although Qianqian was still young, but she has grasped the essence of the pulse study. She knew that what Chixiazi said was not just a threat. He was actually in a great danger. Thinking of that, Qianqian grabbed his body, gazed at his hidden face, said gravely: “This is not a joke. Your pulse is so heavy. You won’t last long.  You will die, do you know that, we…”

When she just mentioned we… Teng Kuanrou pushed her shoulders away and shook his head, said with difficulty: “I… can’t…do this. It’s unfair to you.”

Seeing that he was still persistent arrogantly, Qianqian was upset: “Can you stop pretending? It’s a matter of life and dead. If you didn’t even give me a chance, is it fair to me?”

Teng Kuanrou was sweating and trembling, but he smiled and said: “Qianqian, you are amazing, I don’t deserve you!” While he said that he struggled to keep a distance from her. But Qianqian moved forwards again, and hastily said: “We have no time to waste for now, please!  Save yourself and save me!”

Teng Kuanrou suddenly groaned and hurtled. He laid on the ground and looked paralyzed, but still resolved: “No! No, it can’t be like this.” While he was saying that, Qianqian has hug him tightly, tearfully said: ” Brother Teng, have you ever said that I am your only wish?” Brother Teng did not answer. His eyes were closed but stopped trembling.

Qianqian moved her lips onto his ears and whispered.  With a warm current infiltrated his heart, Teng Kuanrou slowly reopened his eyes. He felt like soaking in a hot spring of milk. He struggled no more when he released tears at the moment. He gazed at Qianqian. This face was never been so close, so close that he can hold and touch. His fingers crossed over her hair to the back. He pulled out the jade pin, instantly the silky hair fell over her shoulder, like a mist of rain, a midnight frost, a snowy blossom. Silent was the only voice.

Chixiazi was unable to see but he was actually very sensitive for all the changes around him. He could feel the heat in the cave, burning like a pot of fire. It was a rare thing for a century year old man. He recalled an oldest memory of life, such as a night, a similar night as tonight. Although it was lost in times of rising sun, dispersed as morning fog, wilted as spring flower. He never forgot once when he was twenty, he also had a night with his new bride like this… since then, he has no more memory.

After a long while, there was no other sound, neither gasping or puffing. Every movement was gradually slowing down, and the temperature in the cave also returned to what it was. Chixiazi smiled slightly, deliberately said: “Well! you two have not finished yet?”

Qianqian and Teng Kuanrou laid on the milky stalactite rock floor, embraced each other in the timeless. When they heard the wake-up call from Chixiazi, they only smiled without any action.  They seemed didn’t wanted to be interrupted. They wished the stars and moons do not move.

Chixiazi was neglected totally, he grinned and talked to himself: “These two guys are so unconscionable. Once they got what they wanted, they just put me behind, totally forgot how I mate matched them!” He called again: “Hey! Island Master! You are now in the good hands, you don’t bother to found out who was the evil one?”

Listened to what he said, Qianqian remembered that her original purpose of coming over here.  As she frowned and slightly released the embrace of Brother Teng.  Chixiazi has already said: “Do you still want to listen what actually happened between the Eight Great Schools and your grand grand father?”

Qianqian finally took her eyes off from Teng Kuanrou, sat up, put her clothes back, and said eagerly: “Of course, I do.”

Chixiazi beamed and nodded, recalled and recounted: “I was only twenty years old. I was the first sword of the Qingcheng School. Although I was a secular disciple, was selected to compete with the master of Songhu Island, whom the swordsmanship was already prominent. The island master at that time was Ren Tingyun. I was very excited. I always dreamed of defeating him. However, the date of the competition has not yet come, my confidence has been greatly shaken.  I came to the Qingcheng Mountain where Ren Tingyun stayed. I hid behind the tree, peered at him when he practiced the sword. I saw his swordsmanship, was totally beyond my imagination. Suddenly I realized that I had nothing compared with him. I was convinced that I had no chance to win, but everyone in the Qingcheng School were betting on me. I must not lose. The only way to guarantee that was to disqualify him.  Hence, I decided to poisoned his sword…”

When the last sentence was released, Qianqian bounced up eight feet high and shouted: “The person poisoned the sword was indeed you?”

Chixiazi calmly replied: “Yes, it is me.”

Qianqian was shocked and frustrated, thought: The person who poisoned the sword is actually him, will he stand out and testify himself?

Teng Kuanrou also felt so shocked. His respectful Qingcheng School in fact did such a despicable felony of poisoning the sword. He was ashamed.

Chixiazi has not finished yet, he continued with deep repentance: “But, this is not the end of it. My master, Xuan Ruo immortal, knew that it was I did the good deed, he was very angry. However, in order to keep the reputation of Qingcheng, he certainly covered up for me…”


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