Qingcheng 7-5


20190107_225846-1(5) Truce

Nangong Murong has planned to come since he received the invitation. He came to Qingcheng Mountain, just wanted to see Ren Zhenyi, but now he saw her, he was feeling so entwined for the love and hatred knotted as his tongue. He stuttered: “Don’t waste… time… less talk, just pick up …your sword…now!”

Looking at him today, wearing tidily with his shiny black hair snarled on his head, Qianqian really regretted for what she had done to him, even though her motivation was good. With a sigh slightly, she was about to talk. Nangong Murong has already swayed his stiletto to her. Qianqian just dodged backward without countering. Some people wondered why Ren Zhenyi didn’t fight back, but the ones who knew the inside story smirked as the Nangong family shook their heads and sighed, worried that their young masters would lose his hair again.

Teng Kuanrou stood beside Master Rui and looked dull.  Master Rui saw that he dressed in a black night outfit, he whispered to him: “You must have been very busy since last night. ”

Teng Kuanrou released a smile when he heard that. He learned martial arts at the age of six with Rui Hexing. He began from chopping fire wood and carrying water buckets. Master Rui was very strict when he taught martial arts. But he was actually an easy-going elderly. He and master Yu has been very good friends. He found that Teng Kuanrou has talent in swordsmanship, he recommended him to Master Yu. Teng Kuanrou teased them, said they were so intimate that even shared a disciple. Now, Master Yu suddenly passed away, both of them were very sad.

Master Rui asked again: “Did you have already found out who actually kill your master?”

Teng Kuanrou nodded only, without answering or giving any hint. Master Rui then understood that it must be someone really difficult to believe.

Qianqian seeing that it was not a solution just dodging. She held his wrist at last and whispered: “Nangong brother! It was all my fault. I am terribly sorry. You can do whatever to revenge in the other day, but not today…”

When her words have just finished, Nangong Murong smiled and pushed her away, opened his arms and stab the stiletto to her intensely. Qianqian shrank back and said: “If you are like this again, don’t blame me to be…”

Nangong Murong did not care, he just slammed another blade. Qianqian understood he must really loathe her. She has no choice but lifted her sword, just slightly, she could not hurt him again. But unexpectedly, Nangong Murong backhanded his stiletto to display a new style, swiftly cut her scarf off, then her long hair fell over promptly. Nangong Murong retreated his stiletto, felt ease and done finally. Everyone exclaimed.

Qianqian instantly touched her head to make sure her hair was still there, this unconscious gesture made everyone laughed. She was looking so embarrassing, said crossly: “You are happy now!”

Nangong Murong smiled vaguely and replied: “Qianqian, the girl, beautiful and so good at martial arts. Should have paired with a hero, I blessed you for the future. ”

He said those words fluently and delightfully, seemed that he was totally recovered from the trauma. Then he turned around and left. Qianqian looked at his back and felt relieved lastly. She quickly tied her hair back with the green scarf. She knew that her day was not done yet.

Guo Ruyun then called: “Kuanrou! the next is you!”

Although Guo Ruyun did not know the relationship between Qianqian and Teng Kuanrou, but listened to the report of the people who monitored them at the entrance of the cave, he supposed that they must have already known each other. Thus, he intended to test him.

Teng Kuanrou just responded, Guo Ruyun has thrown him a sword and said: “You use my three-hole sword to take the sword in the pool back.” Teng Kuanrou caught the sword grimly and glanced at his Master’s body once again.

Qianqian heard that old Taoist kept saying taking back the sword in the pool, she distained and muttered: “It’s ridiculous. The sword in the pool has never belonged to the Qingcheng School.” Teng Kuanrou has already stood in front and said: “The Island Master please be merciful.”

Looking at him, listening to him, Qianqian has already dazed. Suddenly she recalled all the time being with him, from the sword returned cave to what has just happened. She was captivated by the past that she lost interest of fighting. Teng Kuanrou has already pulled out the three-hole sword, instantly gave her a shot. Qianqian resumed, moved but slow and reluctantly. Teng Kuanrou approached, smiled and said: “You want to lose? If you are out of mind like this, I can drop your sword in three strokes!”

Qianqian suddenly regained the ambition of winning, said: “No, of course not. How could my Master lose to the Qingcheng School!”

Teng Kuanrou pretended he was fighting with her, got closer and held her hand, said quietly: “You silly! just faked. If you wanted to get rid of this trouble, you must do what I said.”

Qianqian began to understand. Teng Kuanrou shifted to another hand, hastily whispered: “I don’t use swordsmanship of the Qingcheng School, is it okay?”

Qianqian rolled her eyeballs then backhanded a sword, still pretending fighting: “I can’t! I have to be honest to my Master.”

Teng Kuanrou admired her persistence but said: “You may have surpassed Lv, the senior and I have overcome my past too. Who wins and who loses, still don’t know yet!”

Just say it! Both has leaped and jumped. Now they were really fighting and seemed neither of them has holding back. Teng Kuanrou knew that today’s Qianqian swordsmanship is superb. If he didn’t try his best, he wasn’t sure he would win.

The spectators first saw the two was talking intimately, they wondered and suspected that the Qingcheng School has conspired with the Songhu Island in order to attain the sword in the pool. but suddenly they were countering and rivaling like true opponents with the strokes they have never seen. Everybody was quiet and focused on the battle now.

Jiang Di could not help but admired: “I have never seen such a wonderful swordsmanship in the Qingcheng faction.”

The other son in law of Songhu Island, Yuwen said: “The Qingcheng faction has borne another Lv Jiannan.”

Xihua asked: “But who is this young man! His sword is so wonderful, does he have a name?”

Xihui just smiled: “This person doesn’t care of himself but his rival.”

The other sons in law of Songhu Island, Xiahou listened to what Xihui said, smiled and nodded. Jiang Di then anticipated: “Maybe this young man will become our ninth brother-in-law!”

Having Mr. Teng here, Xihui worried no more about Qianqian. She just sat back and appreciated their swordsmanship.

Qianqian and Kuanrou were no longer polite. They both did their best. This Dongting rising sun seven styles were absolutely seamless and he was definitely better than he was four years ago.  Qianqian even though have learned the soul fox nine sword, but she has never tested it with actual rival. In addition, since she learned the martial arts of Songhu Island, she has not practiced the three swords anymore. Hence, she was at the disadvantage compared to him. Carelessly, her sword was picked up by the Qingyang and thrown into the air, Teng Kuanrou simply caught it and the game was over.

The spectators immediately applauded. But no one knew about that swordsmanship. They clapped hands as they were wondering. The swordsmanship of this young man was exquisite but on one could tell his name. Perhaps only Xu Ye of the Xu Family and his friends recognized him. He jumped up and yelled: “Teng Kuanrou! It is him!”

The new abbot of Emei has been quietly watching and looked appreciated, then asked: “Mr. Teng!? Your sword is so superb! How does it call?”

Teng Kuanrou smiled and said humbly: “Just an insignificant skill, needless to mention it.” Teng Kuanrou performed the best and probably the last of his own invented Dongting sunrise seven styles, he felt soothed but desolate. He didn’t want to talk about it much. He collected both the Qingyang and the Three-hole, brought them in front of Guo Ruyun, and returned to him respectfully. Guo Runyu was very pleased, said: “You did a very good job, Kuanrou, let get the sword in the pool as well.”

Teng Kuanrou kept his eyelids down since he won, now he lifted up again, faced to the crowd, said precisely: “As everybody see, I defeated the three swords of Lv Jiannan, the senior, I am entitled to have the sword in the pool according to the rule in the rivers and lakes. Does anybody have objection.”

After a while, no one spoke until one young guy jumped up and said: “But, did Lv Jiannan really die? And actually, how did he die? who killed him. You have to defeat this person as well. Defeating his disciple can’t be equal of defeating him. If you wanted to be the first sword of the world, don’t you? When the crowd heard that, they seemed all agree with him.

Teng Kuanrou then said calmly: “In fact, I am the one killed him.” When he said that, all the people were surprised and exclaimed. Teng Kuanrou therefore explained: “I killed him, was an unfortunate accident, I didn’t intend to attain the first sword of the world. Indeed, the sword in the pool has already buried with him at the bottom of a pool and will never reappear in the rivers and the lakes.”

When his words finished, the people who have been waiting to see the sword in the pool were so disappointed. Too disappointed that suddenly no one talked. Teng Kuanrou thus said: “I think that all swordsmen should have known the story of the sword in the pool. It was a sword of peace from the massacring period of the Five dynasties. However, for more than 100 years, it caused even more killing, for people fighting for it, even willing to die for it. This sword was actually spelled and damned.  Do you still want to continue? Could we just let it gone with Lv Jiannan, the senior? Ended this hundred year of bloody debt and returned it to the peace.”

The people who had never had this sword, they probably would never understand the meanings of what he said. However, they couldn’t do anything about it either. Though they heard about the spell, but on one really had seen it.  They were silent for a moment, and began to leave quietly.

Qianqian watched how Teng Kuanrou handling this chaotic matter beautifully, she honored and admired. She accepted it was worthy that the three swords once again defeated by him. Now the sword in the pool could accompany with Master Lv rested in peace! It seemed the best ending ever.

Just as Qianqian and Teng Kuanrou smiled at each other and felt that this ending was perfect, Guo Ruyun, the century years old man, was still restless, coldly said: “Well done! Well done! Excellent! Kuanrou! My grand disciple, you compared to Lv Jiannan, not only your sword is far better, and the way you betray your master and ancestor are the same? Are you still a disciple of the Qingcheng School?” said to the last sentence, he was furiously stood up.

Teng Kuanrou slightly lifted his chin, looked at Guo Ruyun, said determinedly: “Not from this moment.”

Guo Ruyun glared at him and asked coldly: “What do you mean by saying this?”

Teng Kuanrou turned to him, raised his voice, said wearily: “From the time of Master Yu was killed, I began to suspect. From the moment I found this poisonous glove in your room…”

As he took out a handkerchief that wrapped the poisonous glove from his belt and dropped it on the floor, Guo Ruyun immediately incensed: “How dare you search my room?”

Teng Kuanrou ignored him, just continued: “My Master died. I am his disciple, I should have avenged for him, but the person who killed my master is his master, I cannot avenge. Should I not feeling ashamed to be a Qingcheng disciple?”

When he finished, everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect that the decent Qingcheng school would expose such a scandal. Guo Ruyun wishfully designed this play today was actually crashed by his own grand disciple.

After Teng Kuanrou listened to the conscience message of the fish delivered boy, he decided to find out the truth. He was puzzled. Why Master Yu, the head master’s body was abandoned in front of the cave?  Must be deliberately let the person coming out of the cave to see it. This person killed Master Yu and used his body. He obviously has all the control of it. Then he waited until all the disciples went to the Sanqing Hall, subdued those were left for guarding, secretly broke into his room, and found this poisonous glove. The toxicity and the size were exactly the same as the one on Master Yu’s chest. So, as Qianqian suspected, he killed Master Yu for shutting his month. Master Yu was always honest and righteous, he definitely disagreed what he did. Now even himself admitted in the public. Does he assume that no one could justify him. Teng Kuanrou was completely disappointed with the Qingcheng faction. He said to Guo Ruyun sincerely, with grief: “What the Grand grand uncle master did in the past has been a big mistake, and why? for 100 years, haven’t you been thoroughly understood?

Listened the candid words he said, Qianqian respected him more, and said to herself: I did not expect that he was still able to distinguish the good and evil under such a great pressure, as well acted decisively. He really is my respected Brother Teng.

Guo Ruyun became the head of the Qingcheng School for 50 years. He believed he endeavored all the time. Everything he did was for the Qingcheng School. Now he was accused by a grand disciple in front of all the heroes of the world. He was wrathful, said: “You has been favored by the Qingcheng School, how dare you say something like that to insult her…” Speaking of that, he angrily raised his palm and said: “Let me abolish you first.”

Teng Kuanrouo has prepared for this. He stood there still, did not move a half step nor blink. When he saw his palm slashing down in an instant, he held his body and took it for granted. He was not afraid at all, but suddenly two figures flashed to his left and right. One was Rui Master, and the other was Ren Zhenyi.

Rui Master hastily said: “You can’t just abolish as you wish! Half of his martial arts was taught by me.”

Qianqian also sternly said: “You dare to pick him a single hair, I will surely destroy your Qingcheng School!”

Guo Ruyun paused his hand and sneered. Teng Kuanrou then pleaded: “Rui Master! The island Master! Please don’t interfere the business of the Qingcheng faction with me, okay? I beg you!”

Looking at him, his eyes were bleak and his attitude was firm. Rui Master grabbed his shoulder and exclaimed: “Master Yu is dead, I am your only master now. How could I not care of you?”

Teng Kuanrou looked feebly at Master Rui, and turned to see Qianqian. She was already tearful. He felt obliged, but he has decided because he knew that if today, he was not abolished, he could never clear up with Qingcheng school. He was only a secular disciple. He could afford losing it. He then uttered again: “Please! just let me do it!”

Rui Master and Qianqian knew that he was resolute if he decided. But they couldn’t bear to see it happened. They walked aside, and slid their faces away. Teng Kuanrou thus slowly kneeled and said: “Grand Master, please!”

Guo Ruyun smirked and said: “In front of all the heroes in the world, don’t say that I bully you, I will only abolish your right hand, leave you left free. Do you object?”

Abolished the right hand? that meant he couldn’t use sword anymore. Everyone was regret to see this young man, so brilliant with his swordsmanship, but his life of a swordsman would be finished by then. Qianqian and Rui Master looked back at him again distressfully.

He just simply smiled and said: “Do as you wish!” Guo Ruyun so immediately slashed, hit fiercely on his right shoulder, he was directly crashed and fell to the ground.

Qianqian and Rui Master quickly stepped back to hold him. The two were tearful, but they refused to cry.

Everyone saw that Guo Ruyun, killed the disciple and abolished the grand disciple. Although it was his business, no one enjoyed seeing it. They assumed the sword in the pool was just totally a scam. It seemed that today was a void trip. They were about to leave.

Qianqian was holding Teng Kuanrou, the two of them were in love, thus their minds were connected. Teng Kuanrou smiled slightly and nodded. Qianqian immediately understood. She raised her eyebrows, stood up and shouted: “Heroes, please stay!”

Except the sisters of the Songhu Island and their husbands, the seven great schools and other martial families have been leaving. Suddenly heard the shout of Ren Zhenyi, they stopped to see what else she has to say. Qianqian walked to the front, spoke in full voice: “A hundred years ago, the Eight Great Schools competed sword in the Dragon Tiger Peak of Qingcheng Mountain, with my grand grandfather Ren Tingyun.  It was said that Jiang Erlang of the Haichao School was suddenly sick and died. But actually, just covered for the fact that he was poisoned.”

Qianqian disclosed the concealed secret of a hundred years with just a few sentences. But not so many people indeed surprised. Somebody just whispered: “I didn’t expect that today’s the testing sword Congress will become a crime disclosure of the Qingcheng faction, although I couldn’t see the sword in the pool, it wasn’t a bad show either…”

Only the descendants of the seven great school were staggered. In particular, Jiang Tao of the Haichao school was the most edgy. He thought: No wonder Ren Zhenyi said that the grievances of the Songhu Island and the Haichao school will soon be resolved earlier. Then he questioned: “The Island Master, how would you explain it!”

Qianqian glimpsed at Guo Ruyun, seeing him sitting leisurely sipping his tea, she was hesitant: does he still have tricks? Why doesn’t he have any nerves? She frowned and muttered: “Anyway, Today I must disclose it.” Turned back to Jiang Tao, replied seriously: “The representative of Qingcheng School who was sent to participate the sword competition, Chixiazi immortal was still alive. It was he told me personally that he poisoned the sword of my grand grandfather, and framed him. However, the Eight Great Schools believed that it was a female Taoist did the poisoning, but, not my grand grandfather. In order to save this innocent, he was forced to promise retired with the soul-fox nine sword. I supposed there are still someone in the Eight Great Schools today, know about this secret.”

Speaking of this, the people in the seven great schools have glanced at each other. It appeared that they did know the fact as Qianqian said. The inside story has passed down from generation to generation. However, the Seven Great Schools colluded each other to covered it up. For if the incident was revealed, their reputation would inevitably be damaged, hence they were reticent. Only the victim, Haochao School was eager to know the truth.

Jiang Tao asked: “If Chixiazi immortal is still alive, why didn’t the Island Master ask him to come out and testify?”

The sisters of the Qianqian listened patiently. They were all excited for the inside story about the extinction of the soul-fox nine sword. They thought if Qianqian could restore it and clean its name, surely will help to ensure her status, as well comfort the ancestors in the heaven. So, they all ardently said: “Qianqian! Don’t worry, just say what you need to say, we must help you to the end.”

The end? What would be the end of today, it’s still unknown. Qianqian was scared actually. She turned to look at Teng Kuanrou. He was hurt but  calm and relaxed, slightly smiled only at her. She gathered and said frankly: “After Chixiazi immortal told the truth, he ascended to the heaven.”

“Chixiazi is dead? Isn’t that mean no proof of what you’ve just said?” Everybody was heckling and hissing. But the Eight Great Schools did not comment. Jiang Tao stepped ahead, asked earnestly: “The Island master, you said Chixiazi immortal is dead. Then, who else can testify.”

Teng Kuanrou said immediately: “I can.”


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