Qingcheng 7-6


(6) Innocent

When everyone saw him standing out again for Ren Zhenyi. Some people thought that this person was quite selfless, but only protected the Songhu Island.  Some were admired and some were ridiculed. Teng Kuanrou knew that, but he couldn’t conceal his conscience, he said loudly: “I was there when Chixiazi immortal told the truth before he died. He said he was the person who poisoned the fox tail sword of Ren Tingyun, killed Jiang Erlang of the Haichao School. And the Eight Great Schools conspired to force the soul fox nine sword retired from the rivers and lakes. These are all the truth. The body of the Chixiazi is still in the secret cave of the Qingcheng School, if no body removed him yet.” Teng Kuanrou realized that his words were insufficient. If they could see the body of Chixiazi, they might believe it, but he also worried Guo Ruyun has already removed the body.

Certainly, Guo Ruyun was very cautious this time. He didn’t hide well the poison glove for he never thought that someone would dare to intrude his own room. Now He knew that Chixiazi has died. Of course, he has already hidden his body. He raised from his chair, said like a bell: “It’s totally nonsense. If my uncle was still alive, he was one hundred and twenty years old. Does anyone could live that long? Ha! I will, I wish to. But actually, 30 years ago, he has ascended to the heaven and was buried in Sanxu Peak with the other ancestors of Qingcheng Shcool. This Mr. Teng, how long you have been a disciple of Qingcheng? Have you ever seen Chixiazi before? Are you sure you really talked to him?”

Listened to what he said, Teng Kuanrou and Qianqian looked around at the other disciples. All of them were silent and expressionless. As well the seven great schools were seemed convinced. They just stared at them to see what else they could say about it.

Guo Ruyun saw that they have nothing more to say, he pointed at them, said angrily: “Teng Kuanrou, you colluded with the Songhu Island to slander Qingcheng School. If I didn’t clutch you today, can I direct the five hundred disciples in the future?” he swayed his arms in the broad sleeves, shouted: “The Eight Eminent Immortals! Immediately take this traitor and that demon girl down!”

The Eight Eminent Immortals were the eight highest-rank Taoists of the Qingcheng School. They have long been sacred, and their martial arts were unfathomable. They only care practicing martial arts. They never care about the disputes in the rivers and lakes, but they were absolutely obedient to the heads of the Qingcheng School. They were the eight magic guardians to the School.

Under the command of Guo Ruyun, The Eight Eminent Immortals immediately leaped and surrounded Qianqian and Teng Kuanrou. They held high the dust mites that were hard as shield, sharp as sword. Once were besieged, no one could break through ever. Rui Master and the sisters of Qianqian stood by the side, worried but could do nothing either.

Although Qianqian and Teng Kuanrou were unarmed, but the two stood side by side now, decided to live and die together. They have no fear at all. The two gazed at each other, smiled as there were on one else there. Teng Kuanrou thought: If I told her not to care for me. She must not listen. I better motivated her in other way. Then he said: “Sister! I am hurt now, you should protect your Brother Teng today…”

Qianqian immediately responded as he supposed: “Sure! Of course, I will not let you down.”

Right after saying that, the eight dust mites of The Eight Eminent Immortals have already covered them like hefty fog.  They were separated and couldn’t see each other. In order to protect Teng Kuanrou, Qianqian has to be with him, so that she was constrained of moving on the ground. Though, she was still agile and energized with the thirteen styles.

Qianqian flashed, first come to the stone on the south mountain pine, this trick was the most powerful one of the thirteenth styles. When Ren Wanli read the fairy tale of the generals of warrior time, about the two most famous swords they casted, he was inspirited by their cordiality of loving swords, so he created this style to comfort himself after he was told that he couldn’t use sword anymore.

Qianqian used this style first to break through the array to save Teng Kuanrou and got him back to her side. However, the eight dust mites swept again their heads from sky. These dust mites could be soft and hard. They were erratic and changeable, that really confusing her.

Although Teng Kuanrou was abolished his right hand, his left hand could still be used. The two of three hands, fighting side by side. They were one heart and one person. However, this dust mites were cohesive with internal force, that made even more impossible to break, for both of them were still too young to have such a strength internally.

Qianqian immediately changed the winter pine proud of the frost. Ren Wanli read the Analects of Confucius, about the consistency of the pines and cypresses, for they were green when all the other tree withered. He deeply agreed. He looked up the pine trees of Songhu Island on the mountain, they were evergreen and luxuriant even in the snowy winter. They never died, never bend under pressure. He was so amazed, then created this style. It was a pity that although Qianqian were skilled, but she was too young to understand the meaning of it.  She was failed to break the array again.

The two now were back to back, watching the movement of The Eight Eminent Immortals with their dust mites. If it was not because of him, Qianqian should have already broken it. Teng Kuanrou thought and said: “My right hand has been abolished, it is useless anyway. How about let me cling to their dust mites, then you can…

Qianqian immediately objected: “No! You can’t use sword in your right hand, you still can use it to write or draw. Isn’t it a pity to lose it entirely? You can also use it to paint the eyebrows of your wife?”

Speaking of his wife, Teng Kuanrou just bitterly smiled. Looking back at Qianqian, seeing her eyebrows were like new moons, naturally beauty that does not need to paint. In an instant, The Eight Eminent Immortals started attack again. Qianqian quickly picked up the most threatening trick of the Thirteen style, the pine trees grow under the canyon.  Ren Wanli saw the pine trees were growing very slow under the canyon, he understood that was its location decided. For surviving, they have to be tough and adjust to its environment. Therefore, this style has to be determinate when it was used. Unfortunately, the dust mites were soft as cotton, smooth as silk, strong as shield, shape as sword, the two with empty-handed, only could barely avoid. Teng Kuanrou realized that when they went out of energy, that would be the end of it. In order to survive, he has to take a risk before it became too late, then he said: “Qianqian, you stand on my shoulder!”

Just a single thought, Qianqian understood that he wanted to borrow her light power to flipped over. Immediately she did what he said and raised to the air, but the dust mites swiftly sweep on Teng Kuanrou’s face. When he bent to avoid, he lost the grasp of Qianqian. Only she alone jumped up to the tree, looked back, seeing The Eight Eminent Immortals wrapped him with their dust mites, ready to give him the last shot.

Qianqian was terrified, she immediately flew back while a sword flying in the air to her. Qianqian caught it, assassinated at the Eight Eminent Immortals as a waterfall pulling down. Instantly the dust mites were entangled and shattered by her sword. Qianqian landed with the sword was still trembling. She shook away the drifts left on her sword as the Eight Eminent Immortals all clasped their hands and said: “The Soul-fox Nine Swords reappeared in the rivers and lakes, congratulation! We are convinced although defeated.”

Qianqian saw that they were so humble and polite, she immediately stood upright, clasped her hands to turned, and said: “I was just lucky to have this sword in hand. The dust mites array of yours are absolutely stunning, I am convinced as well.” then she took a look at the sword in her hand, that is… she happily said: “The heavenly of nine sky?” immediately she looked around, saw a woman fluttering down from the treetops, she shouted: “Big sister!”

The sisters heard that it was their eldest sister Xiyang, they hovered up and surrounded her talking right away. Ren Xiyang married the son of nine sky faction, Chi Longsha. she was inherited the heavenly of nine sky swordsmanship from her mother-in-law. Although she had no chance to learn the soul-fox nine swords, she did not waste her talent in swordsmanship. It was her threw the sword to Qianqian. She was living in western district, no one expected that she would suddenly appear here in Qingcheng Mountain. Accompanied with her, Xichun, Xiyao, Xiying and Xibiao also appeared at the same time. It turned out that all the sisters of Songhu Island have shown up at once.

The nine sisters of Songhu Island suddenly were all together. It was devastating to see them clustering intimately, talking and laughing.  Guo Ruyun was the most irritated, stood up and rebuked: “You don’t have the evidence, but used the soul-fox nine swords in the public, violated the oath of Ren Tingyun, your grand grandfather.  How do you be the successor of him? Women are just women, how could them be trusted.”

Listening to his condemnation. Qianqian was not reconciled, but seeing that all the sisters were silent, she knew that after all, she was wrong.

At this point in time, the abbot who has been watching the whole show silently suddenly stood up and said: “The soul-fox nine sword has disappeared from the rivers and lakes for a hundred years. Today, was exposed again, and still shunning. Exactly like the Madam Ren Tingyun, Guo Xiang had said.”

When the name of Guo Xiang was mentioned, the nine sisters instantly looked at this abbot and wondered, the eldest sister, Xiyang has asked: “Are you?”

A little nun standing next to the abbot, replied: “This is the seventh-generation abbot of the Emei School, Jing Ru Master.”

Jing Ru was the disciple of Yungu. After Mingxin died, she took over the position. Her temperament was calm and modest, very different from the harshness of the master Mingxin. In order to accomplished the wish of Master Yungu, she came today particular to bring a special gift, said: “Songhu Island and the Emei faction has been socialized for hundreds of years.  The Madam of Ren Tingyun, Guo Xiang, requested our master abbot to submit a letter a hundred years after to the public, for cleaning the name of the Songhu Island, and revealed the truth of the poisoning incident.

Speaking of this, everyone was astonished, but no one spoke. In front of the Sanqing Temple, it was as quiet as the deep sea.

Guo Ruyun finally sat down with his eyebrows fell. Even he has nothing to say about it. Jing Ru took the letter out and gave it to Xiyang, said: “Madam Ren, Guo Xiang was a disciple of Qingcheng School. She was the sister of Chixiazi, the aunt of Ziji immortal, Guo Runyun.  She did not want to embarrassed them. Therefore, she covered up the truth for a hundred years. However, nobody expected that Chixiazi immortal and Ziji immortal would have lived until now. In the end, is it a blessing or a curse? It is difficult to conclude.”

Everyone circulated the letter and finally handed it to Guo Ruyun. He received it with his hand shaking.

After Jing Ru made everything clear, her responsibility was also completed. She simply left with her young disciple. The nine sisters of Songhu Island were all respectfully seeing her off until she was totally unseen. The sisters looked back and thought that a hundred years of deprivation has finally ended, they burst into tears and held each other hands.

The sons-in-law of Songhu Island have already discussed, they said: “The Island Master should display the Soul-Fox Nine Sword again right here. Let’s everybody see this legendary swordsmanship of a hundred years?” They didn’t forget to ask the permission from Guo Ruyun, said: “If the Qingcheng School, Ziji immortal didn’t mind.”

Guo Ruyun sneered, stood up and slowly said: “Qingcheng Mountain is the fairy mountain of swords since the ancient times, all the spirit of sword was gathering here. If the Songhu Island was going to display the swords here? Just don’t defame it?”

Qianqian smiled only and said: “Well! Today I borrowed the sword of heavenly nine sky to display, one day I will certainly display it with the fox-tail sword again.”

Hence, everyone moved back, occupied a good position, ready to appreciate the 100 years lost Soul-fox Nine Sword.

Although Teng Kuanrou was seriously injured, he saw Qianqian finally was redeemed and recognized, he was very happy and proud of her.

The sisters saw that Qianqian, as the Island Master of Songhu Island, displayed the soul-fox nine sword in front of the heroes of the world. They finally believed that Ren Wanli passed her the Island was a unique vision.

Qianqian stood in front of the temple, hold the sword and looked around. Once the sword tip was lifted, she suddenly flew and the sword was swaying.

Qingcheng Mountain has eight Peaks. They were evergreen in four seasons. The distinctive disposition collected the spirit of swords like a treasure basin. No wonder Qingcheng was known as swordsmanship since long time ago, such as Qing Yang Demon sword, three-hole sword, male and female sword, big dipper sword, tiger leaping sword, has long been renowned in the world. Today, Qianqian has a chance to display her swordsmanship here, ascertained that swordsmanship was homologous.

The soul-fox nine swords were highly sophisticated, and the interchanges were extraordinary. It imitated the nine stages of a soul fox’s life. From its birth to breastfeed, hunted and aged and died.  Qianqian was still too young to understand a full life of it. She was just eager to showing off.

When she finally finished, she held the sword under the glittering evening sun, standing imposingly for the best time of hers. She was young, and loved to see the glamorous things, but the interpretation of the Nine Swords was not thorough enough.

Everyone saw her holding the sword, stood tall and mellow.  When they realized that the Nine Swords has finished and started to cheer, suddenly a sound of whistling was blown in from a distance. The people immediately shifted their attention to look at the forest by the temple, where stood three men, wearing ghost faces, laughing and squealing horribly.

The laughter stopped, and one of them declared: “The Soul-fox Nine Sword really looked good, but she is not qualified to display it!”

Said, the three men at the same time pointing at Qianqian laughing. The eight sisters of Songhu Island immediately step forward, wondered who are these people? Is there anyone who still unconvinced and attempt to dishonor Songhu Island?

The eldest sister, Xiyang asked crossly: “How can this be explained?”

Another ghost-faced man snorted and said: “She is not the daughter of Ren Wanli. The blood of Songhu Island has been disconnected!”

When the words came out, the spectators were stunned and booing when Qianqian was just looking foolishly around, confused and scared.

The sisters of Songhu Island of course didn’t believe. They were very angry but Xiyang was calm, asked directly: “You said that my sister is not my father’s daughter, then whose daughter is she?”

After this question was asked, everybody was quiet and see how the three ghost-faced men say. At this time, Teng Kuanrou stood up under the support of Master Rui. He looked at Qianqian standing alone without defending herself, he was very worried.

A man standing on the tree laughed sullenly, took down his ghost face, said loudly to the crowd: “She is my daughter!” The crowd immediately looked up and wanted to see who he really was, as he jumped down to the Sanqing hall, stood in front of Qianqian.

Qianqian immediately stepped back, but this person pressed forward and tried to touch her shoulder, said: “Daughter! You don’t have to be afraid. Come! I will take you with me.”

Qianqian looked at this man, trembling from heart, but could not say a word. The eight sisters heard this man called Qianqian daughter, they quickly encircled them, asked anxiously: ” Who are you? What are you talking about? What is your attempt?”

At the same time, throughout the Sanqing Hall, there were disturbances of conjecture. The man raised his hands and shouted again. Until everyone was subdued, he said: “My name is Duan Hunling.”

As soon as he told his name, everybody was speculating: “Duan Hunling? Who is he?”

“Isn’t he the white tiger head of Jinling gang?”

“No! he is now the personal guard of the grand Empress…”

“This person is famous for his despicable means; how can he be the father of the Island Master?”

Duan Hunling sneered: “My name is not known in the rivers and lakes. You don’t have to know who I am, as long as she knows that is enough.” He said that as approaching to Qianqian and said: “Daughter, you tell them who I am!”

The eight sisters turned and looked at Qianqian. Seeing that she has been trembling and silent, they were getting really edgy. Xiyang stepped ahead, asked strictly: “Qianqian! You said! Who is this man? Do you know him? He said that you are his daughter. What the hell is that all about?”

This matter was related to the reputation of Songhu Island for two hundred years. It must be taking seriously. Ren Wanli passed the Island to the daughter. It has already incited negative impacts in the rivers and lakes. Now it was said that Qianqian was not his blood, so the two hundred years of Songhu Island would be ruined in the hands of others?

However, no matter how they questioned, Qianqian was just rolling tears but no word has been said.

Duan Hunling saw that Qianqian still refused to recognize him, he directly told her sisters, said: “She is the daughter of I and Liu Yiyi, your mother. If you didn’t believe it, we can test blood in the public!”

As he said test blood in the public, Qianqian was quivered, and tears on the corner of her eyes dropped. She lifted the sword forward, pointed at him with trembling lips, but still unable to utter a word. When the sisters noticed that, they started to believed what this man said. It was though very difficult to accept. They merely walked aside and turned their faces behind. The people at the scene learned the background of this new Island Master was so turbulent and puzzling. They felt sympathetic and lamented. They no longer made noise but just staring at Ren Zhenyi soundlessly. Even Teng Kuanrou was by her side all day, now he could only become another pair of eyes in the crowd. She was totally on her own.

Suddenly, she dropped the sword, fled into the bushes and disappeared. Duan Hunling did not hesitate a moment, immediately followed her. The two flew away in an instant, and left the rest lost in their shadowing minds.



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