Qingcheng 7-4


(4) Sword

At the Sanqing Hall of Qingcheng Taoist Temple, the crowds gathered together. There were the seven great schools, seven major families, three manors and five fortresses, have already lined up in front of the temple. Nangong family has just cut in the queue of the six major families. The six major families saw that the representative of the Nangong family was Nangong Murong. They forgave his misconduct for they all heard that what had happened to him.

Amongst the seven families, there were three daughters of Songhu Island. They have already arrived. The sisters have not seen for years, so they sat under the tree, gossiping about their husbands. They were talking loudly and blissfully, strongly contrasted to the atmosphere of the scene. They laughed and pointed at the team of the Evergreen manor, said: “Well! Xihui is coming!”

Xiguang shouted: “Look! She is pregnant again!”

Xihua also smiled and said: “It seems that has been five months, and she is still running around!”

When Xihui saw the three sisters, she left the team and walked over them. The sisters held hands and talked unstopped. When Xihui got up in the morning, she found that Qianqian had disappeared. She was really worried, but she did not tell anything about her to the sisters.

In addition to the recognized factions, the unknown swordsmen who did not receive the invitation, but wanted to have a look of the famous sword in the pool, were sitting on the roof top or sitting on the tree branches. The Sanqing Hall hence was surrounded by people everywhere, that made no one could go in or get out at the moment.

Almost noon, Guo Ruyun finally led the Qingcheng School’s disciples walking into the Sanqing Hall. The eight eminent Taoists of Qingcheng, yellow crowned with gray robes, holding the dust mites, posing by the four tripods. The rest of the disciples were standing both sides on the stone steps in the front the hall.

Everyone thought: The Qingcheng faction brought out all the disciples for the sake of the sword in the pool. They are really serious about it.

Some people whispered: “The Qingcheng School is lying! The swords of the pool are all fake. I don’t think he has a real one either.”

Xihui was eagerly looking around, and said: “Why is Qianqian still not coming. If only she did not show up, these Taoists will definitely make a fuss of it.”

By this time, three young Taoist stepped in front, each of them held a large white sandalwood incense, placed in the square tripod, then stood aside to protect them. People were uttering: it was strange that all the disciples of the Qingcheng School has shown up, but not the head master of Fangshanzi, Yu Qianguang.

The Rui immortal of Huashan School, whom was a good friend of Fangshanzi, also wondered: “The fellow Yu is always the most honest. On such an important occasion, he is also the head master. Why he is still not yet shown up. On the contrary, it is the retired Ziji immortal taking over the host …”

Ziji immortal, Guo Ruyun, sitting in front of the temple, leisurely sipped the tea before he stood up and said: “Today, I got all the heroes from the Eight Great Schools, Seven Great Families, three manors and five fortresses coming over here to look at the sword in the pool, I am very happy, but unfortunately, last night, the Qingcheng had occurred an unexpected incident…”

Speaking of this, everyone immediately hissed, it seemed that they have already known what was about. Guo Ruyun then continued: “The head master of our faction was killed…”

As soon as the words came out, four disciples of the Qingcheng School lifted the body of their head master and placed in front of the hall.

The Eight Great Schools have always respected Yu the head master. They did not expect that he was killed. At that time, the Rui master of Huashan’s school hurried to the front and cried: “Guo immortal, who killed him? Do you know?”

Guo Ruyun pretended to be resentful: “Would the murderer show up after killing? You see! Today all the Eight Great Schools, Seven Great Families, three manors and five fortresses are all coming along. Who else has not come, who is the murderer.”

As soon as he finished his words, the four sons-in-law of Songhu Island stepped out immediately. Jiang Di said: “The Island Master is not here to confront to your accusation face to face. Guo immortal what you said it is very unfair to her.”

Xihui worried and sighed: “This is obviously a setup! If Qianqian showed up, he will accuse her of killing Master Yu, if she didn’t show up, he will surely say she was afraid.”

Guo Ruyun was already one hundred and one years old, but he looked much younger. He said: “It is the same whether the Island master come or not. The evidence is conclusive and cannot be denied…” Turned to Rui Master, continued: “You are the head master of Huashan School. And you are also the best friend of Master Yu, it is the fairest if you did the autopsy. You open his collars and see how he died.”

Rui master was sad but he was probably the person who wanted the most to know the truth, so he did it immediately. When the collars were opened, he saw a black palm print on his chest, then said surprisingly: “Poisonous palm print?”

Guo Ruyun said: “Yes! The Island Master of Songhu Island broke into the forbidden area of Qincheng Temple last night and was discovered by our head master. She attacked and wounded him. Afterwards, the wound turned black and poisoned, he died right away.” He turned to Jiang Di and said: “I heard that your wife is a daughter of Songhu Island. Mr. Jiang, can you ask her to come out and see whether if the head master Yu was injured by the martial arts of Songhu Island?”

Jiang Di immediately looked back at Xihui, and Xihui looked hesitated.  She was thinking: This is too vicious. If I checked it out, it was really hurt by the martial arts of Songhu Island. As long as I say yes, he will include the poisonous palm print to us. At that time, whatever Qianqian said afterward, nobody will believe her.

Xihui didn’t know how to respond, but everybody was looking at her. She finally has to step forward and said: “I don’t have to look at it. Songhu Island has never used poison. Moreover, he died of poisoning, or he died of a palm injury. You have to test it clearly…”

Speaking of this, suddenly someone shouted on the eaves: “Hey! Are you coming to test the sword today, or come to the test the dead body? You have been testing this and that, still have not yet tested the sword in the pool! ”

After all, those who have nothing to do with the Qingcheng faction and the Songhu Island, but only came for the sword in the pool, laughed and clamored madly.

Xihui has no choice but shut her mouth. Guo Ruyun still stood in front, raised his hand and said: “If you wanted to test the sword in the pool? You have also to wait for the master of Songhu Island to be present.”

When the words came out, everyone was wondered, and Jiang Di has asked: “How can this be explained?”

Guo Ruyun sneered and said: “Because the master of Songhu Island is also the only disciple of Lv Jiannan.  Lv Jiannan is dead now, and the sword in the pool is of course in her hands…”

His words were not finished, the spectators have grown sensational. Some people shouted: “I have known that the Qingcheng faction claimed to have the sword in the pool is fake.”

Someone said: “The sword in the pool belongs to the world of martial arts, and it must be handed over to the people!”

Some other people also said: “Ren Zhenyi must appear to explain!”

For a moment, everyone was talking, Guo Ruyun’s voice was suppressed. Only the sisters and brothers of Songhu Island, looked at each other silently.  In such a situation, Xihui preferred that Qianqian did not show up.

Guo Ruyun has such a brilliant plan to set me up. He is certainly smarter than his father Chixiazi. He used the crowd to force me to surrender the sword in the pool, and also used the black palm print to frame me killing the head master of Qingcheng school. If I didn’t show up, he would say I am afraid. If I showed up, I will become the target of public criticism.

Right after she finished thinking, she jumped down from the top of the tree.  The crowd immediately pointed at her and shouted: “Look! That’s not Ren Zhenyi!”

Everyone immediately looked up and saw a woman, in a short blue coat, with a green scarf wrapped around her hair, standing one foot on the branch of a towering tree, bend over the twigs then straightly glided down from the top.

In an instant, Qianqian landed and walked to the Sanqing Hall. Everyone saw her beautiful light power, couldn’t speak but dazzled. In the crowd, the two monks walked out. Applauded in the court, recited a poem: “A visitor from the heaven, Qingcheng Mountain should have fun….”

The two monks were the two boys who fanned for their master, Jingbumo while he was sleeping in the Tiangang Temple of Emei. Their master has died for many years. The two boy monks were over forty years old now. They didn’t know how to talk Buddha but same as their master, fond of poetry.

After Qianqian appeared, she first greeted her sisters. The sisters welcomed each other affectionately, as if they were at home. Qianqian did not look at Guo Ruyun at all. Guo Ruyun cleared his throat and said: “The Island Master, you are so late, to make all the heroes waiting for you, don’t you need to apologize?”

Qianqian now took a look at him, raised her eyebrows and said: “Have you said that, you can’t test the sword without me? It’s whether I am late or not, you have to wait, don’t you?”

Guo Ruyun twisted his white eyebrows and said: “Just a little chick, I will see how far you can fly. I advised you to hand over the sword in the pool immediately. I will also Interrogated you about the killing of our head master.”

Qianqian said gravely: “I am very sorry for the death of Master Yu. If there was an evidence, I will submit.”

Guo Ruyun sneered: “Well, you remember you said that. I will wait for you to submit. But First of the all, about the sword in the pool, how do you explain to the heroes of the world?”

Qianqian rolled her eyeballs, thought for a moment, then walked up to the stone steps, raised her arms and said: “I am apologized for I am late.” After the crowd calmed down, she continued: “As you all know, Songhu Island has always been upright.  Yes, four years ago, I, Ren Zhenyi was indeed accepted as a disciple of Lv Jiannan. My master had indeed passed me all the swordsmanship of his life, but the sword in the pool is not in my hand.”

“Not in your hand? Then in whose hand?” A swordsman from Hengshan faction eagerly asked, Qianqian would not tell the location of the sword of course. She turned her eyeballs again and replied: “The sword in the pool… of course in the pool.”

When these words came out, the crowd was sneering and soaring. Another swordsman rushed out of the crowd, angrily said: “You think we are Idiots! You obviously wanted to keep the sword in the pool for yourself!”

At this time, some men on the roof top also stood up and shouted: “You such a crazy woman! Don’t talk more nonsense, where is the sword in the pool? You must hand it out now!”

After that, more people forcing her to submit the sword in the pool. Guo Ruyun stood aside, watching with his dancing eyebrows when the sisters of Songhu Island standing in front of Qianqian trying to block the crowd pushing forward. For a while it was chaos. Qianqian did not expect these people could be so irrational and thrilled. For a moment she was afraid and stepped back, but when she thought of, she is the Island Master of Songhu Island now, she straightened her back and came back, waved her arms above and said loudly: “Listen!”

The crowd stopped yelling and pushing, to see what she was going to say. Qianqian looked forward and said sternly: “Okay, then according to the rule of the rivers and lakes, who could win my master’s Three Swords, I will tell him where is the sword in the pool.”

The purpose of these people was the sword in the pool. If they couldn’t see it, they will be restless. But ironically, when Qianqian said that, no one was taking action to challenge her. After a while of whispering, one swordsman flew from the tree, looked at her with contempt: “What the Three Swords, without the sword in the pool and Lv Jiannan, I think it was just pi swords.

When he said that, some people were laughing, but some were looked gravely, including Qianqian, but she could only grasp her fists angrily for she has no sword in hands. Suddenly, another person zoomed down from the eave, he settled next to Qianqian, smiled in his black outfit. He was Teng Kuanrou. Qianqian was so surprised and happy to see him again.

He carried the Qingyang sword in his hand, walked to the front of Qianqian, said politely: “If the Island Master did not mind, I can lend you the Qingyang sword.”

Guo Ruyun opposed immediately: “Kuanrou! What do you mean by this? The Qingyang sword is the sacred object of our ancestor, how can you lend it to others?”

Teng Kuanrou smiled slightly: “Grand Master, if you wanted the sword in the pool returned to the Qingcheng school righteously, you must not insult the swordsmanship of Lv, the senior. These people insult Lv, the senior, that is also, insult the Qingcheng faction, right? Master.”

Guo Ruyun listened and nodded: “You sounded reasonable! All right! If you can get back the sword in the pool, I will let you handle it, but you have to remember how did your master die?”

Talking about how his master died, Teng Kuanrou looked solemnly at Guo Ruyun. He bowed slowly and said: “Yes! Master.” Then handed over the Qingyang sword to Qianqian. Qianqian once has the sword in hand, she pulled out instantly, flew to the man who had just teased the three swords as pi swords. Unexpectedly, this vulgar man’s light work was not bad, neither his swordsmanship. The two swords were soaring in the sky.  Qianqian spanned and tossed like a swirl. She didn’t leave any chance to him. She made the three swords in a series sweeping like storm fiercely. The man was eventually forced to drop his sword, and hit the trunk, fell on the ground. When Qianqian halted her sword on the tip of his pants, he was almost crying and pi.

Qianqian has just merrily retreated the sword. Another man hovered out and said: “Well! It is what you said, who could win the three swords, you will hand out the sword in the pool, is it right?”

Qianqian said: “Positively!”

The man then pulled out his sword, the blade was shining under the sun. It was a good sword. Qianqian thought: In fact, these people all have a very good sword in their hands. Why do they must acquire the sword in the pool? It would be better pay more effort to practice their own swordsmanship.

The man claimed his name: “I am Jiang Tao of Haichao School.”

When Qianqian heard that, she was wondering how does he related to Jiang Erlang who died of poisoning a hundred years ago, Jiang Tao had already assassinated her brutally. His moves were steady and heavy, it was also an excellent swordsmanship. But comparing to the three swords, it was a bit too clumsy. Sure enough, Qianqian has not finished all the strokes and already forced him abandoning the sword and fell to the ground.

Qianqian retreated the sword, looked at him with a smile. Although Jiang Tao looked coarse, he was quite a gentleman. He picked up his sword, stood up and said: “I lost to the swordsmanship of Lv Jiannan, I have nothing to say.  if it was the Songhu Island, I have to die with you.”

Qianqian lowered her voice and said: “The grievances of Jiang Erlang and the Songhu Island will soon be resolved!”

Jiang Tao did not quite understand what she meant, but he did admire her swordsmanship. So, he has just nodded and left.

When the Eight Great Schools competed with Ren Tingyun at the Dragon Tiger Peak, Jiang Erlang was sick and died suddenly. Of course, this fiction was just made to cover up the poisoning. Inside the Jiang’s family, there was a rumor that Jiang Erlang was poisoned to death during the completion. That was why, Jiang Tao has a hatred of Ren Zhenyi.

Jiang Tao was one of the eight great swordsmen of the rivers and lakes nowadays. Everyone saw that even he was also defeated, they hesitated and just waited for the next challenger. Qianqian stood over there for a long while, but no one came out. She then said loudly: “If no one…”

Suddenly, one person thrusted the crowd and stepped in, said, “Not Yet! Still have me.”

When everyone looked at this man, they couldn’t help but smirked. Qianqian saw that it was him, she apologized from heart: “Mr. Nangong…”


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