Qingcheng 7-7



(7) Rainbow

Qianqian was quick, Duan Hunling chased into the woods and lost her. He watched the shadow of the tree shaking against the sunlight, and shouted: “Daughter, where are you? You come out! Don’t be afraid! Here are only you and me, No one dares to bully you. If anyone wanted to bully you, I will kill him right away…”

Suddenly a figure descended from the top of the tree, fell in front of Duan Hunling, attacked him with full speed, punched him with straight fists, pushed him to the hillside without saying a word. A highly raised palm slashed on his left shoulder, a crashing sound was heard immediately. Duan Hunling fell to the ground, seriously wounded, but another palm came right after without mercy. He glared at the air, coldly said: “Listening pine wave of the thirteen styles! You are using the enemy’s Kungfu to kill your father?”

Qianqian stopped. Duan Hunling continued: “You think if you killed me, you can go back and continue to be your Island Master? You saw their expression, didn’t you? Will they accept you? You thought Ren Wanli taught you martial arts was good for you? He just wanted you to fight for his Songhu Island, rebuild the reputation for him. You think you are good at martial arts? But there is never enough. You don’t have respectable background. Just like me, you could never be recognized in the rivers and lakes…”

Having he said that, Qianqian couldn’t hold on anymore, collapsed, fell and cried. Duan Hunling moved closer, changed his tone, said softly: “I let him took away your mother, I regretted it forever. Today, I will never let them get you. Ren Wanli is dead. What do you still care for Songhu Island? You can go back to Kaifeng with me! Your dad today is also a respected personal guard of the Grand Empress in capital. From now on, you and I will have good days together. You don’t have to care about money, for we have tons to enjoy. You don’t have to be recognized in the rivers and lakes, for you need nothing from them. See! There is much better life ahead waiting for us.”

After he finished talking, Qianqian also finished crying. She wiped the tears, looked up and gave him a blank look, said stonily: “You don’t deserve it!”

Then she stood up and go, Duan Hunling hurriedly blocked her way and said: “Do you still think Ren Wanli that old thief is your dad?”

Listened to him calling Ren Wanli an old thief, Qianqian instantly incensed, glared at him and asked: “Who are you talking about? Who is the old thief?”

Duan Hunling scared of her enmity, moved back a few steps. Qianqian has pointed at his nose and said: “You listen carefully! My dad is Ren Wanli, it is for my whole life, and you will never be.”

Seeing her so ruthless, Duan Hunling was slightly trembled. He pulled out the dagger, said bitterly: “You are such an unfilial daughter! Have you ever thought of your mother? Today I have to teach you a lesson for her!” He stabbed the dagger to her harshly, but Qianqian was not the same as three years ago. He couldn’t take any advantage. Qianqian simply held his arm, clutched his wounded shoulder. He instantly fell on the ground for the acute pain. Qianqian has taken the dagger, put it on his throat and said: “Don’t force me to kill you!”

Seeing that she was treated him cruelly, Duan Hunling was heartbroken, looking at her pleadingly. But Qianqian did not see at all. She just slowly removed the dagger and said indifferently: “You are not worthy of using this dagger, and you are not allowed to mention my mother again.” After saying that, she threw the dagger to the hillside, inserted in a poplar tree. She retreated a few steps away from him, disdainfully glanced at him before she flew away.

She has gone, and Duan Hunling sat on the ground, held his painful shoulder, stared at the dagger of his love keepsake on the tree of unreachable. He was abruptly tearful and mumbled: “Yiyi! I am so sorry! I couldn’t do anything to fix it. Tell me! How should I do that she will forgive me? How should I do…she will forgive me? forgive me?”

Listening to his own mumbling, repeated and repeated, he did not know that the day has been ended.

In the dusk, Qianqian was walking aimlessly on a mountain trail. She didn’t know where she was. She didn’t know where to go. What happened in the Qingcheng today seemed to have never existed. Suddenly there was a laughter from the bush, Qianqian stopped and looked back, seeing two thin silhouettes half hidden there. Qianqian swiftly moved in front of them.  The two were surprised, pulled out a pair of double-blade knives instantly.  One left, one right, such as an eagle spreading wings, said: “Don’t try anything stupid!”

Qianqian saw the faces of them. They were of the same shape, same uncaring face. Once seen, would not be forgotten, said: “Fengqiao, Leiqiao! Even you have come. My dad has just gone, All the cockroaches and mouse immediately out of the hole.”

Fengqiao snorted: “We are mouse, then what are you?”

Leiqiao continued: “Forget it! I don’t think she could answer such a simple question.”

The two then laughed slyly. Qianqian just looked at them stonily. Maybe she has been too sad to feel. She didn’t respond, for a while just turned around and left.

Viewing her going, blocked her way ahead, Leiqiao smiled and asked: “Well! Where are you going?”

Fengqiao said: “I see you are homeless now! You better go back to Icy Jade Palace with us.”

Leiqiao also said: “Yeah! It turned out that you are not Ren Wanli’s daughter, so my master will not be harsh on you anymore.”

The two were talking endlessly, she was bored and upset: “Have you finished?”

Fengqiao coldly said: “No! Are we so annoying?”

Leiqiao said: “Yeh! You were nice with Yueqiao before. Why can’t you just be nice with us?”

Fengqiao immediately jeered: “Just like your mother was nice with Ren Wanli, but also nice with Duan Hunling…”

When these words just finished, Qianqian has stretched her arm to clench his throat in a flash. However, Fengqiao wasn’t slow either. He jumped to her back and giggled: “I think Yueqiao must have died already. You just forget him and be my…”

Qianqian did not let him finish the words, lifted the heel kicked him from the back. His chin was hit and fell.  Leiqiao saw it, immediately swayed the knife, slashed from behind. Qianqian turned around, smashed him with a style. While both were still on the ground, she grabbed a vine hanged nearby, circled their ankles in one shot. Before they tried to cut the vine with the double blades, Qianqiao kicked them away as she swung the vine straightly to the cliff, hanging them in the air of nowhere.  Qianqian picked up one of their blades, made a small cut on the vine. The two immediately fell down half a foot. Now, the two finally started to be scared. They did not expect that she was not only proficient in martial arts today, but also crafty.

Qianqian hanged down with another vine to see their faces, seeing the two were scared and their typical arrogance was totally gone. She lifted her corner of mouth, said coolly: “Well! Let see how long you too can hold on with this vine.”

Fengqiao was still unyielding, said toughly: “You wanted to kill, just do it! Don’t’ need to play these tricks?”

Qianqian sneered: “The cliff isn’t too high. You too are also good at light power. Before this vine break, you must be able to return to the trail. If not, your martial arts just used to bully. Then you both deserved to die.” After saying that, she just rolled herself back as the vine entangled them suddenly dropped another half a foot. Leiqiao immediately shouted: “Master! Save me!”

Fengqiao said annoyingly: “What are you shouting for? Master is in Songhu Island now! It is useless to shout…”

Hearing that he said Master was in Songhu Island, Qianqian were shocked and asked straightaway: “What did you say?”

Fengqiao and Leiqiao quickly shut their mouths and not a word was leaked. Qianqian did not have to ask again. She returned to the trail, directly rushed back to Songhu Island with full speed.

Back to the Returned Here Bridge, it was already dawn. In the morning mist, the 18 aged plum trees that have been grown for more than 30 years, all were knocked down, lying on the trail, the branches were broken, the new green leaves were demolished.

Qianqian stepped across the shattered branches, found a few bodies lying amongst. Qianqian was so frightened and regretted. Before she hurriedly left for the Qingcheng sword testing conference, she hired some guardians. The purpose was to guard the family cemetery and protect Aunt Mi. She has asked her to move to the village below the mountains, but she refused. She laughed: “You silly girl! How could you become so timid? I have been in Songhu Island for my lifetime and I have never been worried.”

Qianqian still want to convince her, said: “Now is different. Ren Wanli is gone.”

Aunt Mi said seriously: “That is why I have to stay here. I have to prepared food for the Island Master every day!”

When Qianqian thought of it, she was getting really heart-wrenching. She never expected Miaoyin took the action that rapidly.  She immediately speeded up her paces, across the bridge, straight up to the peak.

When she arrived at nine swords platform, she saw only grey smoke streaming from the ashes over the four seasons pool. She instantly checked the huts under Huaiyu peak, and found the same scenery. She was devastated, to see her home was destroyed. She ran and shouted: “Aunt Mi!”

She rushed into the burned huts where only a side of earth wall left, she looked around and around with her pounding heart. Fortunately, she did not find her. Although she was a moment relieved, but wondered: “Where is she? This fire probably has burned all night. The old thief Miaoyin, in addition of burning the island, he must come for the secret martial arts books of the Songhu Island. If he hasn’t got it, he would not leave.”

When she thought of it, she quickly went to Ren Wanli’s study room. The cold pine bridge has been destroyed. The study room was supported by the raising morning clouds, that made it exactly looked like an isolated island. Between there was deep abyss. If anyone fell into it. He would definitely shatter and die.

Qianqian could viewed the study room from here, she thought:  That Miaoyin, no matter how good his light power, without the cold pine bridge, only the cloud jumps could make it through. That is the reason dad smashed the cold pine bridge before he left, for preventing intruders break into his study room.

Qianqian was about to use the cloud jumps to pass over. She was scared, for she wasn’t sure with her strength she could make it that far, but she has to try. Just lifted her heels, she found someone behind. She looked back and saw a man, wearing a western style suit, with braided hair. He held a stiletto and said: “My master has passed over there, you still wanted to go!”

Qianqian recognized him and said: “Oh! It is you! Luqiao.” Changed a tougher tone, continued: “Your master really impatient, already brought all his disciples come to receive the Songhu Island?”

Just said, a soft sword out of sheath and flipped to her. The soft sword flickered with a gold engraved snake, she remembered it. But today the user was a woman, about the same age as hers. She saw her swaying this sword aggressively, and said: “You don’t deserve this sword!” then knocked it down from her hand with just a little trick.

The woman was surprised but unconvinced, she slammed Qianqian with empty palms, said: “The golden snake soft sword is given by my Master, I don’t deserve, who deserve?”

Qianqian thought of Yueqiao, remembered that he once talked about this arrogant sister Riqiao. Today, she saw her, exactly.  At this time, Fengqiao and Leiqiao also arrived. Qianqian saw them survived and sneered. They ran all the way here, and was gasping, but immediately joined Riqiao to besiege Qianqian.

Qianqian thought: Even combined the four of them, today they may not take much advantage, but I don’t want to entangle with them.  She said sternly: “Miaoyin is not righteous, have you seen that? you still have to help him? Have all of you ever thought about it. How he treated Yueqiao and Longqiao?”

They have been growing up without thinking, of course they wouldn’t listen. Riqiao, Fengqiao and Leiqiao was just about to attack, but Luqiao didn’t move, he yelled: “Stop!”

He rolled his shiny brownish eyeballs, same color as Yueqiao, walked slowly to Qianqian: “Well! As you say so, I will let you pass…” paused to continued: “But if you think, you are able to rival my master, then I surely tell you, you are wrong. However, if you really could come back alive, we will leave immediately.”

When the younger ones saw their third brother said so, they all stepped back without objection, just looked at Qianqian with contempt.

Qianqian did not hesitate, once said: “Sure!” then turned around and flew up in the air. She didn’t know where she collected the courage to overcome the fear.  She rolled and tumbled with the cloud jumps in one shot across the gorge successfully.  All of them was watching shockingly. They were expected to see her drop into the abyss. Now they looked at each other speechless, and thought: Wow! This is the authentic light power of Songhu Island. Finally saw it.

When Qianqian was just landed on the edge of the cliff, suddenly there was a kick throwing to her. She instantly fell back and slipped down to the cliff. She snatched anything her hands could reach.  Fortunately, she grabbed a rope. Looking at it, it was the red silk rope of Dali. The same rope that Weng used to have. It was the toughest rope in the world. It was not easy to break even bearing a few hundred pounds. Qianqian climbed along with the red silk rope, back to the edge of the cliff. The first thing she saw was a blade, pointed at her.  The blade was not sharp but round and dull. Actually, it was the fox-tail sword. Qianqian horrified, looked up, the person who was holding it was Miaoyin.

Qianqian was shocked, asked: “How do you know where was the foxtail sword?”

Miaoyin sneered: “I have been observing the Songhu Island for 20 years. I know everything about it?”

The person who has been monitoring Songhu Island for 20 years is really him. Why he said observing? This person is really good at twisting the truth. He has been waiting so long just for this day, said: “For twenty years, you have never come to Songhu Island until my dad has gone, are you really so afraid of him?”

When she mentioned Ren Wanli, still could see a trace of fear in his eyes. Qianqian sneered and said deliberately: “My dad even buried himself into the grave, but with his unfathomable internal strength. Just a few months, maybe he still alive! You have already dared to set fire and seized sword in the Island! Be careful! He might just stand behind you now.”

Qianqian saw his hand shook a little bit, but he talked cheekily: “It is funny?  If I swung this sword, cut this red silk rope, you will immediately crash under the gorge. You think it is still funny?”

Qianqian wasn’t threatened, said: “Please, cut it! If you cut this rope, I am afraid you can never leave Songhu Island either.” Qianqian knew that although he has stolen the martial arts of Songhu Island, he never achieved the cloud jumps to the top level. He was able to come here was using this red silk rope to hook the tree before he fell, then climbed back from the cliff. He should have known about the cold pine bridge was destroyed, so he prepared before he came.

Miaoyin did not expect she could see through that, sneered: “When are you becoming so smart?”

Qianqian simple replied: “Not that I am smart, is you stupid only!” She looked at the foxtail in his hand and said blissfully: “What is the use of this foxtail sword even you got it? The method of this sword is not recorded on the book, but all dictated by the Island Masters. For you, this sword, is just a scrap iron.”

Qianqian thought: He got the foxtail sword, but did not leave. Seeing me, but do not kill. He must have use of me. This person is vicious, but he has one flaw, that is he loved so much the swordsmanship of Central Plains. In order to learn the method of foxtail sword. he could do anything.

Qianqian saw that he has nothing to talk back, she was very sure about her speculation, said brashly: “What are you still waiting for? Move away your sword and let me up. If I was happy, maybe I will teach you a trick or half?”

The attempts of Miaoyin have been seen through by her. He was reluctantly, but has no choice. Said slyly before He moved the sword away: “Well! I will let you up here, but don’t try to do anything foolish! You have heard my wonderful bird singing, didn’t you?”

As soon as he moved the sword, Qianqian jumped up to the land, immediately she grabbed his wrist which was holding the sword. Although the sword was in his hand, it was incomprehensible. The situation was as same as when Ren Wanli taught Qianqian the first time. He seized her sword by grabbing her wrist. She reapplied this trick to Miaoyin, grasped his hand to make a style of the foxtail Sword. Miaoyin was concentrated to watch the moves, didn’t noticed that in an instant, it was suddenly disengaged, and shifted over to Qianqian’s hand.  She took the turn to point at him now. Miaoyin was enflamed.

Qianqian raised her eyebrows and said: “What’s wrong? Foxtail sword is not fun? Want to learn more? Then you stay in Songhu Island, I accept you as a disciple, you call me master!”

Seeing that complacent look of her, Miaoyin was mad: “You dared to tease me!” then lifted his long sleeves, dashed it to Qianqian. Qianqian stepped back with the foxtail sword, instantly played the forth style, the gazing at the moon. This style was beautifully demonstrated, cooperated with her flying movement, smashed into Miaoyin’s long sleeves. He could only feel the momentum exposing from his sleeves, but couldn’t see a move of it. The foxtail sword was completely invisible. He didn’t know when Qianqian would end. Miaoyin just kept retreating until he hit a pine tree. The two at the same time flipped on the ground. When Qianqian finally withdrew the sword from his sleeves. The sword was still shaking, as it pointed to Miaoyin.

Miaoyin was shocked when he took a look of his sleeves. They were totally shattered, completely ragged by the foxtail sword but did not hurt his body! His flowing cloud sleeves was a time of glory, now became the running water sleeves.

Since Miaoyin has seen the power of this foxtail sword, he even more assured that he wanted it. But looking at Qianqian, holding it with so much pride. How could he force her to show the method of if? Miaoyin of course always has tricks. Suddenly he flew to the study room.  When he jumped out again, he held a person with him. This person couldn’t move, believed has been acupointed. Miaoyin turned her face over and squeezed her throat. Qianqian immediately shouted: “Aunt Mi!” hatefully said: “You are such a nasty old thief! How could you torture a woman who doesn’t know any martial arts?”

Miaoyin captured Zhou Mi and forced her to tell the hiding place of the foxtail sword. He didn’t kill her, for he knew that she was still useful. Miaoyin snorted and said: “You still want to waste time for shouting rubbish? Don’t you see that her life is on my fingers?” he ordered: “Immediately recite the whole method of the Soul-fox Nine Swords. Otherwise, I will surely break her neck.”

Qianqian realized that even she did what he said, he will not release Aunt Mi.  She actually must not do what he said. So, she deliberately delayed: “The method of soul-fox nine sword has over ten thousand of words, it will take a long time to recite all of them. Even I could do it, I don’t think you can remember it all at once, do you…”

Miaoyin impatiently dismissed: “Nonsense! The soul-fox nine sword only have nine styles. How does it take ten thousand words to explain?”

Qianqian turned her eyeballs then said right away, she couldn’t delay too long, she knew that: “The Nine Sword is not only the invention of our ancestor, but by all the Island Masters who studied and explored. Each master has their own opinion and discovery to make it even more perfect. For two hundred years of exploration, it is not impossible to make up to ten thousand of words, isn’t it?”

Miaoyin loved this sword crazily, and he wanted it perfect. Therefore, he was enticed to believe what she said.  Thinking: The soul-fox nine sword is so mysterious and incisive, it may because of it has been modified for two hundred years. If any notes were omitted, the magic of this method may be greatly reduced. Hence he said: “Okay! Then you go to pick up paper and ink, quickly put these ten thousand words down.”

Qianqian anxiously thought: The Soul-fox Nine Swords are only eighty-one words. He really told me to put down ten thousand words now. How am I actually able to do that? Thus, she just kept lying, sighed deliberately: “Although my dad was a bookworm, full of books on the wall shelves in the study room, but he never wrote in his life. Although he was excellent of his swordsmanship, but he only taught vocally. Therefore, his study room has no paper and ink.”

Even herself didn’t convinced what she has just said. Of course, not the cunning old thief, Miaoyin angrily threatened: “You think that I don’t dare to kill her?”

Speaking, two fingers pinching her throat was tightened. Qianqian immediately said: “You dare to pick one of her hair, I will surely die with you.”

Miaoyin smirked and said: “I don’t pick a hair of her, but I can still make her suffer!” Then, with a swipe of his finger, he swiftly pointed a dozen of pain acupoints on her body. She immediately fell to the ground, rolled and twirled her body. Even she was still unable to speak, Qianqian could see how painful it is. she was heart breaking to see Aunt Mi suffering like this. She said hastily: “What do you want me to do?”

Miaoyin sneered: “Is there no ink and paper? As you said, then use your foxtail sword to engrave the method on this wall.”

In order not to let Aunt Mi bearing the pain any longer, Qianqian didn’t dare to fool him again. Without hesitation, she jumped in front the wall, started engraving the method with the sword. But the foxtail sword was round and blunt, it was not a tool of engraving. For a while, she still hasn’t finished it. Miaoyin was impatient, urged her: “Don’t you say that there are ten thousand words of it? You are still doing so slowly! You know, as long as you’re not finished, she will be keeping suffer. Even I can wait, but this woman does not practice martial arts, won’t last very long. ”

Qianqian has already tearful. She just wanted to finished engraving as soon as possible. She didn’t respond to Miaoyin. Instead, she turned to Aunt Mi and said: “Forgive me! It was my mistake to let you suffer, but I will finish it soon, only eighty-one words, I am already half way…”

When Miaoyin heard that it was only eighty-one words, he laughed gleefully: “You were really tricky! Haha! You See! you still have to pay for it eventually? Why bother you to fool me! I think you better honestly do what I told you. Don’t ever think of missing a word and I won’t find out.”

Qianqian hatefully mumbled: “I will wait to see one day your old thief pay for what you did.” She wiped away the tears on the face, took a deep breath, then speeded up the sword to engrave the rest of the method. When it was finished, she put the sword down and looked at Miaoyin. Miaoyin saw that she finally finished, he shouted happily: “Good! Good! Well done! Throw the sword back!”

Qianqian gazed at him with grudge. Suddenly she heard a thunder, the sky was over casted in a moment. The rainstorm of spring in Songhu Island come fast and go fast, she knew that. The nine peaks loomed between the dark roaring clouds, as the nine ancestors of Island Master appeared, she thought: Heavenly sky, are you really there? If you had an eye? You should know that once I throw him back this sword, I could only rely on you to take care of him. Do you know?

Seeing that Miaoyin opened his palm, prepared to catch the sword. And Aunt Mi was not too far under his feet. Qianqian was thunderstruck abruptly. Then she threw the foxtail sword over his head.  Miaoyin caught the sword, overjoyed, immediately read the method on the wall heartily: “The soul fox is out of the hole. The benevolent is invincible. The soul fox swings her tail. The world is unified and nothing failed… Ha! Ha!”

Qianqian realized that it was her last chance, she has to take action before he finished reading the whole method and memorized it. She took the advantage of this moment that Miaoyin was indulged and reveled by himself. She moved slowly to Aunt Mi, found her distorted body, only slightly struggling.

Qianqian flashed as lightening to her side, quickly resolved the dozens of pain acupoints that has been sealed. Seeing her recovered conscious, she peeked at Miaoyin. He was reciting the method without looking at her. She thought that was the best time, so she sneaked behind and attacked him with palms. However, the rash act was discovered by him. He turned around and said: “You really are daring and foolish! You wanted to kill me?” Qianqian was frightened, immediately ran back, pick up Aunt Mi, tried to escape in the study room. Miaoyin has ferociously slammed the sword after her, said: “Where can you go in this isolated island…”

When he spoke, his sword has just behind Qianqian. Qianqian has to put down Aunt Mi, turned around to counter him. Immediately she used the most powerful thirteen styles, south mountain pine on the stone.  Miaoyin was forced to retreat. Just a few steps, he returned her the Soul Fox out of the hole, Qianqian was surprised he was able to use this style by only reading the method a couple times. She has no blade, and was forced to retreat ten steps.

Miaoyin was attacked by Qianqian at the back, he was enraged. He vowed to kill that woman to revenge. Seeing her though the acupoints has been resolved, but still lying on the ground feebly. He pointed the sword at her and flew to kill her, but was blocked by Qianqian. Miaoyin did not rest, jumped up, crossed over her, slashed the sword to the woman. The woman was weak, but when she saw the blade suddenly flying at her, she naturally sprung up to escape. She rushed to the edge of the cliff. Qianqian ran after Miaonyin, but it was too late. Miaoyin backhanded to counter her, as the same time, raised his leg kicked the woman. She was kicked off the cliff in a shot.  Qianqian was terrified, ran to the edge of cliff, shouted: “Aunt Mi! Aunt Mi!” but only see the smoky cloud with no traces of her.

She kneeled down, calling her shakily.  Miaoyin stood there like nothing has happened, said pitilessly: “What are you still calling for? Here is the thousand feet abyss of the cliff, you should know that! Even you and I fell into it, we would be shattered and died. The woman does not know martial arts. You think she can still survive?”

Qianqian looked back at him hatefully, but she knew, she hated herself the most.  In the moment, she lost all her motivation and ambitions. She only leaned on the edge of cliff and cried.

Miaoyin said: “It was you forced me to kill her. If you didn’t attack me, I don’t have to kill her. If you have to blame, you should blame yourself. I thought that Songhu Island is a decent faction, but actually it is no better than anyone else, Sneaky attack behind, this kind of wickedness is also Ren Wanli taught you…”

Listened to each word of humiliating and condemning, it totally demolished her will of fighting. She will not forgive herself, if Aunt Mi died like that. Suddenly, there was another thunder.  Miaoyin raised his head, looking at the sky. The raindrops started pouring down. He was seven feet tall, stood under the sky, fearlessly. He unconsciously caressed the blade of the foxtail sword. For a while, he said: “Did you cry enough? Now the Songhu Island has been destroyed, and Ren Wanli is also dead. He is not related to you, so that I will not kill you. If you can be loyal to me and for me to use, I will let you replace the position of Yueqiao. You know that among my seven disciples, he was always my favorite…”

Listening to this shameless comment, Qianqian just laughed dismally.  Thinking that if Aunt Mi was really dead, this bloody debt must be paid back. how can I just let him set the fire, robbed the sword and killed my love, then left freely. Although the rain drenched her thin clothes, she felt hot with boiling blood.

Saw that Miaoyin was touching the foxtail sword brashly.  Qianqian stood up and said: “Your bloody hands, killed my love, destroyed my home…” with the grief and anger, she screamed: “Give me back the sword!”

Miaoyin sneered a few times before he responded: “Without this sword, can’t you do nothing?”

Qianqian grasped her fists, jumped up and made another move of Thirteen styles, thousand horses tramp the rolling wave.  Although Miaoyin has the sword in his hand, but was forced to retreat breathlessly until the edge of the cliff. Qianqian immediately changed to the old pines send the guess return.

The book of military said: The arrogant soldier will be defeated, and the mourning soldier will win. Todays, the storm was fierce as Qianqian’s grief. Her palms were as fierce as the storm that even the blade could not hurt her. The Soul-fox Nine Swords lost its magical power in the hands of Miaoyin. He didn’t understand the essence and the spirit of it, even he memorized the method. Suddenly, Miaoyin shouted at Qianqian: “Are you crazy? For those who have nothing to do with you…”

Qianqian frowned, glanced at him but didn’t stop or slow down the fight. Just shouted: These people who have nothing to do with me are the love of my life. You’re heartless, is unable to feel it, have you really loved someone? Even Zhao Danfeng and Yueqiao? Have you?”

As shouting, the momentum was even bigger. Miaoyin was forced to retreat and retreat.  He could not imagine of this woman’s grievances, exerted such amazing power far from her own.

In the rain, the thunder was loud, when the two fighting at the edge of the cliff. The heavy rain washed away a few pine trees. The mud under feet was loose. Miaoyin almost slipped, and the crazy woman continued attacking furiously. Miaoyin finally has to use the wonderful bird singing to put her to death. But most of the sound waves were covered by the noise of thunder and rain. In an instant, the two slipped down to the cliff at the same time. Qianqian hurriedly grabbed a vine and slid about ten feet.  Miaoyin fell in the air, luckily caught another vine, hanging there, shaking. The two were glaring at each other, still refused to give up fighting.

The two were struggling by the cliff on their own. Gradually, the rain stopped, the clouds were dispersed and the nine peaks reappeared under the sun.  Miaoyin were still there. Once again, he exposed the wonderful sound of bird singing. The ripples of it filled the gorge.

Qianqian immediately closed her ears with internal force but still heard it. The singings were deafening, and soon will hurt her organs. She saw a hole on the cliff, about a few feet high, just enough to hide one person, then she swung the vine over it. Miaoyin saw her escaping, he swung his vine too. Qianqian has just reached the hole and stuffed herself into it. Miaoyin has arrived already. But the hole was too small for both of them. Miaoyin barely placed his toes on the edge, where the pebbles were loose. Qianqian saw it, pounded her fist on the edge with instinct. He instantly fell off, but he held on with his left hand. Qianqian raised her fist again, but one moment she felt mercy at heart, she was wondering where this mercy came from, for Miaoyin this kind of evil one. It was too late to wonder, Miaoyin has lifted his right hand. Incredibly he could still stab the sword to Qianqian. She laid down to avoid it. Miaoyin has no mercy to her at all, he laughed and made the wonderful bird singing again.  In this narrow hole, Qianqian has nowhere to escape, the echo would kill her instantly. Unexpectedly, something jumped out, pounced at Miaoyin. Miaoyin lost the balance, felt back again. As he held the edge with one hand, another still holding the foxtail sword. Qianqian sat up, immediately pounded the edge, gave him the last push when she reached his pair of unrepented eyes. He fell into the gorge rapidly along with the wonderful birds singing and the foxtail sword in his right hand. Silver foxes! Two of them. Qianqian could only have a glimpse, they jumped down the cliff before Miaoyin.

Qianqian sat there, listening to the wonderful birds singing drifted farther and farther, until it was entirely dissipated. Then she leaned over to look at the bottom of the cliff, unexpectedly saw a bridge of rainbow across the ragged gorge.

Qianqian abruptly gushed with tears, she cried for joy and grief. She couldn’t help but thinking of Yueqiao. She wanted so much to tell him, she saw the soul foxes. Two of them. She remembered that Aunt Mi once told her that, the soul fox was always alone. If two appeared together, must be a couple. She stopped crying and smiled: “Yueqiao! Where are you? You see, there are a couple of soul fox in Songhu Island. They came back! ”

But her words soared into the sky and scattered. There was no response. Suddenly, she found a figure standing on the cliff. He looked husky and tall. He stared at Qianqian quietly.

Qianqian remembered that she only saw Luqiao, Riqiao, Fengqiao and Leiqiao on the Huaiyu Peak, so this must be Huqiao.

The man fluttered and disappeared. Qianqian was amazed by his light power. Huqiao seemed has surpassed his master Miaoyin.  Miaoyin thought that he could control everyone, but now he should know, he couldn’t. But he will never do. Huqiao saw his Master fell into the abyss, though he doesn’t seem sad at all.

Qianqian climbed back and saw no one above there, she felt so desolate. Thinking of she couldn’t see Aunt Mi anymore, she was so sad. She couldn’t even see her body. She didn’t know how to enshrine her in the future.  She kneeled and cried at the edge of the cliff for a long time. Calling Aunt Mi! Aunt Mi! Unexpectedly, she felt something moving inside the study room, Qianqian hurriedly stood up and saw that a woman was sweeping the floor with the broom. She was… no mistake, Aunt Mi.

Qianqian use the cloud jump as well borrowed the red silk rope of Miaoyin, brought Aunt Mi back to Huaiyu Peak. She looked around the home she grew up were totally destroyed. She was so depressed. She walked into the rubble and the debris, tried to find the remaining traces. She saw there was flashing light in the cold ashes, she picked it up and shouted: “Ah! Xiangzi sword!”

Qianqian pulled the sword, pointed it to the sky. she was surprised to see that this forged sword became so shining and dazzling. She didn’t expect the scorching fire, inadvertently made her sharper and purer.

When Qianqian draw back the Xiangzi, she saw on the trail down the hill, there were four people walked slowly. It was them. They are leaving really. Qianqian thought, maybe I should go too as dad said, returned the island to the nature in peace. Perhaps, the best healing for her.


The seventh chapter is finished


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